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Examples of "shipboard"
shipboard installation footprint of the Phalanx, uses the same power and requires minimal shipboard modification".
Patent 4,753,400 "Shipboard air vehicle retrieval apparatus"
"Information provided by Celebrity Cruises shipboard literature"
The earlier convention considered such shipboard matters as:
Among significant flights, Project Skyhook launched the first successful three-balloon cluster in 1948. Then in 1949 the first shipboard Skyhook launch took place. It was followed by nearly 300 shipboard launchings over the next 10 years.
JPALS encompasses two main categories: SRGPS (Shipboard Relative GPS) and LDGPS (Land/Local Differential GPS). SRGPS provides highly accurate approach positioning for operations aboard ship, including aircraft carriers, helo and STO/VL carriers, and other shipboard operations, primarily helicopter operations.
Macadam died in 1865, aged 38, after a shipboard accident on the way to New Zealand.
1,882 troops, 15 shipboard gunners, 17 crewmen and Captain Ishisaka Takezo are killed.
This subgroup of TC80/WG6 has specified the use of Ethernet for shipboard navigational networks. The
The E4N2 was employed as a shipboard spotter aircraft launched by catapult.
Launching and recovery is accomplished with the assistance of a shipboard crane.
SHINCOM, the Shipboard Internal Communications system, is an internal-use telephone system used on Canadian warships.
The SHINCOM system interfaces with other shipboard communication systems. All interfaces are acronyms ending with COM.
Many types of ships (including Colandia) & Shipboard weapons were employed in the navy.
In the future, VMU-2 is expected to begin shipboard operations with the RQ-21A Blackjack.
One of the possible applications of this patent was steadying guns on shipboard.
U.S. Navy shipboard radar systems were maintained by the Navy Electronics Technician (Radar), or ETR.
The phonograph music played during the shipboard sequences is "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue," performed by the Savoy Orpheans.
The Fokker B.II was a prototype sesquiplane shipboard reconnaissance flying boat built in the Netherlands in 1923.