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negai              hajimete              anata              omoi              namida              unmei              koibito              yakusoku              inochi              yoru              hitotsu              kanashimi              kimochi              jikan              omoide              otona              chikai              bokura              tenshi              hitori              hajimari              watashi              kotoba              hanayome              tameni              yoake              kiseki              kodoku              kanojo              seishun              ashita              bokutachi              tsukiyo              boku              futatsu              natsu              kodomo              tengoku              mayonaka              wakare              mukou              taiyou              tsuioku              tsuki              shiranai              kamisama              tobira              itoshi              maboroshi              hanashi             

Examples of "shiawase"
"Shiawase Kakumei" (episode 1, during the concert)
"Soremo kitto shiawase" is a limited-release single.
Shiawase No Iro is the 2nd studio album by , released on 6 December 2006.
The single also contains the previously released digital single Shiawase no Kane.
His own writings include the book "Tony ryū shiawase o saibai suru hōhō", which his wife illustrated.
"Drive Away/Shiawase no Jōken" is the second single by the band Girl Next Door and it was released on October 8, 2008. Drive away was used as the commercial song for Toyota Technical Development Corp. while Shiawase no Jōken was used as the ending theme for "Osama no Branch".
Ohashi played a minor role in the film "Shiawase no Pan", which was released in Japanese cinemas on January 28, 2012.
In 2004, he sang a backing vocal part in "Shiawase ni narou"(幸せになろう), a song by Japanese popular singer Hiromi Iwasaki.
"Soremo kitto shiawase" would be the third of the three collaboration Weekly singles to be released. This will be the first time Ami has collaboration project with Kirinji.
In 2002, Yolanda Tasico became the first Filipino enka singer, going to Japan with his singles "Shiawase ni Naroo," "Nagai Aida," and many others.
The song was included as a bonus track on the album ""Spoon Ippai no Shiawase"" (Spoonful of Happiness), the soundtrack to her first film.
ささやかな幸せを 歌ってる"sasayaka na shiawase wo utatteru" (Is singing of a small happiness)
"Soremo kitto shiawase" is the 11th single released by Japanese singer Ami Suzuki under label Avex Trax. It was released on 14 March 2007.
"Shiawase na Hibi" is a re-recording of the initial track from the "Gozen 0-ji no Trauma Radio" single, released in 2002.
Asari made his first leading role in a film was "Tenohira no Shiawase", and his first starring role in a television drama in "Hitori janai" the following year.
Shiawase Tambourine is a solo album from Japanese voice actress Kikuko Inoue, released in 1998. There was a limited edition version of the CD that included a specially designed tambourine featuring an art drawing of Kikuko herself.
"Shiawase no Pan" was first announced on 9 September 2010. The film was directed by Yukiko Mishima, who was also in charge of the screenplay. The story of the film is set in Tokyo and Lake Toya, Hokkaido.
"Shiawase no Pan" was filmed around Lake Toya, which is located in Hokkaido, the home prefecture of Oizumi. Filming started on 9 September 2010. Before filming, Oizumi spent time as a baker's apprentice to prepare for the role.
"Shiawase no Pan" was first released in cinemas located in Hokkaido on 21 January 2012, and was subsequently released in other Japanese cinemas on 28 January 2012. It had grossed US$717,956 as of 29 January 2012.
Yamamoto was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She started her career as an exclusive model for the women's fashion magazine CanCam in 2009. Two years later, she made her acting debut in the Fuji TV drama "Shiawase ni Narōyo".