Synonyms for segues or Related words with segues

segued              segueing              segue              seguing              delved              shoehorned              devolves              delves              crossfades              foraying              sauntered              forayed              snuck              goads              interjected              shapeshifts              crept              crescendos              snowballed              alwayz              metamorphosised              transmutes              metamorphose              delve              shapeshifted              forays              coaxed              saunters              cursoroutofrange              dividied              woges              parlayed              filmentered              guilts              metamorphosized              transmogrified              delving              redecoed              veers              lulled              interludes              sneaked              entereth              foray              crammed              cajoles              putcallisto              barged              deviceinserting              goading             

Examples of "segues"
The "New Town Remix" directly segues into the "Live Remix" on the limited 12" single.
The video then quickly segues into a parody of "Give it Away":
The first track segues in from the faint sounds of a hidden track from "Spiritual Machines".
"New Magnetic Wonder" consists of 14 songs and 10 musical segues ("link tracks").
screen. Quishpe rises to his feet crying "No puede ser, nooo..." (Eng.:"This cannot be, nooo...) then segues into song.
It segues into the "Hittite Empire period" proper, which dates from the reign of Tudhaliya I from c. 1430 BC.
On "The Psychomodo" album, the song is preceded by the opening track "Sweet Dreams", which segues into "Psychomodo".
"My Moon My Man" is the third song on the album. The song's ending segues into track four, "The Park."
All lyrics written by Claudio Sanchez; all segues written and arranged by Sanchez. All songs arranged by Coheed and Cambria.
Track 2 segues directly into track 3, and tracks 8 through 10 are performed as a medley.
Several of the songs are short segues or interludes that connect to longer songs, pushing the total duration of the CD towards the maximum of around 80 minutes. These segues are "Useful Idiot", "Message to Harry Manback", "Intermission", "Cesaro Summability", and "(-) Ions".
When "Heartbreaker" is played on radio stations, it almost always segues into the next song on the album, "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)", thanks to the similarities of subjects involved between the two songs, and the fact that "Living Loving Maid" segues directly from "Heartbreaker".
The song was nominated for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the Grammy Awards of 2006, but lost to The Black Eyed Peas song "Don't Phunk with My Heart". No music video was filmed for this song. Eminem, Dre and 50 Cent would later return to work together on the song "Crack a Bottle" from "Relapse". On "Encore", "One Shot 2 Shot" segues into the skit "Final Thought", which then segues into Encore, which also segues into the "Curtains Down" skit.
An early configuration of the album contained as many as eight segues as well as an intro. Together they explained the album's storyline. However, in a last-minute attempt to add an additional song ("I Wanna Melt with U", which was originally considered to be a B-side to the "7" maxi single, and which contains several sampled sounds also present in "7"), most of the segues had to be cut for album length. The few that remained were somewhat confusing in context. The unreleased segues have been bootlegged since.
Live recordings also include in "Coda: I Have a Dream", the tenth song from "the construKction of light", which segues from Part IV.
On the U.K. original vinyl release "Space Intro" does not appear on track listing. A 40-second track called "Space Odyssey" segues into "Wild Mountain Honey".
When performed live, the song regularly segues into "Rapunzel," just as it does on the studio recording. This can be heard on "Listener Supported".
The story segues immediately into the beginning of "The Light Fantastic"; the two books can therefore be seen as one two-volume novel.
On the album, the song segues immediately into "Anytime"; as a result, many American classic rock and AOR radio stations play the two tracks as a single song.
Below is the early version of the album with all the original segues. Also, "The Sacrifice of Victor" is slightly longer on the early configuration.