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kang_tae              deok              woong              geun              kang_seung              jung_hae              yoon_jong              kang_dae              seop              pyung              ryong              kyeong              yeol              lee_seung              byeong              kim_myung              choi_eun              hyeong              min_seok              ahn_jae              jung_yoon              myeong              hyun_woo              jeong_hee              sung_hoon              kim_seong              ryul              yoon_jung              heum              choi_seung              yoon_ji              yoo_jae              jung_yong              yoon_seok              lee_jong_hyuk              hyeon              ji_seok              seong              seol              ryeol              seo_hyun              gyung              seo_ji              yoon_jae              gong_hyung_jin              hyo              gyu              seo_jeong              jung_hwa              yoon_tae             

Examples of "shin_jae"
Shin Jae-Pil (; born 25 May 1982) is a South Korean footballer who plays as defender.
Shin Jae-Heum (신재흠, born. March 26, 1959, in South Korea) is a South Korean footballer.
Shin Jae-ha (born April 2, 1993) is a South Korean actor.
Manhole () is a 2014 South Korean thriller directed by Shin Jae-young.
In 1985 he became a Greek representative of World Tang Soo Do Association under the guidance of Shin Jae-chul and a black belt in Tang Soo Do.
Shin Jae-young (born November 18, 1989) is a South Korean professional baseball pitcher for the Nexen Heroes of the KBO League.
Shin Jae-min is a South Korean bureaucrat. He was the former Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
Page Turner () is a three-episode drama special by KBS2 starring Kim So-hyun, Ji Soo and Shin Jae-ha. It received praise for its plot.
Melaka United announced an addition of three import players to strengthen the squad. The players are Labinot Harbuzi from Sweden, Shin Jae Pil from South Korea and Ilija Spasojević from Montenegro. 14 local players transferred to Melaka United.
As a young person, Park loved movies and was a fan of actor, Kim Shin-jae. Park attended the Ewha Women's Professional School starting 1943, but dropped out before graduation to work as a reporter in Daegu.
Shin Jae Min (Korean: 신재민; born ), better known as Sanchez (Korean: 산체스), is the group's vocalist, rapper, and producer. He was born in Jecheon, South Korea and moved with his family to New Zealand as a child. He has two brothers, including Korean rapper Microdot. Sanchez studied Japanese and law at the University of Auckland but did not complete his degree.
After a period of training, Jin performs the "Chunhyangga" at the palace. Heungseon Daewongun is enchanted by her performance and decides to keep her at court. Shin Jae-hyo then realizes how much he loves her and composes "Dorihwaga" to express his longing for his pupil.
"Da Capo" has spawned two singles, the number-one hit "Three of Us" and the top 20 song "Reset". The album, co-produced by Yoo Hee-yeol (the band's sole member) and Shin Jae-pyung (of electronic duo Peppertones), is Toy's first full-length release after a seven-year hiatus since "Thank You" (2007).
"Chunhyangga" is one of the five surviving stories of the Korean "pansori" musical storytelling tradition. The other stories are "Simcheongga", "Heungbuga", "Jeokbyeokga" and "Sugungga". Although based on older traditional songs, it was composed in its present form in the 1870s by the pansori writer Shin Jae-hyo.
Kang Shin-Jae (hangul: 강신재, hanja: 康信哉; 8 May 1924 – 12 May 2001) was a female novelist, essayist and playwright of Korea. She graduated from Kyunggi Girls' High School. She entered Ewha Womans University, but dropped out of college after her second year.
Shin Jae-hyo (; 1812–1884) was a theoretician and adapter of "pansori" in the late Joseon Dynasty. While not a famous singer of pansori, he contributed much to its development. He organized and recorded the six stories of pansori: "Chunhyangga", "Simcheongga", "Jeokbyeokga", "Heungbuga", "Sugungga", and "Byunggang Saega". Before this, they had only been transmitted orally. He also systematized a theory of pansori.
Yukio boarded a taxi to the airport, and left for Japan. Meanwhile, Ji-soo received a parcel from her father, who used the name Shin Jae-man. After signing the parcel, Ji-soo opened it and found several presents for her past birthdays, featuring her presents for her 22nd and 18th birthdays. She also found several bankbooks given by her father, and rushed out to take a breather.
The film was directed by Lee Jong-pil, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Kim Ah-young. Bae Suzy, who plays Jin Chae-seon, studied pansori for a year to prepare for the role. Ryu Seung-ryong plays her teacher, Shin Jae-hyo. Kim Nam-gil is the king's father and regent (the Heungseon Daewongun) and Song Sae-byeok is Kim Se-jong, a famous pansori singer. Lee Dong-hwi and Ahn Jae-hong play Shin's disciples.
He, Shin Min-ah and Hyun Bin were chosen as models for the laptop LG Xnote in 2008. In line with this, they appeared in the branded entertainment campaign "Summer Days", which aired in seven short films or episodes (each approximately 4 minutes long; total running time is 30 minutes). These included two music videos by You Hee-yeol: "Summer Day" featuring Shin Jae-pyung of Peppertones, and "My Happy Day" sung by Shin Min-ah.
This is the second collaboration between singer-actress Bae Suzy and scriptwriter Park Hye-ryun after working together in the 2011 hit series "Dream High". It is also the third time that Park and Lee Jong-suk have worked together after "I Can Hear Your Voice" and "Pinocchio". This series also reunites Shin Jae-ha and Lee Jong-suk who had previously starred together in Pinocchio.