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yeong              seong              cheol              gyeong              deok              gwang              myeong              kwang              hyung              gyu              hyeon              woong              hyeok              kyung              seok              byung              chul              heon              kyeong              sook              seung              keun              joo              shik              hyang              pyung              beom              baek              kyoung              taek              gyung              eung              jeon              kyong              ryong              heepark              jeong              cheon              byeong              kyu              seol              myung              suk              hwakim              junkim              hwan              byul              deuk              chae              hyuk             

Examples of "seon"
father of Yun Il-seon, Il-seon was early South Korean pathologist and anatomists.
Seon Question Seon Answer》《How to know the way of living, even don’t know to die》
Beomeosa Temple is considered one of the three major temples in southeast Korea, along with Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple. Its strong Seon Buddhist spirit has earned it the title “Great Headquarters Temple of Seon Buddhism.” Seon Master Gyeongheo, an eminent monk of modern times, opened a Seon center at Beomeosa in 1900. Inspired by Ven. Gyeongheo, Seongwol, then abbot of Beomeosa, taught the Seon tradition by establishing Seon centers and Seon assemblies in Beomeosa’s six hermitages in the span of 10 years as follows: Geumgangam in 1899; Anyangam in 1900; Gyemyeongam in 1902; Wonhyoam in 1906; Ansimnyo in 1909; and Daeseongam in 1910.
In 826 Korean Seon Master Doui, a student of Sixth Ancestor of Chan Huineng, brought Chan/Seon (Korean Zen)to Korea and founded the "Nine Mountain Seon Monasteries" which adopted the name Jogye order.
Some time later, Seon-ae pays visit to Hye-jin's apartment. Hye-jin tells her that they should forget everything, but Seon-ae speaks as if she is not herself. The camera turns to reveal Kyung-ah slowly slitting Seon-ae while saying "once Seon-ae is dead, we (Kyung-ah and Hye-jin) can be together...".
Yun Chi-ho was the uncle of Yun Bo-seon, who was President of South Korea in 1960 and Yun Il-seon, a first Korean pathologist and anatomist.
Moon-seon invites Granny to work for West Gate, but Granny refuses. Moon-seon warns that anyone who refuses her will pay dearly for it.
Another important advocate of Seon/Gyo unity was Uicheon. Like most other early Goryeo monks, he began his studies in Buddhism with Hwaeom. He later traveled to China, and upon his return, actively promulgated the Cheontae (), which became recognized as another Seon school. This period thus came to be described as "five doctrinal and two meditational schools". Uicheon himself, however, alienated too many Seon adherents, and he died at a relatively young age without seeing a Seon-Gyo unity accomplished.
After marrying Soo-ah, Seon-jae is given a very high position in Bonjour Foods. While working there, he acts very arrogant and above the law. He eventually creates a slush fund, and bribes a government official. When Man-soo finds out of this, he suffers a brain hemorrhage, and goes into a coma. During Man-soo's coma, Seon-jae is promoted to Bonjour's president. But Man-soo eventually wakes from his coma and, with Baek-ho's help, fires Seon-jae. The police have also begun to investigate Seon-jae's crimes. Due to this scrutiny, Seon-jae's father resigns from his position in the government. After seeing his father sacrifice himself for him, Seon-jae finally repents for his misdeeds. He divorces Soo-ah to spare her the burden, and turns himself in to the police. Soo-ah goes to Paris to forget about Seon-jae.
People with the single-syllable name Seon include:
For training in Seon, there is no "graduation" after a specific number of years. In rare cases, a student may receive dharma transmission or "inka" from a master of Seon after 20 or 30 years of practice. However, Dharma transmission in the Seon tradition is extremely rare.
In Korea, Chinul is an important exponent of Seon Buddhism.
Gihwa's writings showed a distinctive mixture between iconoclastic and subitist Seon language, and a strong appreciation for the scriptural tradition. Thus, he took up from Jinul the tradition of unification of Seon and Gyo Buddhism. Among his writings, there are four works in particular that made a deep impact on the subsequent Seon tradition in Korea. These are:
Cho Seon-jak (born 1940) () is a South Korean writer.
King Seon administrated their territories by creating three prefectures :
Kim Sun-young, Kim Seon-young or Kim Seon-yeong () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Sun-young, and may also refer to:
Seon-jae and Ji-young have been dating for about 8 years. Ji-young was a loyal girlfriend, and stood by Seon-jae throughout college, his study abroad and army service. They are in love and plan to get married.
Sun-young, also spelled Seon-young or Seon-yeong, is a Korean unisex given name, predominantly feminine. It was the ninth-most popular name for baby girls born in South Korea in 1970, and held the same rank in 1980.
Kim Man-deok returns the jade ring, a symbol of friendship, to Moon-seon, saying thought Moon-seon would change from the time she manipulated Hwasoon, Daebang Kang's wife, to get him kicked out.
The Center provides programs for visitors on Buddhist and traditional culture such as Ganhwa Seon practice, Seon cultural classes and temple food. It also offers temple stay programs where visitors can experience Buddhist culture.