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Examples of "shitzu"
During a very strange incident involving an Alien about to explode, Dix meets Capt. Valentino DiPasquale, with whom he will share his quarters. Dix and Shitzu get to Dr. Pratt's quarters, and talk to him. Shitzu leaves, and Pratt takes Dix on a tour of his cloning facility. While on the tour, he meets Dr. Uschi Künstler, with whom he takes the elevator to meet Ms. Madfeenage. Dr. Künstler deserts the two, and they make their way to a party where the suspects may be.
He was married with two sons, and was fond of his Maltese shitzu named Don. He had a brother, Colin, a lawyer and presidential member of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, who also succumbed to bowel cancer in 2003, at 57.
Dix is sent to the cloning facility, a moon base called Vegan. He causes a mayhem on the way there, reaches Vegan and is met by Lt. Bradford Shitzu at the security check. On the way to meet the main suspect in the cloning, Dr. Griffin Pratt, Dix experiences strange happenings throughout the colony involving certain Aliens who live there.
The show received a poor critical reception; the "Globe and Mail" wrote "What could be less fun than licking a metal pole on a January morning with a crazed Shitzu scrabbling up your pant leg? According to the mostly male TV critics of middling years who write for the papers, the answer is Camilla Scott."
They find out that Dix's boss is also with Pratt. Dix, the President, Menage, Valentino, Shitzu and Künstler go to a concert by the Three Tenors which are singing "Village People" songs. The presidents are involved in an onstage fight, and the whole concert is ruined by Shitzu's fumbling with the control panel. Then Künstler double-crosses Dix, and reveals she is actually an alien. After Menage kills her, the president is replaced, and Menage goes with Dix to a restaurant for a date.