Synonyms for shapeshift or Related words with shapeshift

digivolve              reincarnate              transmute              shapeshifting              shapeshifts              shapeshifted              brainwash              brainwashes              hypnotise              petrify              metamorphose              tempt              coerce              cajole              digifuse              digivolves              hypnotize              exorcise              transfigure              reanimate              devour              devolve              resurrect              digivolved              banish              reintegrate              outwit              decapitate              psionically              shapechanging              wield              transmogrified              mesmerize              unleash              terrify              outsmart              psionic              reforge              conjure              goads              telekinesis              lycanthrope              coerces              psychokinetic              goaded              digifused              summon              procreate              dematerialize              vanquish             

Examples of "shapeshift"
The Selkies are humanoids that can shapeshift into seals.
Like almost all members of his race, Effigy possessed the ability to shapeshift.
Skrull organs transplanted into his body by the Corporation allowed him to shapeshift.
Crusader's Skrull physiology enables him to shapeshift into virtually any form that he chooses.
There is one animal that the player can shapeshift themselves into:
Skrull organs transplanted into her body by the Corporation allowed her to shapeshift.
Skrull organs transplanted into his body by the Corporation allowed him to shapeshift.
There is some indication that he can shapeshift into a white hawk and a whirlwind.
The Swanmays are a race of humanoids that can shapeshift into swans.
As a ghost, Secret can fly, teleport, shapeshift, become ethereal, and take souls to the "other side."
A transgender girl with the ability to shapeshift into any human that she has touched. Created by Sissy Boy.
ShapeShift is a company that offers global trading of a variety of digital assets via web and mobile platforms.
He also has the ability to shapeshift into other people including women in order to trick potential victims.
In the "Doctor Who" episode "Terror of the Zygons", the main antagonists called the Zygons can shapeshift into humans.
In Super Hybrid the story was about an alien creature that can shapeshift into any sort of cars.
They are also said to shapeshift like the fox ("kitsune") or "tanuki", and the "nyūdō-bōzu" told about in legends in the Tōhoku region and the Chūbu region are considered weasels in disguise, and they are also said to shapeshift into "ōnyūdō" and little monks.
Hua Tuo dreams of becoming a famous doctor, and has currently invented potions known as "E Mo Zhi Mu" (噩饃之木 / "Bad Bread Wood") and "Yi Rong Yi Rong Yi Yi Rong Jiao Nang" (易容易 容易易容膠囊 / "E-Shapeshift, Easy Shapeshift Tablet").
In China, like in Japan, there are stories where otters shapeshift into beautiful women in old books like "In Search of the Supernatural" and the "Zhenyizhi" ().
Fahnbullah Eddy is able to shapeshift into a super-strong and highly agile gorilla. Even in her gorilla form, she can speak and think.
ShapeShift released initially on the iOS platform in June 2015, initially allowing users to swap 25 digital currencies and value tokens.