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segueing              segues              forayed              delved              seguing              shoehorned              foraying              parlayed              snowballed              metamorphosised              shapeshifts              woges              snuck              alwayz              goads              barged              metamorphosized              delves              devolves              guilted              sauntered              shapeshifted              transmogrified              cursoroutofrange              guilts              filmentered              coaxed              redecoed              crept              goaded              dragooned              sneaked              filmdubbed              sudivided              refashioned              metamorphose              clattered              segue              entereth              forays              lulled              blossomed              transmutes              dividied              reintensified              catapulted              ventured              slaughterpen              goading              saunters             

Examples of "segued"
This song often segued into "Moonlight Drive", or vice versa, which follows it on the album.
The two skits are segued together on "Cheech & Chong's Greatest Hit".
Album-wise on "When the World Comes Down", "The Wind Blows" is segued into by the previous track "Believe".
"You Rope You Tie Me" and "Kissin' And A Huggin'" are segued together in this live set.
Eventually the book publishing and illustration segued into animation which then segued into film, which required posters and pretty soon Kanoon was producing everything from toys designed by sculptors, to staging theatrical productions, printing LPs of Iranian music, LPs of Western Classical music, LPs of poetry, festivals, and conferences. Many these materials toured with the traveling libraries.
William Kronick is an American film and television writer, director and producer. He worked in the film industry from 1960 to 2000, when he segued into writing novels.
Eventually, the show segued into a more general variety and performance show. In its later years, it was strictly a celebrity variety show.
He then segued to television work, directing for series such as, "Legend of the Seeker", "V", "Criminal Minds", "The Vampire Diaries", "The Originals" and "True Blood".
Another video, shown on MTV2 and Fuse TV, features segued segments of other submitted videos, with the winning video only appearing for five seconds.
Aguilera sang the song at the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, accompanied by Rascal Flatts. Their performance segued into "Riot," from the country trio's Rewind album.
In 2014, Peristere segued into direction. Helming and producing multiple episodes of Starz's "Banshee". That same year he began directing for FX's "American Horror Story".
The Internat Archive version of "Fixed Star" includes full length versions of all the tracks, rather than the segued versions that appeared on the original release.
No details are known about the sequence, other than that "The Voice Inside" is known to have segued into "Melody Cool".
All the songs are segued into a continuous mix, resulting in each song's track time being shorter than its original version.
The station was originally a rebroadcast station on top 40 WYSX Ogdensburg, New York until 2002, when the station segued to its own branding and format.
The album version of "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" segued into a second song written by Robert Lamm titled "Get Away," which was closer to the older horn-driven Chicago sound. Most adult contemporary radio stations at the time did not play the entire album track, however, choosing to cut it off just before "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" segued into "Get Away." About half the Top 40 radio stations played the longer version with "Get Away".
The series also used music from the famous MGM film. The opening credits featured an unseen chorus singing a stanza of "Over the Rainbow" and segued into Dorothy and her three friends singing "We're Off to See the Wizard."
(Nov. 1970), and then segued from art to become primarily a writer. He became editor of the Warren line with "Creepy" #49 and "Eerie" #43 (both Nov. 1972) and "Vampirella" #21 (Dec. 1972).
From February 2009 to June 2011, WOVM aired a mix of blues, traditional and smooth jazz, lounge, and swing music. The format segued to Gold based Adult Album Alternative in June 2011.
was usually the first song, followed by "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?". He wouldn't play it again until the 20ten tour in a rare performance. The segued together "I Wanna Be Your Lover"