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Examples of "segales"
A move to create Sogod an independent "pueblo" was pushed by the "tenientes del barrio" [equivalent to a village chairman] of Sogod, Consolacion and Buntuk. These chieftains were Juan Cavales (now spelled as "Cabales"), German Catajoy, Antonio Prima, Enero Cegales (now spelled as "Segales"), Juan Dagaas, Juan Barcelon, Silverio Bilisa (now spelled as "Billesa") and Miguel Tubia. After several years, Sogod was erected as a "pueblo" on June 10, 1853 and Cabalian, with the approval from Manila, was granted the same position on September 15, 1860. "Don" Juan Cavales was appointed as the "gobernadorcillo" [equivalent to a town mayor] of Sogod. But the formal validation as a full-pledged parish was stalled to May 14, 1866. While Cabalian was already elevated to a parochial status with "San Juan Bautista" as the patron saint and recognized by the diocese of Cebu on January 31, 1861, Sogod was made an annex of the "Santo Niño" parish of Malitbog.