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xiaoying              juzheng              zhihua              chunhua              shuo              zhui              zhimin              lingyun              jianxing              zhun              guoji              zilin              jiaxi              xiaowei              jingming              xiufeng              qiwei              haiqing              yunfei              zhixing              jiafu              zhongwen              guofu              xinyu              yiwen              zhiguang              wenyi              yiqing              jianlin              dayou              dingyi              shusen              chengzhi              changqing              yunshan              tianhua              wenyu              jingrong              wenli              weicheng              haodong              qianli              chongren              zhiji              yitang              guoqing              jingyu              ruoshui              jingyan              zhizhong             

Examples of "shijie"
Lin Shijie (Terence Cao) is the orphaned child of Xiangniang’s eldest son. His parents were killed in an accident when he was still a baby. Shijie was brought up by Xiangniang. He is her favorite grandchild among her brood of grandchildren. Shijie’s unbridled ways, non-competitive nature and carefree spirit captivates Suxian at first sight. Shijie and Suxian get married. Shijie’s character remains unchanged after marriage and they have a son, Jiayuan. Suxian feels that Shijie lacks a sense of responsibility and is wasting his life away. She reaches breaking point and part ways with Shijie. To avoid hampering Suxian from remarrying, Shijie makes up his mind to migrate overseas with Jiayuan.
Shijie (誓节镇) is a town in Guangde County, Anhui, China.
The headquarters is located at 2 Tiyuguan Road, Beijing; President: Shijie DUAN, General Secretary: Zhaocai DU
Wang Shijie, former Chinese Ambassador to Bahrain, Jordan and Iran was appointed the first Special Envoy,
Mathematician Zhu Shijie further developed rod calculus to include polynomial equations of 2 to four unknowns.
Zhu Shijie use Tian yuan shu to solve this problem by letting x=n
of polynomial equations of up to four unknowns in the work of Zhu Shijie.
Zhang Shijie () was a 13th-century Chinese admiral and government official during the Mongol invasion of China.
Big Bird has referenced "my grandmother" on "Zhima Jie: Da Niao Kan Shijie", a Chinese co-production.
Zhu Shijie explained the method of elimination in detail. His example has been quoted frequently in scientific literature。
Shijie Yi Ethnic Township (十街彝族乡) is a Yi ethnic township in Yimen County, Yunnan, China.
After Emperor Duanzong died at the age of ten in 1278, Lu and Zhang Shijie together enthroned his younger brother as Emperor Huaizong whilst Consort Yang (now Empress Dowager Yang) effectively ran the court from behind a screen. Lu became Left Chancellor (左丞相) and ran the government together with Zhang Shijie.
Shijie (石碣) is a town under the jurisdiction of Dongguan prefecture-level city in Guangdong province, southern China. This sausage town is known for its large boulders.
Zai Shijie Zhongxin () is the second album by Singaporean singer Kelly Poon, and her first to be released in Taiwan. It was released on September 28, 2007.
In later writings of Li Zhi and Zhu Shijie, the line order was reversed so that the first line is the lowest exponent.
Song Shijie 宋世傑 (1873–1914) was a Chinese revolutionary during the final years of the empire and into the early Republic of China.
In Daming Prefecture, Yang Zhi meets Grand Secretary Liang Shijie. Liang Shijie has heard about Yang Zhi's skill and recruit him as a military officer. The next day, Yang Zhi engages some of Liang Shijie's officers in jousts and defeats them with ease. Liang Shijie is impressed with Yang Zhi's skill and intends to promote him to a high ranking position. However, Suo Chao objects to Liang Shijie's decision and he challenges Yang Zhi to a contest. Yang Zhi and Suo Chao fight for several rounds and neither emerges the winner. Eventually, Liang Shijie decides to promote both Yang Zhi and Suo Chao to the same rank. Yang Zhi develops a lifelong friendship with Suo Chao, who also joined Liangshan in a later chapter after being persuaded by Yang.
for binomial coefficients. This identity was given already in 1303 by the Chinese mathematician Zhu Shijie (Chu Shi-Chieh). See Askey 1975, pp. 59–60 for the history.
Zhu Shijie (, 1249–1314), courtesy name Hanqing (), pseudonym Songting (), was one of the greatest Chinese mathematicians living during the Yuan Dynasty.
After regaining her singlehood, Suxian (Kym Ng) puts her heart and soul into her career. Suxian is attentive to details and is thoughtful to others. She has no qualms about putting up a front as long as this does not burden anyone. Although she has divorced Shijie, Suxian remains close with Xiangniang. She is the one who understands Xiangniang’s feelings most. Xiangniang lives in hope that Suxian will reconcile with Shijie.