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natsu              boku              namida              otoko              yakusoku              omoi              jinsei              hajimete              shiawase              kodomo              hitori              omoide              yoru              koibito              tenshi              hajimari              kiseki              otona              taiyou              jikan              tengoku              ashita              tsuki              danshi              kamisama              anata              unmei              bokura              seikatsu              yume              kimochi              kioku              inochi              maboroshi              oretachi              kaze              yasashii              kisetsu              itsuka              kajitsu              negai              ongaku              hitotsu              susume              hanayome              chikai              hitohira              sayonara              kodoku              tabidachi             

Examples of "seishun"
Hayashi then turned to apolitical popular novels with family themes, including "Musuko no Seishun" (My "Son's Youth") and "Tsuma no Seishun" ("My Wife's Youth").
The Seishun Shiterukai manga was published by Ribon Mascot Comics, Shueisha. In 2004, Seishun Shiterukai was published in Indonesia by m&c! under the same name.
On May 14, the songs "Seishun no Matataki", "Private" and "Amagasa" were released on iTunes when the album was made available for pre-order. On the same day, a music video for "Seishun no Matataki" was released. "Seishun no Matataki" peaked on the "Billboard" Japan Hot 100 the at number 41. "Private" also reached number 68 on the Adult Alternative Airplay chart, and "Cappuccino" at number 98. Sheena performed "Seishun no Matataki" at "Music Station" on May 30, 2014.
NHK-FM Radio Drama "Youth Adventure" (Seishun Adventure)
"Seishun High-School Mathematics" and a technical book on
NHK-FM Radio Drama "Youth Adventure" (Seishun Adventure)
On June 3, the group released its 20th single and its first double A-side single, "Seishun Bus Guide/Rival." The song "Seishun Bus Guide" was a closing theme for the anime series "Inazuma Eleven".
The group released its fourth single "Memory Seishun no Hikari" in early 1999, reaching number two on Oricon, second to Glay's "Winter, Again" which had 1st week sales of 955,780 copies, verse Memory Seishun no Hikari's 195,720).
Their debut single, "Seishun Dokei", will be released on April 12, 2017 under Sony Music Japoan.
Single was released for the "Seishun Energy" TV show in Japan (JPN), only.
Kobayashi's directorial debut was in 1952 when he made "Musuko no Seishun" ("My Son's Youth").
The group appeared on "Music Japan", alongside other female idol groups, and performed "Seishun Collection".
The school song is "Aa, seishun no mune no chi wa", theme of the 1964 movie with the same name.
The song "Seishun Bus Guide" was used as an ending theme for the anime series "Inazuma Eleven" (since April 2009).
Single was released for the "Seishun Energy: Check It Out, Yo! in Tokyo" TV show in Japan (JPN), only.
Kuriyama felt that adding "Tsukiyo no Shōzō" and "Seishun no Matataki" to "Circus" gave the album more balance.
Yokomizo died of colon cancer in 1981. His grave is at the Seishun-en cemetery in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
Ryoma Echizen, a tennis prodigy, attends Seishun Academy (also known as Seishun Gakuen or Seigaku, for short), a school famous for its strong tennis club and talented players. Ryoma quickly defeats numerous upperclassmen shortly after entrance to secure himself a spot on the regulars team.
The main character of the series is Ryoma Echizen, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team. The main cast is rounded out with the other eight regular players for Seishun, all of whom have various special abilities at playing tennis. Beyond them, there are many rival schools whose players reappear during the course of the series.
In 2010, Seishun Amigo was reported by the Oricon's magazine, OriStar, for having sold over 1,627,000 copies and was later certified Million by RIAJ denoting over 1,000,000 shipments.