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Examples of "sederholm"
Katarina Sederholm, married Hoff (born ) is a Finnish-Norwegian female shot putter and weightlifter.
For some time, Sederholm was based in Oxfordshire at the Waterstock Horse Training Centre.
Jakob Johannes Sederholm (20 July 1863 – 26 June 1934) was a Finnish petrologist most associated with his studies of migmatites.
Together with Jakob Sederholm, Ramsay was a student of Fredrik Johan Wiik. Pentti Eskola was a student of Ramsay.
Richards received a degree in acting from the University of Washington. He was the brother of director and theatre academic Jack Paul Sederholm.
Rapakivi was first described by Finnish petrologist Jakob Sederholm in 1891. Since then, southern Finland's rapakivi granite intrusions have been the type locality of this variety of granite.
Troubled by illness throughout his life, Sederholm originally chose to study geology to allow him to work outdoors. After studying first in Helsinki (where he was a student of Fredrik Johan Wiik), then in Stockholm and Heidelberg, Sederholm returned to Finland to work for the Geological Survey of Finland. In 1893 he assumed the role of director of this institution, a post he occupied until his death forty years later.
Working on local Precambrian basement rocks, Sederholm instigated a map-making programme that, between 1899 and 1925, published many maps and descriptions of their geological history. Gneisses in the areas he studied (the so-called Baltic Shield) were often of mixed composition, with layers of granitic rock being interleaved with metamorphic rock. Sederholm termed these as migmatites, and viewed them as the product of the intrusion of igneous magma into metamorphic rocks at depth.
Lars Sederholm is former Consultant Head of Training for the British Showjumping Association and has been one of the leading trainers and mentors in the equestrian world for the last forty years.
The word myrmekite is derived from the Ancient Greek μὑρμηχἰα (wart) or μὑρμηξ (ant) and was used by Jakob Sederholm in 1899 for the first time to describe these structures.
Many of the houses in Waterstock have their own stables. Waterstock House Training Centre was once the main equestrian centre of the area, and was once owned by the horse trainer Lars Sederholm.
The Finnish petrologist Jakob Sederholm first used the term in 1907 for rocks within the Scandinavian craton in southern Finland. The term was derived from the Greek word "μιγμα": migma meaning a mixture.
During his career Sederholm received both the Murchison Medal from the Geological Society of London (1928) and the Penrose Medal from the Geological Society of America (also 1928). The mineral sederholmite is named in his honour.
In the 1974 historical novel "Centennial", James Michener listed Sederholm among those scientists who made early estimates of the age of the Earth. Sederholm's estimate was 40 million years.
Aside from his geological work, Sederholm was a member of the Diet of Finland, and undertook missions from this to the League of Nations. He was also a member and chairman (twice) of the Economic Society of Finland.
It was once owned by Lars Sederholm and was a very well known training centre for horses and riders alike. Many of the royal family have ridden at WHTC and competitions are regularly held there.
While working at BYU Hansen was also involved as the co-owner and co-director with Lael Woodbury of the Ledges Theatre in Grand Ledge, Michigan from 1960-1967. They had previously from 1947-1952 run the Proscenium Players, also in Grand Ledge, from 1947-1952. From the end of World War II until 1977 Hansen had also served as director of the Hill Cumorah Pageant. In 1977 Hansen was replaced as director of the Hill Cumorah Pageant by Jack Paul Sederholm, who had studied at BYU and was then chair of the communications art department at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. Sederholm had served for 12 years previously as Hansen's chief assistant.
Emelie Sederholm is a Finnish singer-songwriter (born 1994) from Kauniainen, Finland. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is currently working on her debut album while also writing for other artists. Emelie is signed as a writer to Elements Music.
His mother had several New England ancestors, including Mayflower arrivals. After his father, who was in the lumber business, died in 1893, Alfred's mother remarried a Finnish-born physician, Dr. Karl Sederholm, and had another son and two daughters. The Sederholms eventually moved to Genesee Depot, in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Lunt later attended Carroll College in nearby Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Senate Square and its surroundings make up the oldest part of central Helsinki. Landmarks and famous buildings surrounding the square are the Helsinki Cathedral, the Government Palace, main building of the University of Helsinki, and Sederholm House (), the oldest building of central Helsinki dating from 1757.