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septicemia              bacteraemia              bacteremia              enterotoxemia              septicemic              shigellosis              bronchopneumonia              chlamydiosis              fungemia              salmonellosis              amoebic              leptospirosis              amebic              tuberculous              actinomycosis              glanders              meningoencephalitis              furunculosis              typhoidal              peracute              dysentery              pasteurellosis              metritis              haemorrhagic              epizootic              tracheitis              listeriosis              erysipelas              spirochetosis              brucellosis              chancroid              gonorrhoea              paratyphus              septicemias              rickettsiosis              recrudescent              tularemia              legionellosis              gasteroenteritis              tracheobronchitis              airsacculitis              ancylostomiasis              pneumonic              yersiniosis              meliodosis              phlegmons              colibacillosis              bacteremic              peritonitis              erysipelothricosis             

Examples of "septicaemia"
Septicaemia caused by "Neisseria meningitidis" has received much less public attention than meningococcal meningitis even though septicaemia has been linked to infant deaths. Meningococcal septicaemia typically causes a purpuric rash, that does not lose its color when pressed with a glass ("non-blanching") and does not cause the classical symptoms of meningitis. This means the condition may be ignored by those not aware of the significance of the rash. Septicaemia carries an approximate 50% mortality rate over a few hours from initial onset.
Edwardsiella ictaluri (also known as Enteric Septicaemia of Catfish, Hole in the Head Disease, and ESC) is a member of the "Enterobacteriaceae" family. The bacterium is a short, gram negative, pleomorphic rod with flagella. It causes the disease enteric septicaemia of catfish (ESC), which infects a variety of fish species (including many catfish species, knifefish and barbs). The bacteria can cause either acute septicaemia or chronic encephalitis in infected fish. Outbreaks normally occur in spring and autumn.
Affected piglets can develop septicaemia, multifocal infections, respiratory signs, and may die.
Laurentz died suddenly in Paris on 7 March 1922 of septicaemia following upon influenza.
She died from septicaemia following pneumonia, aged 41, on 10 January 2001.
Cartlidge died at age 41, due to complications from pneumonia and septicaemia, stemming from a pheochromocytoma.
She died in London on 10 August 1973 from a rare brain infection, meningococcal septicaemia.
Lindsay resigned as Chairman of Preston North End in December 2011 after battling septicaemia following knee surgery.
In May 2006, Coren was bitten by an insect that gave him septicaemia which led to his developing necrotising fasciitis.
He died at Brighton of septicaemia in November 1923 after a short illness and was cremated at Golders Green.
Jan Mark died suddenly at her home in Oxford from meningitis-related septicaemia in January 2006, aged 62.
He died on 29 March 2012 at age 16 at Coolmore Stud from complications related to septicaemia.
Pyaemia (or pyemia) is a type of septicaemia that leads to widespread abscesses of a metastatic nature. It is usually caused by the staphylococcus bacteria by pus-forming organisms in the blood. Apart from the distinctive abscesses, pyaemia exhibits the same symptoms as other forms of septicaemia. It was almost universally fatal before the introduction of antibiotics.
Haemorrhagic septicaemia is one of the most economically important pasteurelloses. Haemorrhagic septicaemia in cattle and buffaloes was previously known to be associated with one of two serotypes of "P. multocida": Asian B:2 and African E:2 according to the Carter-Heddleston system, or 6:B and 6:E using the Namioka-Carter system.
Riemerella anatipestifer is a member of the Flavobacteriaceae family. It is a Gram-negative bacteria that causes septicaemia and death in young ducks and geese throughout the world. There are 21 known serotypes and infection is spread horizontally between birds. Infection may be referred to as Duck Septicaemia, Goose 'flu, Riemerellosis, New Duck Disease and Polyserositis.
Rotblat suffered a stroke in 2004, and his health declined. He died of septicaemia at the Royal Free Hospital in Camden, London on August 31, 2005.
He died unexpectedly on 12 November 1944 from septicaemia following a bout of tonsilitis. His estate upon his death was valued at a modest £547.
Ayton is a patron of Meningitis UK. Ayton battled with meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia in 1995, when she was aged 14.
Rarely, the infection may spread beyond the tonsil resulting in inflammation and infection of the internal jugular vein giving rise to a spreading septicaemia infection (Lemierre's syndrome).
He married Indian actress Arundhati Devi. Their son is Indian scientist Professor, Anindya Sinha, On 15 January 2009, he died of pneumonia and septicaemia.