Synonyms for shashibala or Related words with shashibala

sadaguru              devamanohari              kannukkutty              meenati              manokar              shudhikalasham              gopikuttan              kaattupookkal              vaanamudhe              jarakiholi              sreevaru              shantadevi              thalageri              laxmanarao              pattikaatu              dariyabadi              kaniyamudhu              athadi              siritanakke              yaamangal              sirkant              palavidham              premalaya              othaiyadi              dwitio              karuthiruman              peyyumbol              kaanadha              ormayilennum              yaleeka              biswanarayan              nenjukkulle              rajaparambara              singhbhupinder              kairasikkaran              mettida              nilukada              muthodumuthu              vaitthu              kaattinu              valaiyal              chinnakaruppa              satteyya              thaazhampoo              chelimi              harlal              vasanbhai              nanasu              monalika              nadagame             

Examples of "shashibala"
In 2004, Nagar published with eight rural women activists or Sangtins, the Hindi book, "Sangtin Yatra" which refers to a "journey of solidarity, reciprocity, and enduring friendship." The eight activists—Anupamlata, Ramsheela, Reshma Ansari, Richa Singh, Shashibala, Shashi Vaish, Surbala, and Vibha Bajpayee—collaborated with Richa Nagar to explore questions of power, location, and difference in their own lives through personal storytelling, while also engaging with issues of inequity and discrimination in NGOs that seek to empower poor rural women in the global south. This discussion of NGOs triggered a backlash against the authors, which is examined in the English version of the book, "Playing with Fire: Feminist Thought and Activism Through Seven Lives in India" (2006). Playing with Fire "challenges academic protocol and activist verities alike" and "grapples with creative solutions, such as upending hierarchies of skill and knowledge in organizations, as well as means to fight organizational dependency on donors...Every chapter makes for fascinating reading as the women emerge in their complexity, in their specificity, and in their international context that still includes outside donors driven by their own interests." The book "asks us to think in radically new ways about responsibility, access, research, agency, authorship, subjects, and audience. It contributes to the vibrant discourse on the politics of research particularly between the ‘north’ and ‘south’ [and] pushes at the boundaries of this discourse as it demonstrates different ways of engaging in collaborative work that challenges the separation between ‘the academy’ and ‘political organizing’."