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dohzi              zeebra              odoru              yuuka              shikao              sowelu              kobukuro              ichiban              fictionjunction              quruli              gakari              yasashii              aishiteru              itsumademo              kahimi              ongaku              hitoto              takkyu              riyu              itoshii              dakishimete              zutto              emyli              natsukawa              nante              kishidan              lalala              jhene              spontania              shonentai              tadaima              yuikaori              kanashii              jamosa              ichido              arigato              minimoni              aitai              nobodyknows              songu              asobi              namie              spyair              kiroro              kimochi              kimeru              chisa              nogizaka              gokoro              domoto             

Examples of "seamo"
The ending theme is "Lost Boy", performed by SEAMO.
The opening theme is "NOBODY KNOWS" by Shikao Suga and the ending theme is "Honey Honey" by Seamo.
※ Only the limited edition CD+DVD+DVD will contain Hey Boy, Hey Girl feat. BoA by Seamo
Their fourth studio album, "Sora wa Maru de.." (2007), had a slickly-produced pop-rock sound, with hip-hop artists m-flo and SEAMO participating. The title track quickly became a double-platinum download track.
She began work with rapper Seamo in 2001, and worked as a background vocalist for a few of his tracks. In 2006, she featured as a fully fledged billed artist in the lead radio single from his second album, "Live Goes On". The song, "Kokoro no Koe," was certified by the RIAJ for 100,000 cellphone downloads.
On December 3, 2008, Ya-kyim released a single as part of a "Respect" project where the group collaborated with a variety of artists as a tribute, including Kome Kome Club, Seamo, Spontania, Dohzi-T, and HI-D. The group performed a cover of Kome Kome Club's song "Kimi ga Iru Dake de" and created new tracks with the other artists.
Azu (born: Tsu, Mie, Japan, December 8, 1981; stylized & known as AZU) is a Japanese R&B singer. She is well known for her collaborations with rapper Seamo, such as her first major release, the leading track from Seamo's second album Live Goes On, "Kokoro no Koe."
She debuted as an artist in her own right in 2001 too, with the single "Cherish." She continued to work with Seamo (for example, her first top 30 hit, "Jikan yo Tomare", featured him). To date, the pair have worked together on six songs together.
The fifth music video "The Club" features a very cool music v ideo featuring the girls in different segments. The girls arguing with their manager in a limo, sitting in a round table singing to each other and another shot singing and dancing and performing in front of people. A very short appearance by Seamo. Directed by Katsunari Ito.
He is currently Vice-Dean (Clinical) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University in Kingston as well as the medical director of the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO). He also serves as the Canadian Medical Association's representative to the World Medical Association (Observer 2017-2019; Official Representative 2019-2021).
Happy Birthday was written and composed by Japanese Hip-hop artist SEAMO. "Happy Birthday" reached the number-one spot on both the daily and weekly Oricon charts, selling 201,304 copies in its first week; just 38 more copies than their previous single Summer Time, which sold 201,266 copies in its first week.
Itazura na Kiss was adapted into a 25 episode anime by TMS Entertainment and shown on TBS from April 4, 2008 to September 25, 2008. The opening theme was "Kimi, Meguru, Boku" by Motohiro Hata, and the primary ending themes were "Kataomoi Fighter" by GO!GO!7188 and "Jikan yo Tomare (Stop Time)" by Azu featuring Seamo. Discotek Media licensed the anime and put it out on DVD in late 2014.
Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and two ending themes. The opening theme, "Kimi, Meguru, Boku” is performed by Motohiro Hata. The first ending theme, “Kataomoi Fighter” is sung by GO!GO!7188, while the second ending theme, “Jikan yo Tomare” is performed by AZU featuring Seamo starting in episode 13. The song was also featured briefly during episode 10.
Love Letter is the fourth studio album by Azu, released on 18 January 2012. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The limited edition comes with a "Music Video Best" DVD containing music videos of Azu's past hits, such as "Ima Sugu ni...", "You & I" feat. LOVE LOVE LOVE, and "Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO". The album reached #22 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 5 weeks.
The band rose to mainstream success after the 2006 success of their singles "Fly", and "Around the World" from the album "Thank You", eventually reaching the top Oricon charts and collaborating with major Japanese sensations such as m-flo and SEAMO. As of 2012, they have released seven studio albums, four EP's, three physical live albums, three digital live albums, and three compilation albums, and have certified five singles through the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Since the debut of Monkey Majik, Maynard and Blaise have both simultaneously worked solo ventures into the music industry to much acclaim.
AP Bank organises an all-night club event for artists, musicians, and other creative people called AP BANG! Tokyo Creators' Meeting. The purpose is to make people think about the environment, through creations and performances for a younger crowd that might typically have less interest or knowledge of environmental concerns. Vol.1 took place over three days at Studio Coast in Shin Kiba, Tokyo, from March 16-18th 2007 and featured art directors, filmmakers, web designers and copywriters as well as performing acts such as Seamo, Kyoko Koizumi and Ayaka.
Ya-kyim's first album on Warner Music Japan and fourth album overall, "Happy! Enjoy! Fresh!" was announced on July 15, 2009. The album has fourteen tracks and features artists such as Pes from Rip Slyme and Cimba, as well as Seamo, Spontania, Dohzi-T, and HI-D from the group's earlier "Respect" project single. It also features the "original version" of the song "Happy Face" from the group's "Tabun Kitto/Happy Face" single. The album is set to be released on August 19, 2009.
Shimizu worked with Dohzi-T on the single "One Love", which was released on July 18, 2007. He also collaborated with Miliyah Kato on the song "I'm Your Angel" on the album "Tribute to Celine Dion", which was released on September 26, 2007. Shimizu collaborated with Miliyah Kato again in 2009 on her "Love Forever" single (which was also released onto Miliyah Kato's album, "Ring"), which was released on May 13, 2009. "Love Forever" was a hit in Japan, and its ringtone sold over two million downloads. These Japanese singers/songwriters were both twenty years old and loved soul music, but still maintained very different music styles. On September 16, 2009, M-flo released a tribute album named "" and Shimizu covered the song "Let Go". He then released a song, "Loving You", in a compilation album named "Beat Connection" with Crystal Kay, Seamo, Mummy-D, and Dohzi-T on October 27, 2010.
The season uses five musical themes: two opening themes and three ending themes. by Ikimono-gakari is used as the opening theme from episode 113 to episode 128, continuing its usage from the . It was replaced in episode 129 with "Sign" by Flow. The first ending theme is by Super Beaver used for only the first three episodes of the season. "My Answer" by Seamo was used as the ending theme for episodes 116-128. It was replaced in episode 129 by by Kishidan and ran until episode 141. It was replaced by "For You" by Azu in episode 142. The third feature film, "", based on the series, was released on August 1, 2009. The broadcast versions of episodes from 119 to 124 include scenes from the film in the opening themes, while still retaining the music "Hotaru no Hikari" by Ikimono-gakari.
Ozawa he has also appeared in V-Cinema films, a photobook, and several glamour ("gravure") videos. In 2007, she played the character Anita (アニータ) on a popular Japanese TV drama, Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi (特命係長・只野仁) on TV Asahi. She also was on a 2007 episode of the Japanese variety show "Megami no hatena" ("The Goddess of What Is That") on Nihon TV as part of a series with AV actresses telling why they went into AV work. She has also appeared on Japanese MTV with the hip hop artist Seamo and in the 2007 music video "Summer Time in the D.S.C." with the Yokohama hip hop group DS455.