Synonyms for sempurna or Related words with sempurna

tetap              pergi              terindah              kisah              selalu              sebuah              mimpi              untukmu              harus              pernah              waktu              sudah              jodoh              hidup              tiada              mengapa              seperti              kasih              segalanya              senyum              biarkan              terakhir              lelaki              jangan              dendam              semua              kembali              tunggu              selamanya              cintaku              milikmu              rindu              hilang              ketika              untuk              tinggal              hatiku              ombak              separuh              kehidupan              kekasih              menangis              sekarang              kenangan              mungkin              sendiri              gadis              kenapa              katakan              dengan             

Examples of "sempurna"
At Sapu Lidi cafés, the band was spotted by Noey, a producer who planned to release a compilation album. Peterpan recorded three demo songs: "Sahabat", "Mimpi yang Sempurna", and "Taman Langit". "Mimpi yang Sempurna" was chosen for the album, titled "Kisah 2002 Malam". The album was commercially successful, selling a respectable 150,000 copies, and "Mimpi yang Sempurna" was given heavy rotation on Indonesian radio.
""Membekalkan pendidikan yang sempurna dan berkesan, memperkembangkan potensi individu secara menyeluruh untuk melahirkan insan yang berkualiti tinggi.""
4. yaitu desa Hampra yang terletak di wilayah Trigramyama (Salatiga) dengan persetujuan dari Siddhdewi (Sang Dewi yang Sempurna atau Mendiang) berupa daerah bebas pajak atau perdikan
The songs "Lelaki Sempurna" and "Kisah 8 Dirham" were both inspired by Muhammad. "Lelaki Sempurna" is based on Muhammad's personality, "truthful, trustworthy, smart, and diligent". "Kisah 8 Dirham tells of a trip made by Muhammad to a market, where he gladly donates all of his money to the poor and is thus unable to purchase new clothes. It was written after Gita heard Uztad Fikri's retelling of the story.
"Balada Shalawat" was released in August 2010, during Ramadhan, with all profits from the sales to be donated to the destitute. "Lelaki Sempurna" and "Kisah 8 Dirham" were released as singles.
Besides Taiwan and Hong Kong, the record label has offices in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia (acquired SCS in 1995 (Suara Cipta Sempurna, founded in the 1980s)), South Korea and the Philippines.
Ost. Love is an album complication was released on 2008 for accompany film was same title, "Love". The soundtrack album have 9 songs. The hits song single "Sempurna" sing by Andra and The BackBone was recycling song by Gita Gutawa.
Gita collaborated with her father in writing two songs, "Lelaki Sempurna" and "Kisah 8 Dirham". Other songs were covers or rereleases. "Ketika Tangan dan Kaki Berkata" was originally released sung by Chrisye for "Kala Cinta Menggoda" and "Selamat Idul Fitri" had previously been sung in duet with Hadad Alwi for a concert.
Besides working for some Indonesian agencies, he also works for international agency, Specs Agency in Canada and in addition as the staff of Canada Embassy in Indonesia. In 2003 he played his first film “5 Sehat, 4 Sempurna”. He became The Sexiest Cosmo Man according to Cosmopolitan Magazine for 2 years in a row, 2004 and 2005. During 2005 to 2006 he went to and fro Montreal-Jakarta for modeling jobs.
"Kebatinan" is a combination of metaphysics, mysticism and other esoteric doctrines from Animistic, Hinduistic, Buddhist and Islamic origins. Although the Javanese culture is tolerant, and open to new religions, only those qualities are accepted and filtered which fit into the Javanese culture, character and personality. Javanese ideals combine human wisdom ("wicaksana"), psyche ("waskita") and perfection ("sempurna"). The follower must control his/her passions, eschewing earthly riches and comforts, so that he/she may one day reach enlightened harmony and union with the spirit of the universe.
Around 12 December 1981, a company called Szetoh Import & Export Pte. Ltd. removed a large quantity of cigarettes from a licensed warehouse and transported them to the port for loading on to a vessel called the "M.V. Sempurna Sejati" to be exported out of the country. Although the Singapore Customs supervised the removal and transport of the goods, it did not supervise the loading of the goods on to the vessel. Subsequently, the company delivered to the Customs three outward declarations showing that the goods had been loaded on to the vessel.
The melody of " Bangun Pemudi Pemuda" was taken from the school march of the Sekolah Rakyat Sempurna Indonesia (lit. the Indonesian School for the Perfection of the People), the tune of which was also composed by Simanjuntak. Simanjuntak argued that the people of Indonesia needed to experience a nascent spirit of patriotism, instead of just the six classes at the SRSI. The song's title (Pemudi-Pemuda, lit. Female Youth-Male Youth) was derived from the fact that several European languages use the fixed order of "ladies and gentlemen", incl. Dutch, and that inspired Simanjuntak to put a Pemudi in front of the Pemuda (usually the only term used in Indonesian for 'youth'.) Simanjuntak was put on a hit list by the Japanese military police as a direct result of this song, but it was never carried out, and he discovered the fact after independence.
Samsons are well known for their "Epic Orchestral" musical arrangements and for their hit singles, such as "Naluri Lelaki", "Kenangan Terindah", "Bukan Diriku", "Akhir Rasa Ini", "Di Penghujung Muda", "Luluh", "Kisah Tak Sempurna", "Hey Gadis", "Seandainya", "Tak Bisa Memiliki", "Hening", "Tak Ada Tempat Seperti Surga", and "Masih (Mencintainya)". The first album titled "Naluri Lelaki", released in 2006, was a major success for their debut in music industry. It hits multi platinum award for the record sales, as well as winning some categories in a single night at Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian Music Awards) such as best new comer, best group/duo, best song (Kenangan Terindah), best album (Naluri Lelaki), and RBT (Ring Back Tone) award.