Synonyms for segueing or Related words with segueing

segued              segues              seguing              foraying              shoehorned              forayed              delved              shapeshifts              filmentered              metamorphosised              snuck              alwayz              goads              filmdubbed              woges              devolves              snowballed              shapeshifted              cursoroutofrange              guilts              barged              delves              guilted              sauntered              transmogrified              redecoed              parlayed              goading              sudivided              dividied              slaughterpen              metamorphosized              forays              segue              vakhund              dragooned              metamorphose              delving              goaded              crept              sneaked              clattered              headfirst              venturing              sneaking              foray              saunters              blundered              mcontinuation              entereth             

Examples of "segueing"
The album contains numerous spoken word samples, including a line from Werner Herzog's 1977 film Stroszek segueing "Bilar" and "Drugs".
The Chicano rock band Los Lobos has played the song live, segueing into it from one of their own compositions.
A longer rendition, that turns into a jam, was included on the popular 1972 live album "Europe '72" segueing into "Epilogue", followed by "Prelude".
Chris is from the suburbs of Philadelphia, where he started his career as a hydraulic cylinder repair man for his father's business before segueing into the entertainment field.
While appearing on television, Andrey also started segueing into film roles. He filmed in the Japanese independent film ""Fighting Spirit"", but the movie has not been released yet.
Two additional tracks are featured on the CD and cassette version: the remix of "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" and a medley segueing the remixes of "It's a Miracle" and "Miss Me Blind".
In early 2008, Tapp sold Wiretap to, Inc. Tapp remained with the new company for several months before segueing to Tina Brown's The Daily Beast and ultimately Yahoo, where he is a front page senior entertainment programmer.
The names for the railways evolved over time, with waggonway segueing into wagonway into tramway. The third and final tramway on the east coast was the longest lasting and left the clearest remains into the 21st century.
During one notable "Tonight Show" performance, Kinison delivered what began as a straightforward version of Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", which descended into angry ranting during the spoken breakdown, and then segueing back into a straightforward sung ending.
Segueing from comics to children's literature in the 1980s, Wenzel illustrated Robb Walsh's "Kingdom of the Dwarfs" for Centaur Books, and then illustrated a series of books about American colonial life for Troll Associates.
The song was released on the album "Focus 3" in July 1972. On 12 December, the band recorded a session for the BBC's "Old Grey Whistle Test", including "Sylvia" segueing into "Hocus Pocus".
The Egyptian Lover began touring again in 2004 throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. His performances often begin with mixing records on turntables before segueing into his original compositions.
Another common sequence at shows from 1988 to 1994, and less frequently after, was to play Colonel Forbin's Ascent segueing into Fly Famous Mockingbird, often with an Anastasio monologue sandwiched in between.
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is a song written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney), and first recorded and released in 1967, on the album of the same name by the Beatles. The song appears twice on the album: as the opening track (segueing into "With a Little Help from My Friends"), and as "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)", the penultimate track (segueing into "A Day in the Life"). As the title song, the lyrics introduce the fictional band that performs on the album.
Though his tone is largely cynical throughout "Timequake", Vonnegut frequently makes use of various light-hearted sayings, such as "Hold on to your hats!" or "Get a load of this!" when segueing between ideas. Several phrases are likewise continually repeated, such as "ting-a-ling" and "he's up in heaven now."
Another edit, supplied to some radio stations, runs at 5:04. It includes the first verse, about 20 seconds each of the organ and guitar solos, part of the drum solo segueing into the drum/bass solo, the final verse, and the closing of the song.
As a passenger ship sails by the bleak ruins of a deserted island, Dr. Kersaint (Thomas Mitchell) blows his former home a kiss. When a fellow passenger asks him about the place, he tells its tragic story, segueing into a flashback.
"Smash It Up" was produced by the band and Roger Armstrong. It is structured in two-part form: a melodic instrumental introduction segueing into an energetic pop-punk song. The song's lyrics criticise hippie culture (referring to "blow wave hairstyles" and "Glastonbury hippies") rather than advocate political revolution.
Rubber Souldiers is, as David puts it, Beatles vocabulary with a Grateful Dead syntax. The band plays what can be described as medleys, riffing one melody before segueing into another, sometimes borrowing themes from an entirely different song to play melodic similarities in the repertoire of The Beatles.
The game also contains a prologue, beginning with Lisa and Denny at Johnny's grave (a statue of Tommy Wiseau) and then segueing into a level that occurs a day before the main action of the movie begins, in which Johnny learns that an earthquake has sealed San Francisco off from the rest of the state.