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shapeshifts              goads              goaded              shoehorned              guilts              brainwashes              metamorphosized              transmogrified              woges              metamorphosised              metamorphose              forayed              coerces              snuck              sneaked              dragooned              guilted              entereth              goading              shapeshift              burrowed              cursoroutofrange              bluffed              cajole              cajoled              delved              cajoles              blundered              redecoed              leafie              devolves              dinovolve              intimidates              slithered              lulled              herded              inveigled              barged              digivolve              segued              coaxes              segueing              tricking              coaxed              foraying              digivolves              digivolved              clattered              deceives              bellevan             

Examples of "shapeshifted"
There are many where the true identity of mikoshi-nyūdō is unclear, but there are regions where they are animals that possess the ability to transform. In the legends of Hinoemata, Minamiaizu District, Fukushima Prefecture, they are shapeshifted weasels, and it is said that if one gets lured to look up from the nyūdō's expansion, the weasel would take that opening and bit at one's throat. In the "Tonoigusa," they are shapeshifted tanuki, and there are also some regions where they are shapeshifted foxes (kitsune). In the Shinano Province (now Nagano Prefecture), they are said to be shapeshifted mujina. Also, in the aforementioned Hinoemata, it is said that the mikoshi-nyūdō's true form is a hand-held object like a paper lantern, bucket, or rudder, and that it would be possible to exterminate the nyūdō by striking at the object.
In many fairy tales, the hero's talking animal helper proves to be a shapeshifted human being, able to help him in its animal form. In one variation, featured in "The Three Enchanted Princes" and "The Death of Koschei the Deathless", the hero's three sisters have been married to animals. These prove to be shapeshifted men, who aid their brother-in-law in a variant of tale types.
Lancelot goes away from the people. He sees children playing with the Dragon who has shapeshifted from a dark and cynical warlord to a good-natured bearded man. The Dragon offers not to continue battling with the children present but Lancelot refuses. The Dragon declares that the most entertaining bit is about to begin. Lancelot, the Dragon and the children leave.
At Nina's recommendation, Olivia meets with Sam Weiss, who works at a bowling alley. He tells her to expect headaches as one consequence of crossing universes. The final scene shows the shapeshifted Charlie communicating with someone from the parallel universe, who tells him to help make Olivia remember her experience crossing over.
Bandit is a Chimæra that has shapeshifted into a raccoon, he sits next to Regal. Bandit was one of the Chimæra being experimented on at the Mogadorian facility at Plum Island. Bandit is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm.
When Prospera gave birth, she discovered her human child to be perfectly normal and was horrified at her alien one. She carried her alien child to the spaceship in the hopes of killing it there but when the child suddenly shapeshifted to resemble a normal child, Prospera took it back home.
Monstergirl has the ability to shapeshift into bizarre animals, such as scaly dragon-like wolves, or bat-like birds (often covered with bony spikes). She can also assume human forms (such as when she shapeshifted into Bonfire.) She has expressed confusion over the full extent of her own powers.
After that, the tale was widely circulated in society in the "kōdan" "Saga no Yozakura" (佐賀の夜桜』) and the historical record book "Saga Kaibyōden" (佐賀怪猫伝). In the "kōdan" (a style of traditional oral Japanese storytelling), because Ryūzōji's widow told of her sorrow to the cat, it became a "bakeneko", and killed and ate Komori Hanzaemon's mother and wife. It then shapeshifted and appeared in their forms, and cast a curse upon the family. In the historical record book, this was completely unrelated to the Ryūzōji event, however, and a foreign type of cat, which had been abused by Nabeshima's feudal lord Komori Handayū, sought revenge and killed and ate the lord's favorite concubine, shapeshifted into her form, and caused harm to the family. It was Itō Sōda who exterminated it.
The abilities attributed to the "bakeneko" are various, but include shapeshifting into humans, wearing a towel or napkin on the head and dancing, speaking human words, cursing humans, manipulating dead people, possessing humans, and lurking in the mountains and taking wolves along with them to attack travelers. As an unusual example, on Aji island, Oshika District, Miyagi Prefecture and in the Oki Islands, Shimane Prefecture, there is a story of a cat that shapeshifted into a human and wanted to engage in sumo.
Rokurokobi are also appear in the oral tradition of Japanese myths. For example, there is a myth about an old highway between the villages of Iwa and Akechi in Gifu Prefecture where it is said that a snake shapeshifted into a rokurokubi. Another example is a myth from the oral tradition of Koikubo area of Iida, Nagano Prefecture where it is said a rokurokubi appeared in someone's home.
In a certain region of the Okayama Prefecture, if a female squats at a toilet, a fox (kitsune) shapeshifted into a mikoshi-nyūdō would appear and say menacingly, "." Also, it is said that on the night of Ōmisoka, by chanting "mikoshi-nyūdō, hototogisu" while at a toilet, a mikoshi-nyūdō would definitely appear. Concerning legends like these relating to toilets, there is the theory that they may have been confused with the kanbari-nyūdō.
Occasionally, she been known to physically transform into animals—for example, she has shapeshifted into a gray wolf, a great horned owl, and a cougar. Vixen can also assume a hybrid form, in which she maintains a humanoid form but with certain animal adaptations, like when she took on the gills, fins, and missing eyes of a blind cavefish in "JSA Classified" and later shape-shifted into a humanoid wolf (retaining the cave fish's blindness).
They look up the name "Haggunenon", spoken by the second-in-command, in the Guide, and discover that they are a race of xenophobic shape-shifters. They realise that the Admiral is in fact on the ship, but had shapeshifted. It becomes a "carbon copy" of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. The group split up, Arthur and Ford taking one escape capsule and Zaphod and Trillian attempting to take another.
A scholar, a priest and a bishop in turn offer him money if he will spare the mouse which he refuses. When asked what he wants for the mouse's life he first demands an explanation. The bishop tells him he is Llwyd, friend of the wronged Gwawl, the mouse is Llwyd's shapeshifted wife, and the devastation of Dyfed is to avenge Gwawl. Manawydan bargains to release of Pryderi and Rhiannon, and the lifting of the curse on Dyfed.
When a racist team of villains called the Soldiers of the Serpent attacked T'Challa's friend N'Kano (who was on a diplomatic mission for Wakanda in New York), A-Next tried to save him. As the Serpents battled with the heroes of A-Next, T'Challa's son T'Chaka charged into battle. While Mainframe tried to convince the youth to leave the battle, T'Chaka shapeshifted into a feral black werecat called the "Coal Tiger". Coal Tiger's bestial abilities were able to turn the tide in A-Next's favor. He was offered membership with the team after the battle was won, but he declined, stating that he would be available to help if they needed him.
As a side effect of the use of the shapeshifting ability when used in combination with his acquired psychometry, his mind has begun to fracture into the different personas of those whom he has shapeshifted into, and residual physical characteristics have started to appear, such as his adopted mother when he came into contact with the dried blood on the scissors he killed her with. As stated in "I Am Sylar", his "Achilles' heel" in the back of his head has been relocated due to his continued shapeshifting, making him harder to stop.
The name Oneida is derived from the English pronunciation of "Onyota'a:ka", the people's name for themselves. "Onyota'a:ka" means "People of the Standing Stone". This identity is based on an ancient legend. The Oneida people were being pursued on foot by an enemy tribe. As their enemies chased the Oneida into a clearing within the woodlands, they suddenly disappeared. The enemy could not find them, and so it was said that the Oneida had shapeshifted into the stones that stood in the clearing. As a result, they became known as the People of the Standing Stone.
Many fairy tales include apparent talking creatures that prove to be shapeshifted people, or even ghosts. The fairy tales "How Ian Direach got the Blue Falcon" and "Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf" have the hero aided by a fox and a wolf respectively, but in the similar tale "The Golden Bird", the talking fox is freed from a spell to become the heroine's brother, and in "The Bird 'Grip'", the fox leaves the hero after explaining that it was the dead man whose debts the hero had paid.
When he saved her from savage bird-men, Shakira became his ally. She set about repaying the favor when she shapeshifted her way out of a robot's trap that had ensnared both her and Morgan, and destroyed their mechanical torturer with its own laser weapons. Warlord asked Shakira if she was a woman who became a cat or a cat who became a woman, but she never gave him an answer. In the strange world of Skartaris, Shakira has become Morgan's constant companion and a trusted friend.
In their attempt to destroy Batman, Hush and the Riddler manipulated several other villains into unwittingly helping them. These included the Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Clayface. They even manipulated some of Batman's closest allies (Superman, Huntress, and Catwoman) against the Dark Knight, utilizing such methods as Poison Ivy using her pheromones to control the Man of Steel and Catwoman and Hush's seemingly benevolent funding of Huntress's vigilante activities. Part of their plot included fooling Bruce into believing the Joker had murdered Tommy; Clayface shapeshifted into Tommy's corpse in order to create this illusion.