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sesheke              samfya              mongu              isoka              lukulu              mkushi              mpika              nchelenge              solwezi              senanga              mpulungu              kalabo              chiengi              kawambwa              lushoto              mwansabombwe              mumbwa              kapiri              mposhi              mchinji              mwinilunga              mpanda              katima              petauke              kazungula              mporokoso              chembe              chipata              rusape              nsanje              namanga              nebbi              kitale              songea              morogoro              musoma              kashikishi              malaba              kasenga              chinsali              monze              lodwar              gobabis              mulilo              chikwawa              ntchisi              sumbawanga              mtwara              mbeya              singida             

Examples of "serenje"
Serenje is a town of Serenje District, Zambia, lying just off the Great North Road and TAZARA Railway. Serenje has a railway station on the TAZARA railway. Serenje is approximately 191 km from Kapiri Mposhi on the Great North Road. Mkushi is the district west of Serenje. The Mulembo Falls lie near the town.
The album is influenced by Sandé's Zambian background. The song "Tenderly" features her father and cousins, credited as The Serenje Choir, named after the town of Serenje in the Serenje District of Zambia.
Serenje district is constituted by a number of Chiefdoms. These are the chiefdoms of Muchinda, Muchinka, Chisomo, Serenje, Kabamba, Mailo, and Chibale.
Serenje District is a district of Zambia, located in Central Province. The capital lies at Serenje. As of the 2010 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 158,255 people. The district contains Lake Lusiwasi.
Notable people: Emeli Sande's father went to Kabamba Primary School in Serenje.
Serenje is home to the Lala people whose primary language is ciLala.
In 2015 it was proposed to build a rail link to Serenje, a small town on the TAZARA railway line.
Chipata on the border with Malawi and connections to a Mozambiquan Indian Ocean port of Nacala with Serenje, a junction with the TAZARA line.
The Kaombe River in Zambia falls over the lip of the Muchinga escarpment and makes an exciting waterfall near the small town of Kanona in the Serenje District.
The diocese is composed of the following districts of the Central Province of Zambia: Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Mkushi, Chibombo and Serenje.
In 2015, an extension of the Chipata line to a junction with the TAZARA line at Serenje was proposed. In 2016, the contract was awarded.
Samfya is on a tarred road opened in 1983 to link the Luapula Province to the Great North Road at Serenje. This includes the longest bridge in Zambia, the Luapula Bridge in the far south-east corner of the district near where four districts meet: Samfya, Mpika, Serenje and the Congo Pedicle, part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gravel roads also connect Samfya to Twingi, Kapalala, and Lubwe.
The principal highway of the Luapula Province ends its tarred surface at Nchelenge-Kashikishi, providing good communication southwards to Mansa and the Great North Road at Serenje. Northwards a dirt road continues to Chiengi and Zambia's border with DR Congo.
The inhabitants of Serenje district engage in subsistence agriculture. Though the area is blessed with rich soils and thick forests, economic development appears to have eluded this Zambian rural outpost.
The principal highway of the Luapula Province ends its tarred surface at Nchelenge-Kashikishi, providing good communication southwards with Mansa and Serenje. Northwards a dirt road continues to Chiengi and Zambia's border with DR Congo.
Mwansabombwe is situated where the Ngona River enters the swamps of the Luapula River south of Lake Mweru. A number of channels through the swamps and lagoons connect to the main river channel about 5 km away, facilitating fishing and trade (mainly illicit) with DR Congo. The town lies close to the middle point of the main artery of the Luapula Province, the tarred road informally known as the 'Valley Road' running from Mansa to Nchelenge, and connecting southwards first to the "Samfya Road" (from Mansa to Serenje) and then to the Great North Road at Serenje. A tarred road also connects eastwards via Mbereshi to the northern Zambian plateau at Kawambwa.
In his 4th Grade, Brian and his mother moved to Serenje where he joined the poetry club at Serenje Boma School and participated in inter-school poetry competitions. In 5th Grade, Brian joined the school cultural group and begun to learn how to sing and beat the African drum. In 7th Grade, Brian moved back to his birthplace Kabwe where started writing and singing his own songs during school holidays. He also formed a 4-member group called Natty Boys the same year. In mid 2000, Brian met Ron Kay and formed a duo called The Hot Kays which lasted for 3 years.
The TAZARA enters northeastern Zambia at Mwenzo, in the Northern Province and heads southwest to Kasama. It then turns due south and crosses the Chambeshi River en route to Mpika. After entering the Central Province, the railway again turns to the southwest, running along the northern foothills of the Muchinga Mountains, past Serenje and Mkushi to Kapiri Mposhi, located due north of the Lusaka.
In the past four decades the superiority of the Katangan roads has reversed, with the Lubumbashi-Kasenga road deteriorating to the extent that it may take several days to reach Kasenga. Congolese travellers and goods frequently cross into the Zambian Copperbelt from Lubumbashi and take the Pedicle or the Samfya-Serenje road to Kasenga.
Buses from Lusaka Inter-City Bus Station to Nakonde leave at 16 00 hours and reaches Nakonde at 07 00 hours. There are about eight (8) buses that leave Lusaka for Nakonde daily. The buses pass though the following towns: Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Mukushi, Serenje, Mpika, Chinsali and Isoka.