Synonyms for shoves or Related words with shoves

smashes              hurls              shoved              flings              sneaks              snuck              sneaked              smacked              bashes              smuggles              scampers              intimidates              limps              goads              shoving              tosses              hypnotizes              snatches              impales              frightens              shoos              scurries              hustled              swoops              decapitates              leaped              slithered              plunges              jabbed              coaxes              teleports              sneaking              barged              slaps              careens              flinging              hurtled              blackmails              slithers              saunters              hurled              ducked              electrocutes              palmed              shapeshifts              hurries              calms              hypnotises              deceives              shrugs             

Examples of "shoves"
Ice shoves can damage buildings and plants that are near to the body of water.
Tent Stage: Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets, Fair Weather Friends, Night Marks Electric Trio & Archeo, Haim, Metronomy
Ice shoves are caused by ocean currents, strong winds, or temperature differences pushing ice onto the shore,
Lake Winnebago is known for having occasional ice shoves on very windy days in March as the winter ice breaks up. Residents have described that it "sounds like a freight train." Buildings on the shore have been wrecked by the shoves, which are up to 25 feet high.
Owen Gleiberman of "Entertainment Weekly", rated the film C, calling it a "glib comedy" and adding, "Hedges shoves his characters into sitcom slots and seals them there."
Several Toledo players rushed onto the field, and players from both teams exchanged shoves before order was restored. Peretta and Jeudy were ejected.
Angry, Casey spews out some harsh insults and Maggie shoves her into a row of bikes, getting herself suspended. Maggie has alienated from her friends and no longer wishes to be Homecoming Queen although the school tells her she can.
Prof. Hollis and his group at CMU demonstrated that the ballbot can be robust to disturbances including kicks and shoves, and can also handle collisions with furniture and walls
The building where Stark died is allegedly haunted, with phantom shoves, the crack of a pistol, and ghostly figures having been reported. Like other Savannah locations, the pub now occupying the City Hotel capitalizes upon tourist interest in the supernatural.
The park also offers various activities, for example, a simulated archaeological dig on a dinosaur skeleton using shoves and brushes, as well as searching for fossils in the remans of a chalk pit.
Jim thinks it's over, but Banks gets back up and tries to shove Jim through the nearby catwalk's guard rail. Jim turns the tables, and shoves Banks down onto the pile of wooden skids below.
The psychotic Slayer Dana is able to, through several violent shoves, knock down a metal door as well as deform the edges of a metal gate as she tore it from its hinges.
There was also an error in another scene. When Wilhelmina shoves Tavarez's coconut-shell-buttons blazer back into his hands and says the line, "Fix it by tomorrow night", her mouth doesn't move.
Lorne brings Angel some blood in his room. Gwen Raiden meets a client, Mr. Ashet. Just as the man suggests not killing her for canceling on him, the Beast shoves a fist through the man's chest, sending Gwen flying.
Johnny Cage parodies the "here's Johnny" scene as part of his fatality in "Mortal Kombat X" where he shoves his hands behind the opponent in which he then says the line by peeping his face through the opened torso.
Gila Monster: The scorpion's boss, two of these are encountered. One is killed when Wade shoves his spade into its back and the other is taken to the gas station and is killed by Struggs after biting him.
George shoves Alan out of the car. Alan reappears alone at the graveyard, wearing the "I Rode the Bullet at Thrill Village" button. He eventually reaches the hospital, where he learns: despite his guilt and the impending feeling that his mother is dead or will die any moment, she is fine.
In stark contrast to the emotions of the lyrics, a surprise ending reveals that the entire video was a daydream. It is brought to an abrupt halt as she shoves a bag full of garbage in his arms to throw away as he leaves and gives him a tactless tug and pat on his cheek wishing him luck.
Back in the ring, Sabu sets up a table on the top turnbuckle and then puts a chair on top of it but Benoit shoves him off before he can execute whatever he was planning on Malenko. While Paul E. hits Malenko with his phone, Benoit powerbombs Sabu off the table on the top turnbuckle and pins him for the titles.
On their 15th anniversary, Kerrod shoves Pamela during another quarrel. Overcome with guilt, Kerrod retreats to Gavin's house. He is distressed and inebriated upon arrival and Michael encourages Kerrod to pursue his own happiness but also indecently assaults him. Kerrod violently defends himself and Gavin breaks up with Michael and leaves with Kerrod.