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seo_hyun              kang_tae              yoon_jung              choi_eun              ji_seok              yoo_seung              yoon_jae              yoo_hye              ryung              kyung_joo              yeo_jin              soo_kyung              bong_soo              seo_jin              kyeong              kyung_hwan              eun_hee              yoon_hee              bok_hee              hyun_woo              kyung_min              kang_hee              seo_yeon              kim_hye_ok              hee_joo              jung_yoon              jung_hye              yoo_jung              jin_wook              yoon_seo              tae_hwan              kim_myung              jung_yong              yoon_hye              yoon_ji              eun_jung              seop              ji_hyun              seol              jung_eun              younglee              ki_tae              jang_soo              min_seok              yun_seok              woong              jung_hwa              dong_hoon              choi_soo              jeon_jae             

Examples of "seo_yoon"
Seo Yoon-jo goes to see Cha ll-nam, and tells him that she is the Seo Yoon-jo that he once knew.
Seo Yoon-hee (born November 10, 1984) is a female badminton player from South Korea.
Geonil play as "Seo Yoon Hyung" leader of popular group, "VOICE" who was murdered during the group concert.
Han Se-kyung’s best friend, Choi Ah-jung, helps her to find out the life of Seo Yoon-joo in order to know how to become a “Cheongdam -dong daughter-in-law”. She finds out that Seo Yoon-joo actually is called Cha Yoon-joo when she has lived in France because she has married a man there. Han Se-kyung guessed from this information and the words of Shin Min-hyuk, who is the president of GN Fashion, that she is accepted specially by Seo Yoon-joo.
On Han Se-kyung’s side, her father tells her that the family is suffering from money-shortage. They cannot open their bakery anymore and they are under much debt. Hearing this, Han Se-kyung wants to change herself. She takes the piece of information that Seo Yoon-jo has married in France and goes to threaten her. She will not tell others this news only if Seo Yoon-jo helps her to become a “Cheongdam -dong daughter-in-law”.
Seo Yoon-joo pays an unexpected visit to Han Se-kyung’s house. Her parents welcome her dearly. When Han Se-kyung gets back, Seo Yoon-joo drags her downstairs and gives her package, which inside is a diary. She says this is the key of becoming a “Cheongdam -dong daughter-in-law”, in return, she must keep her promise that she will never tell anyone of her marriage in France.
Cha Seung-jo goes to Seo Yoon-joo’s house because her husband has a dinner appointment with the president of Artemis. She is deliberately shocked when she sees that the president is her ex-boyfriend.
In 1999, Park Jin-young married Seo Yoon-jeong. In March 2009, the couple announced their divorce. On October 10, 2013, he married a non-celebrity woman who is 9 years younger than him.
Seo Yoon-joo goes to see Tommy Hong; she learns that the person who he is trying to pair up with her husband’s sister, Shin In-hwa, is actually Cha Seung-jo.
At the home of Cha Seung-jo, he shares his recording on the conversation between him and his father previously with his friend/psychological doctor. He takes out a picture of his ex-girlfriend, Seo Yoon-joo, remembering the time in France where he gives up his wealth and family in order to marry her secretly, but she breaks up with him instead because he isn’t wealthy anymore. He decides to collaborate with GN Fashion, which is Seo Yoon-joo’s husband’s company. Seo Yoon-joo, aware of the collaboration, asks his husband, Shin Min-hyuk, if she can be in charge of setting up the dinner between Jan Thierry Cha and him. Shin Min-hyuk agrees.
Seo Yoon-joo is in the hospital because she has had an accident. Han Se-kyung goes and visits her. Seo Yoon-joo tells her she must solve her first problem, which is love, or else she can never succeed. Cha Seung-joo meets up with Han Se-kyung. He apologizes for his rudeness the other day for kissing her. Han Se-kyung tells him she does not want this job anymore, unless she meets the president of Artemis. When Heo Dong-wook knows about this situation, he tells Cha Seung-jo to tell his true identity to Han Se-kyung honestly.
Han Se-kyung calls Seo Yoon-joo and asks her the answer of the first danger among the three she must encounter if she wants to go into Cheongdam-dong. Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love. When Han Se-kyung returns home, she sees that her parents are chasing after her sister, Han Se-jin. Han Se kyung learns that her parents want her sister to quit school for a while and help out their shop. At first, Han Se-jin does not want to, but after Han Se-kyung promise to buy her a new bag, she agrees to do it.
Seo Yoon-joo, the daughter of a family who owns a conglomerate, is a veterinarian who works specifically with horses. Yoon-joo has a cheerful and straightforward personality, and she is in love with Cha Ki-joon, the son of another rich family. Though Ki-joon is a second-generation chaebol, he secretly dreams of becoming a chef.
On the other hand, Tommy Hong finds out Cha Seung-jo’s real identity. He is not only Artemis’ president, but also the son of Cha ll-nam, the president of Royal Corporation. Seo Yoon-joo goes and tells Cha Seung-jo of his possible future engagement with Shin In-hwa, which Cha Seung-jo has no clue about doesn’t even consider it at all.
When Han Se-kyung is delivering a set of pearl ear rings, she loses the Certificate of Authenticity. When she goes back to the shop to look for it, she meets Cha Seung-jo, who insults her again. Returning to her company, she finds shockingly that the head lady is Seo Yoon-joo, who is her high school rival.
Tae-poong's older sister Seo Chan-joo (Jo Min-su) has been supporting her younger siblings Moon-joo (Kang Sung-yeon), and Ji-suk (Song Seung-heon), who is newly engaged to his girlfriend Jin Soo-ha (Kim Ha-neul). When Tae-poong finds Chan-joo, Ji-suk and Moon-joo, his estranged siblings want nothing to do with him. Reeling from their coldness, Tae-poong must also deal with an eight-year-old boy who claims to be his son. Not knowing what to do, Tae-poong turns to Chan-joo for help. Meanwhile youngest sister of the family Seo Yoon-joo (Jun Ji-hyun ) has found her big brother Tae-poong after detachment of 10 years but his brother couldn't recognise her. So not revealing her actual identity heartbroken Seo Yoon-joo starts helping her brother. A thug, Ha Shin-yeob ( Cha Tae-hyun ) starts showing his affectionate love towards Yoon-joo by making frequent visit at her workplace.
Seo Yoon-jo asks her brother, Seo Ho-min, to stalk Han Se-kyung secretly. From the pictures taken by Seo Ho-min of Han Se-kyung, she sees Cha Seung-jo is in it. On the other hand, Cha Seung-jo’s doctor/best friend, Heo Dong-wook, says Cha Seung-jo cannot control his emotions mentally, he can never cry. Secretary moon finds Seo In-chan’s location; he is at his mom’s funeral at the time. Cha Seung-jo happens to witness the scene and he orders the company not to go after So In-chan anymore. Instead, he sends flowers to the funeral house to express his sorrow for his mother. Under the warning of his father that someone is secretly taking pictures of him, he catches Seo Ho-min and warns him not ever to do it again. Cha Seung-jo also moves to the same neighborhood where Seo Yoon-joo is living.
When meeting up with Cha ll-nam again, Seo Yoon-jo advises him to stop the planned marriage. Now at the party, after battling with his own will, he finally gains the courage and goes into the party. He is ready to indirectly confess to Han Se-kyung in his opening speech. But what he does not know is that Han Se-kyung has left the party because of her shock of the news.
After much struggling, Se-kyung finally lands a job as a designer at GN Fashion, an apparel company in ritzy, image-conscious Cheongdam-dong (a small, insular, and particularly posh neighborhood in Seoul's Gangnam District). She is stunned to find out, however, that her actual job is being a personal assistant to the president's wife ― who turns out to be her high school classmate and rival Seo Yoon-joo (So Yi-hyun).
Seo-yun, also spelled Seo-yoon, is a Korean feminine given name. Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 38 hanja with the reading "seo" and 15 hanja with the reading "yun" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names. It became a popular name for newborn South Korean girls in the early 21st century, coming in fifth in 2008 and 2009, and rising to first in 2015 with 3,048 out of 211,403 newborn girls being given the name Seo-yun that year.