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ainsi              vouloir              avais              reviens              avait              parlait              marchons              celui              reste              peuvent              quoi              vrai              pourtant              mourir              combien              vont              calme              maintenant              mieux              avaient              habitude              personne              trahisons              joue              doucement              vient              moins              joies              voici              chaque              savait              amours              puisque              souvent              douleur              donc              importe              clarinette              connais              psaumes              seront              pouvais              regarde              pleurs              nostre              victime              jamais              trouver              tomber              etait             

Examples of "seulement"
Fors seulement is a French chanson, popular as a basis for variations and as a cantus firmus. An early version is attributed to Johannes Ockeghem - this is sometimes called "Fors seulement l'attente" to distinguish it from his similarly titled "Fors seulement contre".
Seulement 176 millions d'Européens’, "Madariaga Paper", Vol. 2, No. 4, (Jun., 2009)
The final chorus of the album version includes the song's title in French: ""Seulement entre toi et moi"".
Antoine Brumel wrote a polytextual version, combining a tenor setting of Du tout plongiet with the words and superius from Ockeghem's 'Fors seulement l'attente' for the baritone.
Brumel wrote a polytextual version, combining a tenor setting of "Du tout plongiet" with the words and "superius" from Ockeghem's "Fors seulement l'attente" for the baritone.
Simon Moreau (fl. 1553–1558) was a composer of the Franco-Flemish School. He published compositions including settings of "Vous Seulement" and "Sancta et immaculata", 1553.
Except "Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer" : mixed by Pete Schwier ; "Je n'ai que nous à vivre" : mixed by Pete Schwier and Erwin Autrique
In his lifetime, Groulx made the following statement: "L'antisémitisme, non seulement n'est pas une solution chrétienne; c'est une solution négative et niaise." ("Not only is antisemitism not a christian solution; it is a negative and silly solution.")
The notes of the editor of the French edition refer in detail to the technical realization of selected photographs ("Comment furent faites certaines des photographies. D'interêt seulement pour les photographes").
"Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer" is the name of a 2004 song recorded by the French singer Calogero. It was the third single from Calogero's second studio album, "3", on which it features as fourth track, and his tenth single overall. It was Calogero's second most successful single throughout his career, achieving the top ten in Belgium (Wallonia) and France.
“…nous avons la non seulement la confirmation d’un admirable talent mais la revelation d’un art nouveau… Les ceramiques de Zahawi font songer a l’Antiquite orientale. Il y en ells un espirt de haute tradition. Parlant de l’art de Muqbil Zahawi, il faut ire art genial.”
The humorous, caprice-like song—for alto voice, flute, clarinet in A, and bassoon—sets an epigrammatic text written by Strobel, in a French translation by Antoine Goléa (; ): On cherche pour trouver quelque chose. Mais au fond, on ne sait pas ce qu’on cherche au juste. Et cela est vrai non seulement pour l’Allemagne musicale.
There are charges of antisemitism made by Mordecai Richler and Esther Delisle against several pre-World War II Quebec intellectuals, including Groulx. However, Groulx expressed some opposition to antisemitism: "L'antisémitisme, non seulement n'est pas une solution chrétienne; c'est une solution négative et niaise." ("Not only is antisemitism not a Christian solution; it is a negative and silly solution.")
"Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer" was a part of many French compilations released in 2005, such as "Hits For Teens", "Les Plus Belles Voix 4", "Hit Connection - Best of 2005", "Hits Superstars 2005", "Only Hits 2005" and "Les Plus Belles Ballades". It was also available on the charity album "Solidarité Asie", as fourth track.
Baudelaire noted of him: "l'un des hommes les plus importants, je ne dirai pas seulement de la caricature, mais encore de l'art moderne." ("One of the most important men, not only, I would say, in caricature, but also in modern art.")
"Place Eugène Prévost. Un hommage à Monsieur Eugène Prévost pour une aventure débutée en 1924. Bâtisseur d'autocars dont les résultats sillonnent non seulement les routes du Québec mais aussi celles du Canada, des Etats-Unis et d'autres continents. Monsieur Eugène Prévost fut générateur d'idées, d'emplois et a tracé la route de l'entrepreneurship pour ses concitoyens. Une réalisation de la corporation municipale et de la caisse populaire de Sainte-Claire. Septembre 1988"
Of the seven coordinating conjunctions included in the mnemonic, four ("et", "ou", "ni" and "mais") are universally recognised as such in French. "Car" is also a coordinating conjunction meaning "because". "Or" is sometimes considered a coordinating conjunction, but can also be treated as an adverb. The grammatical reference work "Le Bon Usage" classes these six as conjunctions, but "donc" as an adverb—it also notes that other constructions such as "puis", "aussi" and "seulement" have some characteristics of coordinating conjunctions.
Lebreton's great work is his "Biographie normande ; recueil de notices biographiques et bibliographiques sur les personnages célèbres nés en Normandie et sur ceux qui se sont seulement distingués par leurs actions et par leurs écrits" et sa "Biographie rouennaise ; recueil de notices biographiques et bibliographiques sur les personnages célèbres nés à Rouen qui se sont rendus célèbres ou qui se sont distingués à des titres différents".
During 2002, Corneille worked on various projects. He wrote and composed the songs "Ce soir" for the "Cocktail R&B 2" compilation (Ghetto R&B, Sony Music) and "Si seulement on s'aimait" for "Hip Hop Folies" (Sony Music). Invited by Dave Stewart, he performed at his first showcase at the Réservoir in Paris, and had the chance to sing with Jimmy Cliff. In January 2003, he was invited to perform as an opening act for Cunnie Williams at the Olympia.
While Reingot's music may once have been more abundant, only two pieces survive attributed to him: a four-voice motet setting of the Marian antiphon "Salve regina", and a four-voice chanson, "Fors seulement", based on the tune by Johannes Ockeghem. Reingot's version, published in Petrucci's "Canti C," uses Ockeghem's superius transposed down an octave in the tenor voice and has three florid, quick-moving contrapuntal voices around it.