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albofasciata              flavicornis              bifasciata              alluaudi              strigata              brevipennis              tenebrosa              waterhousei              bivittata              clavicornis              flavipennis              pauliani              lieftincki              albomarginatus              melanocera              kiesenwetter              jeanneli              joiceyi              isabellae              aurulenta              immaculatus              inexpectata              collinsi              quadrimaculata              cancellata              sabulosa              bayadera              wittei              plaxiphora              latipennis              buruensis              camerunensis              gerstaecker              selysi              barnardi              albolineata              drucei              microgomphus              schmidti              hypocrita              rambur              longispina              syritta              kolenati              atrata              eitschberger              eschscholtz              allardi              microdiscus              distorta             

Examples of "selys"
A monument to Baron de Selys Longchamps now stands in front of 453 Avenue Louise.
Mary Ball's Odonata were studied by the Belgian entomologist Michel Edmond de Selys-Longchamps on his visit to Dublin.
"Indolestes gracilis birmanus" (Selys, 1891) described from Myanmar is now considered as a distinct species, "Indolestes birmanus".
The study of development of Phoronis by Selys-long Champ (1909) convincingly proved that Balanoglossus cannot be placed with Phoronida.
Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps (born 28 August 1941) is a Belgian aristocrat. She is the mother of Delphine Boël, who claims to be the illegitimate daughter of Albert II of Belgium, former King of the Belgians.
Interestingly, Robin Tillyard collected the type specimen of "Macromia tillyardi" in 1905 and passed it onto for publication in his about-to-be-published work on Cordulines, in "Collections zoologiques du baron Edm. de Selys Longchamps".
According to a note made by Baron de Sélys Longchamps, Wesmael gave his Braconidae to Mr. Haliday, without knowing however that this Irish scientist would be later established in Italy, and that after his death his collection would pass via Edward Perceval Wright to Dublin Museum. However, in the copy of the biography of Wesmael by Selys, Dr. Jacobs noted next to the sentence written by Selys (p. 235) (He gave his Braconides to Mr. Haliday), this note:: Error! they were found by me...
Baron Jean Michel P.M.G. de Selys Longchamps DFC (31 May 1912 – 16 August 1943) was a Belgian aristocrat and RAF fighter pilot during World War II who is chiefly notable for his 1943 attack on the Gestapo headquarters in Brussels in German-occupied Belgium.
De Selys Longchamps, Apodemus sylvaticus L., Dryomys nitedula Pall. and Glis glis L., Sciurus vulgaris L., Erinaceus, europeus L, Talpa europaea L., Sorex araneus L., Sorex caecutiens Laxm.S. minutua L., Crocidula suaveolens Palb. and C. leucodon Herman, Vespertilio serotinus Schreb., Mustela putorius L., Martes martes L., Mustela erminea L., Lepus europaeus Pallas, Vulpes vulpes L., Sus scrofa L., Capreolus capreolus L., Alces alces L.;
In 2013, Minster hosted a memorial for Jean de Selys Longchamps, a Belgian fighter pilot who is buried in Minster cemetery. This event was hosted by Minster & Monkton Royal British Legion in conjunction with Minster Parish Council and was attended by such dignitaries as The Lord Lieutenant of Kent and the Chief of the Belgian Air Defense.
In 1943, a Belgian pilot from No. 609 Squadron, Jean de Selys Longchamps, strafed the Gestapo headquarters in Brussels after flying through the streets at low-altitude. The air raid on Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 1945 was led by a Belgian, Wing-Commander Michel Donnet, who had escaped from occupied Belgium in a home-made aircraft.
Men are styled form birth "Jonkheer" , ladys are styled "Jonkvrouw", whereas the wife has no honorific and is usually titled "Mevrouw" ("Mrs."). "Écuyer" has no feminine equivalent for daughters or wives. One of the most famous examples is Queen Mathilde, former Jonkvrouw before her marriage and Delphine Boël, the daughter of baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, mistress of King Albert II.
Born in Uccle, Belgium, she is the daughter of Count and ambassador Michel François de Selys Longchamps (1910–1983) and Countess Pauline Cornet de Ways-Ruart (1914–1953). In 1962, she married Jacques Boël (born in 1929), an industrialist and nephew of René Boël. They divorced in 1978 and in 1982 Sybille married a wealthy British widower, the Honourable Michael Anthony Rathborne Cayzer (1929–1990), a younger son of shipping tycoon Herbert Cayzer, 1st Baron Rotherwick.
She is the daughter of Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps (born 1941), whose husband was Jonkheer Jacques Boël (born 1929), scion of a noble family of industrialists. They divorced in 1978 and her mother married again in 1982 with the Honorable Michael-Anthony Rathmore Cayzer (of the Barons Rotherwick of Tylney) (1929–1990). Mother and daughter moved to London and to the large estate of the new husband, in Rotherwick. Jacques Boël remarried in 2001 with the divorcee Diane de Woot de Trixhe de Jannée (born 1943).