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forayed              cursoroutofrange              shapeshifts              segued              segueing              delved              shapeshifted              goads              goaded              guilted              parlayed              metamorphosized              dragooned              barged              woges              foraying              transmogrified              devolves              blundered              coaxed              guilts              metamorphosised              filmentered              snuck              snowballed              reintegrated              inveigled              bluffed              transmutes              refashioned              sneaked              seguing              clattered              quatdpsls              lulled              dividied              devided              introducted              goading              redivided              coaxes              delves              railroaded              cajoled              cajoles              alwayz              coerces              pouted              segues              subimplanted             

Examples of "shoehorned"
A line of business PCs shoehorned into the MZ lineup. All of them feature 5.25-inch floppy disk drives.
"PC Gamer" UK gave the game a score of 91%, saying "All the best ideas from other squad based games, shoehorned into a police setting, perfectly."
Data that cannot be described using a single number are often shoehorned into random vectors of real-valued random variables, although there is an increasing tendency to treat them on their own. Some examples:
Following the success of that game, The Chinese Room went on to develop "" which Curry describes as her first "journey into interactivity" as her score had been "shoehorned" into "Dear Esther".
However the 65SC12's extra instructions allowed a little more to be shoehorned into the OS and BBC BASIC ROMs, limited by the memory architecture to 16 KB each. The improved version of BBC Basic was named Basic4.
Between this game and the next, the Pirates shoehorned in a midseason exhibition game against the McKeesport Olympics, in McKeesport on October 4. The Pirates won that game, 9–6.
The ballpark, shoehorned as it was into the Philadelphia city grid, acquired a number of nicknames over the years. Baker Bowl is the best-known name, and is nearly always referred to by that name in histories of the Phillies.
According to Algis Budrys, it was contrary to the spirit of "Astounding Science Fiction", where it appeared, and it "dismissed" the "bourgeois aspirations" of "ASF"'s editor, John W. Campbell It is said that the story was accepted in Campbell's absence and that it was "shoehorned" into the magazine by L. Jerome Stanton, who for a short time acted "heretically" as Campbell's assistant.
In his original incarnation (1972-1983) Ogri rode "Armageddon", a 1000cc Norvin which he may well have built himself. Sometimes he would experiment with another mount, including on one heroic occasion a scooter into which he 'shoehorned' an engine from a Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750cc two-stroke triple, but he invariably returned to "Armageddon".
Shoehorned into an urban residential neighborhood, St. Joseph's had very limited athletic facilities of its own: a combination gymnasium/auditorium, and a second smaller gym (originally planned as a pool, and used for girls' physical education classes). The football, baseball, and softball teams practiced at the city-owned park on Decatur Avenue, three blocks away.
Cornball Express, as with other rides at the park, is also notable for being 'shoehorned' into other rides at the park. The ride weaves through and uses portions of the Hoosier Hurricane's structure in some parts, glides over the Kiddieland section of the park, wraps around the park's Tig'rr Coaster, and may sometimes 'duel' with the Rocky's Rapids Log Flume attraction.
In their review, "New York Magazine" found it "swifter and more intelligent than Robert Ludlum's" work, though the publication accused it of wallowing in blood. "People" magazine found it violent and full of right-wing paranoia. "The London Review of Books" found the dialog poor and criticized the way real people were awkwardly shoehorned into the plot. It was also reviewed in "National Review".
Reviews of the episode's musical numbers were also mixed, with the mash-ups less favorably received than the other performances. Canning felt that the songs intruded on the storytelling. Hankinson wrote that the mash-ups were "shoehorned in [to an] already over-stuffed hour", and Emily Yahr of "The Washington Post" said they served "no real purpose".
Hoosier Hurricane, like other coasters in the park, was 'shoehorned' into the park. The ride hugs the shores of Lake Shafer, parallels most of the boardwalk, and suddenly turns near the Giant Gondola Wheel. Hurricane's structure is shared with nearby Cornball Express for a small portion of the ride (the S-turn before the drop).
Captain Qwark was a late addition in "Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando"; halfway through production of the game, the development team, having missed the character, shoehorned him into the game with a series of vignettes before making him the main villain of the game.
According to Den Valdron, assessing the series in "ERBzine", the book is "[b]etter than "Lankar of Callisto", [and] Carter makes a real effort to keep the pages turning. But sadly, he offers nothing new and nothing remarkable, [and] the plot is thin with complications literally shoehorned in."
The station returned operations by the latter part of 2012 as a joint operation by ConAmor and the Batangas City Public Information Office. With the resurrected format, the Quezon-based network shoehorned its syndicated material with the PIO's during the weekdays with room for local unaffiliated content within the broadcast day.
Channel 40 began as KFPW-TV on July 28, 1971. It was owned by local businessman Bob Hernreich along with KFPW radio (1230 AM). The station was a primary CBS affiliate with a secondary ABC affiliation. Before channel 40's arrival, all three networks had been shoehorned on primary NBC affiliate KFSA-TV (channel 5, now CBS affiliate KFSM-TV).
Featuring the hits that could not be shoehorned onto its predecessor, as well as first-time release of many previously UK-only releases, the double album was quickly pressed and distributed into North American shops in December 1972, reaching No. 9 in the US and going gold. Like "Hot Rocks 1964–1971", "More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)" would not see an official UK release until 21 May 1990.
The river front was important in the development of the Great Fire. The Thames offered water for firefighting and the chance of escape by boat, but the poorer districts along the riverfront had stores and cellars of combustibles which increased the fire risk. All along the wharves, the rickety wooden tenements and tar paper shacks of the poor were shoehorned amongst "old paper buildings and the most combustible matter of tarr, pitch, hemp, rosen, and flax which was all layd up thereabouts."