Synonyms for sevoir or Related words with sevoir

pusvacietis              zavite              rimortis              falvelon              pumlani              dinobabies              diaserin              hawkspur              ratnose              veldo              gotoohara              whobris              theseo              almissa              lethera              castelbello              hamamutoh              noumiso              msuthu              porazzo              rhysati              chonofrye              cvvw              hagga              nadawa              vasaria              oyhenart              chokuritsu              mesk              itomon              eyza              lidda              onaconda              bungebah              doeringzodiac              gotoanderson              catafalc              saapa              mochizukinagata              valicare              trissaro              bowili              mcdead              hatetaru              gadhelyn              isran              tarpia              culbraith              beaumontclaire              wuher             

Examples of "sevoir"
"The black natives have again commenced their outrages in this district. About six weeks back they speared a shepherd belonging to Mr. Dark ("near Deddington)", in sight of that gentlemen’s house... About a week after that they robbed Mr. Bonney’s ("at modern day Bonney's Plains near - Stacks Bluff )" stock hut of blankets, flour, sugar, etc. Three days after they pursued a shepherd of Mr. Massey’s ("near Deddington)"; the same day they threw a spear at Mr. Sinclair’s shepherd; the spear passed over the man’s shoulder and through a ewe about two rods before him, which the man was driving. The man escaped by running from them. Last Saturday, week they speared and beat with their waddies a man of Mr. Reed’s, near the same spot. Yesterday they attacked a servant of Mr Sevoir's "(of Sevoir gully, near Nile Bridge"), whom they endeavoured to surround ; the man saved his life by discharging his musket two or three times, and retreating every time until he got to his hut where other men were"