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Examples of "senneterre"
Senneterre Airport, , is located southeast of Senneterre, Quebec, Canada.
Senneterre railway station is located on 4th Street West in Senneterre, Quebec, Canada. It is the final stopover of Via Rail's Montreal – Senneterre train. The station is staffed and is wheelchair-accessible.
The Montreal–Senneterre train (formerly called the "Abitibi") is a passenger train operated by Via Rail between Montreal and Senneterre in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region of Quebec, Canada.
CFS Senneterre, initially called RCAF Station Senneterre prior to 1967, was a long-range radar and Ground Control Intercept station, part of the Pinetree Line radar defence network, situated 40 miles north of Val D'Or, Quebec. Situated atop Mount Bell, east of the town of Senneterre, Quebec, construction started in 1950. By 1953 the 34 AC&W Squadron became operational. From 1968 to 1973 Senneterre was the backup to CFB North Bay, the regional command post; in the event it was incapacitated by a nuclear strike, Senneterre was designated an Alternative Command Post (ALCOP). In 1988 the station was deemed no longer necessary as a long-range radar, and closed.
The main stops of the Montreal–Senneterre train are:
Senneterre is a parish municipality in northwestern Quebec, Canada, in the La Vallée-de-l'Or Regional County Municipality. The parish is mostly a rural municipality that almost completely surrounds the actual population centre of the neighbouring City of Senneterre.
Henri II de la Ferté-Senneterre died on September 27, 1681.
De Senneterre Ménétou composed for voice and harpsichord. Selected works include:
CIBO-FM is a community radio station that operates on 100.5 FM in Senneterre, Quebec, Canada.
Françoise-Charlotte de Senneterre Ménétou (1679 – 4 November 1745) was a French harpsichordist and composer.
In 1948, it shortened its name to Senneterre and changed status to village municipality, while gaining town status in 1956. In 1953, CFS Senneterre opened, home to the No. 34 Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron and part of the Pinetree Line chain of radar stations. After the closure of CFS Val-d'Or in 1976, the base also served as the Search and Rescue centre for north-western Quebec. In 1988, CFS Senneterre was closed.
Henri II de La Ferté-Senneterre (1599 – 27 September 1681) was a marshal of France and governor of Lorraine.
CFS Lowther near Hearst and CFS Senneterre in Quebec handled the coverage area that Ramore had previously monitored.
The station was launched in 1979 and is currently owned by Radio Communautaire MF de Senneterre Inc.
One of the oldest cheeses in France, Cantal dates back to the times of the Gauls. It came to prominence when Marshal Henri de La Ferté-Senneterre served it at the table of Louis XIV of France. Senneterre is also responsible for the introduction of Saint-Nectaire and Salers.
The completion of the railroad accelerated the development of the place. In 1914, the Parish of Saint-Paul-de-Senneterre was founded, and in 1919, the place was incorporated as the Township Municipality of Senneterre-Partie-Ouest, named after the township and its relative position therein. It developed into a center for forestry, commerce and tourism.
Lac-Despinassy is an unorganized territory in the Canadian province of Quebec, located within the Abitibi Regional County Municipality. The area is east of the municipality of Saint-Dominique-du-Rosaire, north of La Morandière, Rochebaucourt and the parish municipality of Senneterre, and west of the city of Senneterre.
Saint Nectarius of Auvergne (also known as "Nectarius of St-Nectaire, Nectarius of Limagne, Necterius of Senneterre") () is venerated as a 4th-century martyr and Christian missionary.
It is named after Matchi-Manitou Lake (), which used to be within its limits, but since 1996 is part of Senneterre and Val-d'Or.
The cheese's name comes from the Marshal of Senneterre (a linguistic corruption of "Saint-Nectaire"), who served it at the table of Louis XIV.