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kyung_hwan              ryul              ryeol              seop              kwang              woong              kim_dae              beom              jin_sook              jung_yong              kang_tae              byeong              kim_eung              gyeom              sang_hoon              deuk              heum              jeong_ho              choi_eun              sung_hoon              seung_jae              ji_seok              bong_soo              jung_yoon              seung_hyun              yoo_seung              jong_soo              kim_yeong              byoung              jung_hwan              kim_byeong              jae_hoon              geun              gyung              lee_kwang              pyo              taek              lee_myung              jung_hae              jeong_woo              hyun_soo              kim_myung              hyeok              yoo_jae              jae_woong              seok_jin              ahn_jae              ryong              kim_seong              jang_yong             

Examples of "seok_hyun"
Joo Yeol-mae was in a 12 year on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend Yoon Seok-hyun, before they broke up for the fifth time 3 years ago. This is mainly because Seok-hyun keeps her at arm's length and does not want to get married. However, even after they break up, Yeol-mae and Seok-hyun remain friends and are present in each other's lives. Enter Shin Ji-hoon, an alluring new love interest who shakes up Yeol-mae’s world and lands her in a love triangle. Torn between two men, can Yeol-mae find true romance, or will she lose it all?
Kim Bong-Gil is also famous for spotting and nurturing young talent like Moon Sang-yun, Koo Bon-sang, Han Kyo-Won, Lee Seok-hyun, Jeong Hyuk, etc.
Lee Seok-hyun (; born 13 June 1990) is a South Korean footballer who plays as midfielder for FC Seoul in K League Classic.
Hong Seok-hyun is the brother-in-law of Lee Kun-hee, the current chairman of Samsung Group. Lee Kun-hee is married to Hong’s sister Hong Ra-hee.
In December, they changed their name to "A-peace" and they promoted S.O.S in Thailand. After a hiatus, several members left: Jung Man-soo, Im Ho-jun, Lee Ha-neul, Hwang Seok-hyun, Im Yeong-kyun, Oh Seung-hyun, and Kim Dae-geon left the group. Kim Dae-geon later became a member of F.cuz.
Hong Seok-hyun (born 1949) is a noted figure in South Korean media industry. He is the chairman of JMnet (JoongAng Media Network) and "JoongAng Ilbo", one of the major Korean daily newspapers with the circulation of 1,300,000 copies(as of 2011).
Alumni associations for the school are widespread throughout Korea and abroad. Famous alumni include former ambassador Hong Seok-hyun and the former Hannara Party leader Lee Hoi-chang, as well as early Korean Communist Party leader Pak Hon-yong (class of 1919). Multiple Olympic medalist South Korean swimmer Park Tae-Hwan graduated in February 2008 (Korean academic year starts in March and ends in February).
Since the breakup, Seo Ji-young has released two solo albums entitled "Listen to My Heart" and "Different This Time". Lee Ji-hye released a solo album entitled "Without You" () and a special single with the lead song "Love Me Love Me". Chris Kim also released a solo album entitled "Christopher". Jang Seok-hyun is yet to release a solo album but the public was startled by his weight loss, which is said to be 30 kg. He later admitted that he lost weight in order to debut as an actor. Unfortunately, the victim, Lee Ji-hye has not been as successful of a career post disbandment.
Several members were models before debuting with Apeace. Ji Hyun-sung, Park Jae-won, Heo Chang-woo, and former member Hwang Seok-hyun and Im Ho-jun were models under DCM Models Management around 2008-2010. Yoo Dong-ho and Park Jae-won appeared on SBS Star School in 2009 with other models such as Kim Woo-bin. Other members that modeled before debuting were Hong Sung-ho, Song Seung-hyuk, Lee Tae-woo, Choi Yeong-won, Im Yeong-kyun, Kim Seung-hyung, Min Jin-hong, Son Yu-chang, Oh Seung-hyun, and Lee Myung-eun.
Sharp (stylized as S♯arp) was a South Korean pop music vocal group in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The group consisted of Chris Kim, Jang Seok-hyun, Seo Ji-young and Lee Ji-hye. A male original member, John Kim (UPTOWN, Slow-Jam) quit the group after the first album. They released five albums before breaking up. Their last album was "S♯arp Vol. 5 - StYlE." S#arp was a very successful group that won many 1st places on k-pop charts with songs like "Sweety", "", "", and others.
Cha regained his top star status when his comedy flick "Scandal Makers" became the number one film of 2008, attracting 8.2 million moviegoers and ranking among Korea's biggest hits of all time. The film centers on a radio talk show host who must face unforeseen consequences of his days of philandering as a teen idol star when he discovers that he already has a daughter (Park Bo-young) and a grandson (Wang Seok-hyun) at the age of 30. As a result of the film's success, the advertising industry named Cha as the top male celebrity endorser of 2009.
Doctor Min Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) is a surgeon whose wealthy background and superior talent causes him to be arrogant and curt with others. But when his girlfriend Ji-min (Choi Kang-hee) dies of cancer after he failed to save her on the operating table, he is haunted by her confession that she had unwittingly given a young girl HIV via a contaminated blood transfusion when she was a medical intern years ago and never owned up to her mistake. Grieving and needing to make amends on Ji-min's behalf, Gi-seo searches for the child Bom (Korean for "spring"), and finds her living on Pureun-do ("Blue Island"). The precocious eight-year-old Bom (Seo Shin-ae) is innocently unaware of her condition, and she lives happily with her mother Young-shin (Gong Hyo-jin), and her great-grandfather Mr. Lee (Shin Goo) who's always wandering off and loves choco pie. Ever since Bom's diagnosis, Young-shin has worked hard to care for her daughter and senile grandfather, keeping a strong face and cheery front despite their poor circumstances and the difficulties of being a single mother. Young-shin has always been mum about Bom's paternity, but in the small community of Pureun-do, rumors are rife that the father is Choi Seok-hyun (Shin Sung-rok), son of the richest woman (Kang Boo-ja) in town. Seok-hyun currently resides in Seoul with his fiancee (Kim Sung-eun), until work-related matters take him back to the island for the first time in a decade. Upon seeing Young-shin again, Seok-hyun had no idea that she'd had a child, and doesn't believe her assertions that Bom isn't his. As their paths continue to cross, he becomes jealous of Gi-seo and realizes that he isn't quite over her. Meanwhile, to keep an eye on Bom, Gi-seo decides to rent a room at Young-shin's house. At first he mocks the seemingly backward, rural day-to-day life on Pureun-do, but as he observes the Lee family and their constant kindness and selflessness at close quarters, Gi-seo finds himself slowly changing and falling in love with Young-shin. But when the townspeople later learn that Bom has HIV, they must all deal with the fear and discrimination that follows.
Seok Hyun "Andy" Yun (born December 29, 1969) is a scientist and technologist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was born and raised in South Korea and received his B.S. (1991), M.S., and Ph.D. (1997) in Physics from KAIST in Korea. His dissertation research in fiber optics led to a venture-funded startup in San Jose, CA, where he was a founding member and manager. He joined the Wellman Center for Photomedicine (Dermatology) at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in 2003 and is a Professor, MGH Research Scholar, and the Director of the Harvard-MIT Summer Institute for Biomedical Optics. He is a recipient of the 2016 NIH Director's Pioneer Award.
Lee Kun-hee's wife, Hong Ra-hee is daughter of Hong Jin-ki, the former chairman of the JoongAng Ilbo and Tongyang Broadcasting Company and Kim Youn-nam. Kim was born in the coastal city of Mokpo, South Jeolla. While attending Ewha Womans University as a junior in 1943, she married Hong Jin-ki (1917–86), who at the time was working as a judge at the Jeonju District Court in Jeonju, North Jeolla. The two are survived by four sons and two daughters: Ra-hee, director general of Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art and the wife of Lee Kun-hee; Seok-hyun; Seok-joh, CEO of BGF Retail; Suk-joon, CEO of Bokwang Investment; Seok-kyu, CEO of Bokwang; and Ra-young, deputy director at Leeum. Kim was also the mother-in-law of Cholsoo Charles Lho, publisher of the Korea JoongAng Daily. Kim Youn-nam died of natural causes at Samsung Medical Center in Gangnam District, southern Seoul in 2013 when she was 90 years old.