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Examples of "settigren"
After her father's lost at sea in a sudden storm, Pippi Longstocking (Tami Erin) is stranded with her horse, Alfonso, and monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and takes up residence in Villa Villekulla, which the neighborhood children believe is haunted. Soon Tommy Settigren () and his little sister, Annika Settigren (), venture into the house after seeing lights in the windows. Looking for ghosts, they meet Pippi, Mr. Nilsson, and Alfonso instead. They become friends and get into various adventures together such as making pancakes, cleaning the floor with scrubbing shoes, serving ice cream to children of the local orphanage, riding a motorcycle, and dodging "splunks". Pippi must also fight off Mr. Blackhart and his goons Rype and Rancid who wish to demolish her house and sell the property, as well as avoid being legally taken to the orphanage by Miss Bannister. She agrees to run away with Tommy and Annika in a homemade autogyro to avoid this fate. They end up needing to be rescued after nearly going over a waterfall while riding barrels down a river. Believing that Pippi will hurt their children Tommy and Annika's parents refuse to let them play with her anymore. Pippi believes that Tommy and Annika would be better off without her and she goes to the orphanage. As a result Pippi is forced to leave Mr. Nilsson and Alfonso behind. Pippi does not fit in with the other children due to her lack of discipline and education. However, after she saves the orphanage from a fire and becomes the town heroine, Pippi is allowed to return home and play with Tommy and Annika again. She is reunited with her father on Christmas Day, and he offers her the chance to become a cannibal princess of the uncharted island he had washed ashore on and was crowned king. Pippi agrees and everyone comes out to bid Pippi a tearful farewell. Just as they prepare to sail off, she decides to stay after seeing that everyone in the village is sad to see her go. Pippi explains to Captain Longstocking that she can't leave Tommy and Annika. He understands and tells his daughter that he loves her. Pippi and her father say goodbye and Pippi goes home with Tommy, Annika, Mr. Nilsson, and Alfonso.