Synonyms for shapeshifts or Related words with shapeshifts

shapeshifted              goads              woges              guilts              coerces              brainwashes              guilted              shoehorned              forayed              metamorphosised              metamorphosized              goaded              cajoles              coaxes              transmogrified              dragooned              intimidates              goading              barged              sneaked              cajoled              devolves              cursoroutofrange              snuck              segueing              blackmails              cajole              hypnotizes              delved              segued              inveigled              foraying              inveigles              deceives              entereth              redecoed              blundered              clattered              metamorphose              filmentered              bellevan              shapeshift              parlayed              digivolves              bluffed              leafie              coaxed              lulled              transmutes              sauntered             

Examples of "shapeshifts"
Nasedo aka Edward "Ed" M. Harding is a fictional character from the television series "Roswell", portrayed mainly by actor Jim Ortlieb, although also by many others whose form he "shapeshifts" to.
Nasedo first appears to the group in another form, when he shapeshifts into Dr. Malcolm Margolin, but from the very first episode we hear bits and pieces about Nasedo.
The Runaways come under attack when a group of Majesdaneans arrive on Earth to capture Karolina. In the end the team is overpowered but Xavin shapeshifts into Karolina's form and takes her place as a prisoner of the Majesdaneans.
Abchanchu is a legendary Bolivian vampire who shapeshifts into the form of a helpless, elderly traveler. When a passerby offers to help him, Abchanchu victimizes him and drinks his blood.
Besides a spear for a finger, she shapeshifts into family members of her child victims. Once she makes herself a part of her victim's world, she lacks the ability to change her form while still in anyone else's sight. Usually, Spearfinger comes in the form of "a harmless old lady".
The Swan Maiden is a mythical creature who shapeshifts from human form to swan form. Despite the name, males are found in a small number of legends. The key to the transformation is usually a swan skin, or a garment with swan feathers attached.
Later, Wolverine and Jubilee find Morph in the X-Jet carrier. Wolverine explains why they had to leave Morph behind, honestly believing back then that he was dead, but the disturbed Morph suddenly shapeshifts into Wolverine. Jubilee confusedly blasts the real Wolverine while Morph escapes in the jet.
A story in which a Nāga shapeshifts into a white or albino squirrel, is killed by a hunter, and is magically transformed into meat equal to 8,000 cartloads figures prominently in the folklore of rocket festival traditions and the origin of Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake in Northeast Thailand.
There are many legends where ōnyūdō menace people and many legends where those who see one become ill. There are also stories where they are foxes (kitsune) or tanuki in disguise, or something that a stone pagoda shapeshifts into, but many of them are of unknown true identity.
Woof! is a British children's television series produced by Central Independent Television about the adventures of a boy who shapeshifts into a dog. It was based on the book by Allan Ahlberg. It was directed by David Cobham. It was written by Richard Fegen and Andrew Norriss.
The plot opens in Romania where Hellboy has been sent to track a crazed witch through an abandoned graveyard inhabited by werewolves and the undead. As he battles the witch, she shapeshifts into a swarm of crows that retreats and takes refuge in the nearby village. When Hellboy arrives, he's ambushed by a Nazi soldier and pushed downhill into the village.
The music video was released on 24 August 2011 on YouTube. In the video, Orelsan takes the role of "RaelSan" and is seen wearing a black mask similar to that of Robin of DC Comics, rapping to the song in constantly changing clips, all in which he is seen wearing the same outfit. 2 minutes into the video, while still rapping, Orelsan shapeshifts into Skread, Ablaye (the founders of the record label 7th Magnitude to which Orelsan is signed) and then Gringe, all of whom are still wearing the same outfit as Orelsan and still rapping, then shapeshifts back to himself, after which the three men split off Orelsan and all four make the same body gestures, before the video continues with Orelsan alone.
Nico uses a spell ("scatter") to scatter a group of invading Majesdanians all over the planet. The spell, however, had unwanted side-effects: it emotionally scatters the Runaways. Victor realizes this in time, and Nico spearheads a massive escape from the returning Majesdanians. A short time later, the Runaways realize that having obeyed Nico, they broke the enchantment. Regardless, Xavin shapeshifts into Karolina and leaves Earth, much to the other Runaways' great grief.
Luna is the second shapeshifter, after Sam, that Sookie meets in "Living Dead in Dallas". It is implied that she shapeshifts into a bat. Luna is a Hispanic woman with dark eyes and hair. While working undercover at The Fellowship of the Sun (FotS), she helps Sookie escape from the murderous members of the church. Through Luna, Sookie learns that there are many other ‘supes’ (supernatural beings) in this world. Janina Gavankar portrays Luna in HBO's True Blood.
At FBI headquarters, Scully meets a man who appears to be Smith, who has come to turn himself in. During an interview with Scully and Skinner, he claims to have no memory of the shooting or of healing anyone. Meanwhile, the Smoking Man interrogates the real Smith, who has lost faith in the Syndicate's project. He shapeshifts into Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin) and Bill Mulder (Peter Donat) to unnerve his captor. Finally Smith reveals that the Smoking Man is dying of lung cancer.
In more modern yōkai literature, it's interpreted that this yōkai takes on the appearance of a ball of flames and flies into people's houses, shapeshifts into that of a baby and licks the lanterns (andon lanterns), and returns to being a ball of fire and leaves. There's the theory that in the countryside in the past, unrefined materials like fish oil were used, so when cats licked the lamps, they might have looked like an abura-akago (baby licking an oil lamp).
The Libertine is a play by Thomas Shadwell published in 1676. It is an adaptation of the original plot of "El burlador de Sevilla", written by Tirso de Molina, which follows the story of a horrid womanizer that plays with his life and others as he fulfills sins and "shapeshifts" into a devil-like man. Like most of the adaptations, "The Libertine" is the story of a mischievous man condemned to pay for the actions of his sins.
In "The Amazing World of Gumball"'s season 3 episode "The Shell", Gumball convinces his love interest, Penny Fitzgerald, to burst out of her peanut shell (having cracked it by headbutting her earlier on in the episode), to which she obeys and reveals her true form as a fairy that shapeshifts depending on her emotions. With each transformation she makes, she always keeps her set of antlers. At the end of the episode, when Gumball kisses her fully on the lips, she makes all of her transformations before going back to her original transformation. From this point onwards it is valid that Penny is Gumball's girlfriend.
Nyarly (Nyarlathotep) is what appears to be a tentacle with a pair of beady eyes, a single large tooth sticking out of his mouth, and short arms and legs. He has a deceptive and cunning personality and enjoys playing tricks on the other GOOs and cultists. Unlike the other Great Old Ones, Nyarly appears to use much more "advanced" means of conquering or instilling madness, such as spam and weapons of mass destruction. Unlike his more frightening counterpart, who actually shapeshifts, Nyarly often dons an incredibly stupid costume such as a mask or a few simple costume pieces.
Mulder follows Black to Seattle, arriving at the abandoned ruins of Black's old family home, where he is confronted by the powerful demon Lucy Butler. Black arrives to find Mulder struggling against her attempts to control him, and she threatens to kill them both, before Jordan arrives to intervene. Butler, now appearing in her full demonic form, is eventually banished by Jordan's psychic abilities. Jordan leaves again, knowing that the Group will need this power, as Mulder unsuccessfully tries to persuade Black to rejoin the FBI. Watching this is a black cat, which shapeshifts into Butler's human guise, who vows to wait "a millennium" for revenge.