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hilang              tercinta              terlupakan              ditukar              teristimewa              kutunggu              terampas              terluka              sempurna              peiyi              terindah              erche              tersayang              libing              dipertua              junfeng              dimuliakan              berhormat              berbahagia              cerah              liying              teramat              liok              tunggu              jingwen              surga              baizura              nuan              haoran              huizhen              rubiah              perlu              dipertuan              pernah              haegue              xiaohu              liqing              yingxiong              dandan              disempurnakan              kaihui              gaofeng              sentiasa              fudong              fangfang              xiufeng              xueli              deyi              jiaxi              yonggang             

Examples of "sesuatu"
The following year, Hakim starred in another Karya-directed film, "Kawin Lari" ("Elope"). The experience gave her a greater understanding of acting, causing her to "see life from a different perspective in studying [her] character." It was followed by a role in 1976's "Sesuatu yang Indah" ("Something Beautiful"), directed by Wim Umboh. "Sesuatu yang Indah" was the first film in which Hakim used her own voice; her voice had been dubbed by Titi Qadarsih in previous movies; Hakim's own voice had been considered "too heavy." The next year, she starred in "Badai Pasti Berlalu", appearing on the poster and the cover of the soundtrack album.
Their second album, Sesuatu Yang Tertunda (2001), recorded one of the highest domestic sales of music records in Indonesia by selling approximately 1.8 million copies, with 450,000 copies of which sold in just 2 weeks. Padi has sold approximately 3 million records in Indonesia only, as of 2012.
In late 2007, "Rolling Stone Indonesia" magazine placed 2 of their albums on their "150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time" list. Those are "Sesuatu Yang Tertunda" at #55 and "Save My Soul" at #110. In addition, "Rolling Stone" also put 2 of Padi's songs on the "150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time" list. The songs are "Mahadewi" (#87) and "Sobat" (#109), both came from the debut album "Lain Dunia" (1999), which isn't included in the magazine's list of Best Albums.
Umboh was an authoritarian perfectionist, who often reshot scenes he felt flawed and refused input from the actors. He sometimes worked together with other directors, including Sjumandjaja, Misbach Yusa Biran, and Arifin C. Noer, to improve the film's flow. These collaborations influenced the atmosphere of the films; for example, films shot with Noer like "Sesuatu yang Indah" ("Something Beautiful"; 1976) came across as surrealistic, while collaborations with Sjumandjaja were more realistic. Shooting scripts were often prepared minutes before shooting, but, according to Karya, Umboh memorised each line of dialogue and used his recollection during dubbing.
In 2006, Taufik released his second album "All Because of You" where he wrote and produced eight of the tracks. The English-Malay album spurred off a string of hits and further opened doors to the Malay music industry. Title track "All Because of You" made its debut that the finals of the second season of Singapore Idol. The three Malay singles on the album "Usah Lepaskan", "Sesuatu Janji" and "Sombong" took the Malay music industry by storm. He was named the Most Sellable Artiste at MediaCorp Suria's People's Choice Awards and was also awarded the Most Popular Male Artiste Award at the regional Anugerah Planet Muzik 2006. Winning Favourite Artist Singapore at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards further elevated Taufik's career to further heights. An iconic role model, Taufik was also voted as the Winner of Kid's Choice Wannabe Award (Singapore) at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award 2006.