Synonyms for sericea or Related words with sericea

microphylla              glabrescens              randia              chrysantha              oblongifolia              cuneata              squarrosa              corymbosa              laxiflora              auriculata              divaricata              longiflora              diversifolia              latifolium              micrantha              pauciflora              heliotropium              triflora              caffra              aristata              paniculatum              millettia              laevigata              mucronata              aculeata              ramosissima              saprosma              sagittata              ciliata              sessiliflora              cuneifolia              multifida              alseodaphne              incana              oppositifolia              virgata              recurva              lancifolia              velutina              lepidota              laurifolia              speciosus              thyrsiflora              candicans              henryi              latifolia              parvifolium              decne              floribundum              bracteata             

Examples of "sericea"
Two subspecies are recognised: "G. sericea" subsp. "riparia" and "G. sericea" subsp. "sericea".
"Neolitsea sericea" contains two varieties, "Neolitsea sericea" var. "sericea" and "Neolitsea sericea" var. "aurata". The latter may also be considered as its own species, "Neolitsea aurata".
The elm cultivar Ulmus 'Sericea' was first listed by Lavallée in "Arboretum Segrezianum" 236, 1877, as "Ulmus campestris" var. "sericea", but without description. Deemed "possibly "U. carpinifolia"" (:"minor") by Green
"Melaleuca sericea" was first formally described in 1984 by Norman Byrnes in "Austrobaileya". The specific epithet ("sericea") is from the Ancient Greek "serikon" meaning "silk", referring to the silky covering on the leaves.
Where the ranges overlap, "P. sericea" ssp. "ciliosa" occurs at a lower elevation than ssp. "sericea". These are listed as subspecies by the USDA PLANTS database and ITIS, and as varieties by Jepson and Hitchcock.
Bityla sericea is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is endemic to New Zealand.
Dillwynia sericea is a small shrub in the pea family found across southeastern Australia.
The larvae have been reared on "Hibbertia exutiacies", "Hibbertia sericea" and "Hibbertia stricta".
"Rosa sericea" f. "pteracantha" is grown as an ornamental plant for its large, bright red thorns.
It is sometimes treated as a subspecies of the closely related species "Rosa sericea".
Calceolaria sericea is a species of plant in the Calceolariaceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador.
Eburia sericea is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae.
The Latin specific epithet "sericea" means "silky", referring to the texture of the leaves.
Chapmannia sericea is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
"Patersonia sericea" is not considered to be at risk in the wild.
The closely related "Rosa omeiensis" is sometimes treated as a subspecies of "R. sericea".
The larvae feed on "Spiraea sericea", "Spiraea salicifolia", "Rosa davuricum" and "Vaccinium uliginosum".
The larvae feed on "Terminalia sericea". They mine the leaves of their host plant.
The larvae feed on the seeds of "Hakea sericea" and "Hakea nodosa".
The black sunbird ("Leptocoma sericea") is a species of bird in the Nectariniidae family.