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Examples of "selangau"
Selangau, Sarawak, is a small town which is located by the Pan Borneo Highway(Sibu-Bintulu Road). It is also located by Batang Mukah, a river which flows to the South China Sea. It is located approximately 74 km from Sibu town, 84 km from Mukah town and 134 km from Bintulu town. Selangau town is the administrative town for the Selangau District.
Sibu Division consists of three districts: Sibu, Kanowit, and Selangau.
2016–present: The constituency contains the polling districts of Siong, Tamin, Sekuau, Selangau, Lemai.
2006–2016: The constituency contains the polling districts of Siong, Tamin, Sekuau, Selangau, Lemai.
Selangau is a federal constituency in Sarawak, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Dewan Rakyat since 1990.
The name "Selangau" comes from the name of a river, which is one of the tributaries of the Mukah River.In the 60's, after the completion of the Pan Borneo Highway, the people starts to build their settlement by the road, and that is where Selangau is today.
Due to the rising population and the development of Selangau, it was declared as a new district on 1 Mac 2002. It is now under the Sibu Division.
The Mukah-Selangau road connects Mukah town and other major towns in Sarawak via the Pan Borneo Highway. Express buses to Bintulu, Sibu and Miri are also available.
The Selangau District is a district in Sarawak, Malaysia. It is located in the middle of land transportation connecting to/from Sibu, Bintulu and Mukah. It is about 1 hour away from Sibu.
The origin of the name "Selangor" is lost in history, although some sources claim the name to have come from the Malay word "selangau", 'a large fly', most probably due to the abundance of flies in the marshes along the Selangor River in the state's northwest.
2008–2016: The constituency contains the polling districts of Siong, Tamin, Sekuau, Selangau, Lemai, Bawan, Arip, Tatau - Buan, Kakus, Anap, Tatau, Lubok Kumpai, Bekiran, Tekalit, Rungan, Giri, Kelebu, Entajum, Ulu Sangan, Sangan, Penyarai, Kulau Belungai, Data Kakus, Muput, Pasir Nangka, Nanga Empang, Kana, Setusor, Tau, Takan.
Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun (born 8 June 1954) is a Malaysian politician. He is a Minister in the Department of the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and a Member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Selangau constituency in Sarawak, representing the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).
2016–present: The constituency contains the polling districts of Siong, Tamin, Sekuau, Selangau, Lemai, Bawan, Arip, Tatau-Buan, Kakus, Anap, Tatau, Lubok Kumpai, Bekiran, Tekalit, Rungan, Giri, Kelebu, Entajum, Ulu Sangan, Sangan, Penyarai, Kulau Belungai, Muput, Pasir Nangka, Nanga Empang, Kana, Setusor, Tau, Takan, Annau.
After the year 2000, there were several new areas created or boundary changes that were gazetted by the relevant authority for federal territory and administrative districts. The new federal territory created was Putrajaya. Meanwhile, the new administrative districts such as Ledang and Kulaijaya in Johor; Pokok Sena in Kedah; Kampar in Perak; Putatan in Sabah; and Pakan and Selangau in Sarawak.
There are 33 districts in Sarawak and currently only 12 districts are represented in the league while 21 others still not yet in it which are the Saratok, Tatau, Belaga, Song, Bau, Lundu, Lawas, Marudi, Dalat, Daro, Matu, Asajaya, Simunjan, Julau, Meradong, Pakan, Siburan, Tebedu, Kanowit, Selangau and Lubok Antu.
Fr. Dominic Su was ordained by Pope John Paul II (now Saint) as Bishop of Sibu on 6 January 1987 in St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican, Rome. Sibu became a new diocese. Fr. David Bingham has worked hard for 14 years mostly in the Selangau area. Selangau mission has undergone a lot of development, not only in buildings but also the stations of the cross on the hill slope. Fr. William Bos served Sibu Mission in looking after the Than Catholics in town, along the Oya and Igan. He served the diocese as Vicar General from 1987. BEC was established in Sibu on 27 July 1987. They were divided into 5 zones. In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI (now Pope Emeritus) appointed Fr. Joseph Hii as Auxiliary Bishop of Sibu. He was ordained in May 2008.
Sibu Rural District Council ("Malay: Majlis Daerah Luar Bandar Sibu") (MDLBS or SRDC) is a local authority which administers Sibu rural areas such as Sibu Jaya and Selangau District. The agency is under the purview of Sarawak Ministry of Local Government and Community Development. The establishment of this council is to provide basic amenities, public infrastructure, and professional services to the population under its jurisdiction.
SRDC currently administers part of the Sibu District and Selangau District covering a total area of 6,000 km. The area of administration contains a total of 60,000 population which are mainly Ibans. In 1981, due to a delineation exercise, one of the areas under SRDC was incorporated into Sibu Municipal Council (SMC). Another area known as Igan region was taken over by Matu-Daro District Council in October 1991.
The court complex is located at Tun Abang Haji Openg Street, Sibu. It contains the High Court, Sessions Court, and the Magistrate Court. The Sibu town also has a Syariah Court located at Kampung Nyabor Street with jurisdictions in Sibu, Kanowit and Selangau districts. There is one district police headquarters at Tun Abang Haji Openg Street. The Sibu central police station is located at Kampung Nyabor Street. Sungai Merah police station and Lanang police station are also located in Sibu town area. There is also a prison in Sibu.
A local council was first set up in Sibu on 31 January 1925 during the era of Brooke administration. It was later upgraded to Sibu Urban District Council (SUDC) in 1952. After 29 years of administration, SUDC was upgraded to Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) on 1 November 1981. SMC administers the town with a jurisdiction area of 129.5 km from the banks of Rajang River to Salim road uptown. SUDC and SMC headquarters were housed inside the Sibu Town Hall for 38 years from 1962 to 2000. SMC headquarters was later relocated to Wisma Sanyan in 2001. The chairman of SMC is Tiong Thai King. The outskirts of Sibu such as Sibu Jaya and Selangau District are administered by Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) covering a total area of 6,000 km. SRDC headquarters is also located inside the Wisma Sanyan tower.