Synonyms for setegne or Related words with setegne

gebrmichael              wodage              mesfen              tesfayohannes              tewelde              kiflemariam              gonfa              bedile              geofrey              teklit              rizak              ngwigwa              tshamano              melkessa              musembi              habtai              keenetse              obakeng              haftu              fikadu              moumi              ondoro              debebe              feleke              moswasi              serbouti              gashaw              betelhem              nyangincha              ayele              kibret              kurtgeldiyev              abrha              bitok              rahautsou              asmerom              amanuel              tsega              moqhali              yetwale              kipngetich              amdouni              morhad              gebrebrhan              atorudibo              ketlogetswe              tafese              kenosi              kipkemboi              legese             

Examples of "setegne"
He was born in Woozaba, Ethiopia, and is one of about 120,000 Israeli-Ethiopians, a community that includes fellow Israeli Ethiopian marathoners Setegne Ayele and former Olympian Asaf Bimro. His personal best time is 2:14:28. He represented Israel at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
In April 2011, he ran the Amsterdam Marathon in a personal record time of 2:14:28, coming in 10th. In doing so, he qualified to represent Israel at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Asked for his reaction, he said: "it is the happiest moment in my life." His time was 7 seconds short of Israel's national record time in the marathon, which was set by Ayale Setegne.
Kuku moved her family back to Ethiopia in 2002 and immediately recorded her album “Gize setegne” with Elias Melka and most recently the “Tizita” album with Express band. The “Tizita” album is one Kuku holds dear to her heart and looked forward to recording most, eager to celebrate ballads of past era. Most recently she has performed in many cities in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Bahirdar, Gambella and Hawassa. Locally she has worked at night at Frank Addis, Indigo, Harrar Mesob, Weregenu, Harlam jazz, Fahrenheit club and is now crooning at Jazz Amba, the newly renovated Taitu hotel. She recently released her dynamic new album “ Chalkubet”, which was arranged and mixed by Abiy Arka and contained 15 songs. Kuku sings of the eternal power of time in being capable in living with people by managing a relation and its effect on life and the world around us. She has mingled flashy contemporary grooves and traditional Ethiopian flavors to lead as a journey in “Chalkubet”.