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kurasch              zaratzian              sushel              finclair              libove              sortomme              tarack              feldesman              kummrow              cykman              limonick              janeski              kaproff              kundell              nuttycombe              kobialka              votapek              krovoza              dipuccio              derouin              pintavalle              seffer              kievman              greaux              schocker              fornero              abondolo              vanosdale              lionti              stepansky              dabner              heitzeg              chausow              pokawin              bargeron              zeniuk              stenske              formicola              horbul              konopelsky              kotoski              lewinson              pustil              neblett              skoller              maelen              dufallo              vanmeenen              schwietert              prutsman             

Examples of "shirinian"
44. Pseudo-Zeno: Anonymous Philosophical Treatise (with M. E. Shirinian). Philosophia Antiqua 83. Leiden: Brill, 2000.
It Was You Charlie is a 2013 Canadian comedy-drama film. It is the first feature film of director Emmanuel Shirinian who wrote its screenplay.
Crimesterdam was founded in Yerevan in 2010 by vocalist Arthur Solakhyan and guitarists Sarkis Shirinian and George Hovhannisyan. They played several concerts at local clubs with support from former The North Avenues bassist Dave Geodakian (who joined Crimesterdam in November 2010) and other musicians. Guitarist Yura Khachatryan joins the band in March 2011. The final line-up of Crimesterdam formed in June 2011 when Vladimir Hovhannisyan from Scream of Silence joined the band.
A comprehensive book on the life of the Armenian orphans in Georgetown was written by Jack Apramian in 1976. "The Georgetown Boys" is written in the first person since Apramian himself was a Georgetown Boy who arrived with the first group in 1923. The book is a story of survival and cultural preservation. The Armenian children somehow retained their Armenian heritage while facing pressure to assimilate. Jack Apramian's original self-published book was revised and republished by the Zorian Institute 2009. The new publication is edited by Lorne Shirinian.
Stone recognized very early on the potential of computer applications for Armenian studies. In 1971 he completed his first computer-aided research in Armenian. Since then he has used a computer application to compare manuscripts to produce scientific editions of texts as well as concordances. He wrote books in other fields of Armenian Studies; for example, the publication of his research with M.E. Shirinian dealing with the edition, translation, and exegesis of an ancient philosophical work preserved only in Armenian and with R.R. Ervine on patristics.