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cheol              kwang              seung              jeong              yeong              hyeon              seok              jeon              yong              chul              joo              baek              seon              cheon              chae              hyung              suk              gyu              hyeok              byung              hwan              jae              myung              woong              kyung              heon              deok              byun              gyeong              beom              kyu              taek              seol              keun              gwang              kyoung              myeong              byeong              wook              ryong              shik              deuk              gyung              yun              kyeong              jang              pyung              hyon              hyeong              hyun             

Examples of "seong"
The current chairman of UAWK is Ri Myong-kil. His predecessor was Seong San-sop since April 1998. Seong, in turn, was preceded by Choe Seong-suk, who had been the chairman since 1993.
The first Sibal was hand-built by brothers Choi Mu-seong, Choi Hae-seong and Choi Soon-seong, based on the famous Willys Jeep. Initial demands for Sibal were low. But after winning a presidential award, production began to flourish.
Park Seong-ho or Park Sung-ho is a Korean name consisting of the family name "Park" and the given name "Seong-ho". The name may refer to:
Kim Seong-kon (; born August 9, 1949), also known as Seong-kon Kim, is a South Korean academic, literary critic, and author.
Lee Seong-min and Lee Sung-min is a Korean name consisting of the family name Lee and the given name Seong-min, and may also refer to:
General Seong Seung ( ? - 1456) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and soldier. His pen name was Jukgok, father of Seong Sam-mun.
Kim Seong-hun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Seong-hun, and may also refer to:
Kim Seong-eun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Seong-eun, and may also refer to:
Cho Seong-jin () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Cho and the given name Seong-jin, and may also refer to:
Jeongjo made Seong Sang-ui (상의). On September 7, 1782, Lady Seong was elevated to the rank of "so-young" (소용, 昭容), after giving birth to a son, Prince Yi Sun (이순). In November 1782, Prince Hyang was granted the name Prince Successor Munhyo and Lady Seong was elevated to the rank of "Bin" (빈, 嬪) with the prefix of "Ui" meaning "appropriate/fitting". On March 20, 1784, Lady Seong gave birth to an unnamed Princess, who died soon after birth.
Seong Hyang is a registered nurse and hospice caregiver.
The Wah Seong group employs more than 3,000 employees globally.
Bang Seong Joon (hangul:방성준) is a South Korean voice actor.
"We're waiting for Hwang to assume the leadership after some rest", Seong Myong-hoon told a news conference. But Seong said the controversy could hurt the lab. That conclusion was reached after one of Hwang's close research partners, Ahn Cu-rie, returned Tuesday after a 10-day trip to meet with scientists in the United States and Japan, Seong said.
People with the monosyllabic given name Seong include:
Lea Seong is a South Korean born fashion designer.
"(Korean: 주부 9단; Starring: Choi Hyojong, Hong Sunmok, Seong Hyeonju)"
Few days later, Pil-seong and his colleagues was awarded for a higher position as officers and led a ceremonial parade to Pil-seong's daughter's school. The film ends as Pil-seong and the fellow officers gave a salute.
In 1590-1591, King Seonjo of Joseon sent a mission to Japan led by Hwang Yun-gil, accompanied by Kim Seong-il and Heo Seong. The chronology of this diplomatic embassy encompassed:
Kim Ho Seong ()1959 is a South Korean voice actor. He joined the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation's voice acting division in 1996. Currently, Kim Ho Seong is cast in the Korea TV Edition of "" as Grec Sanders, replacing Eric Szmanda.