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yousuke              eisuke              tasuku              mitsugu              ryunosuke              mieko              harue              miyoko              mihoko              kyoji              hidetaka              seiichiro              youhei              shinichiro              suguru              fuminori              kaburagi              shinpachi              kuniko              misako              kuranosuke              kiyotaka              sachio              shojiro              kyoka              katsuo              tomonori              etsuko              hideko              ikuko              eijiro              yuuya              fumiyo              toshiharu              michiyo              yoriko              yutaro              sosuke              emiko              yuuta              shozo              narumi              sotaro              yusaku              takehiro              shouji              hisae              takahisa              yasuaki              miwako             

Examples of "shuichiro"
Tenimyu: The Prince of Tennis Musical Series (as Shuichiro Oishi)
"Tenimyu", the "Prince of Tennis" musical series (as Shuichiro Oishi)
Shortly afterward, Shuichiro suddenly dies while on a walk with Kohaku. Kohaku is put into a hundred years sleep, so that Shuichiro will have been reincarnated by the time Kohaku awakens. Kokuyo and Hisui are sentenced to look after their sleeping form. One hundred years later, the reincarnation of Shuichiro, now 17, passes by his old house which awakens Kohaku. He has no memory of them, so their relationship starts anew, but he soon remembers them.
Shuichiro Katsumura (born June 17, 1976) is a Japanese mixed martial artist. He competed in the Flyweight, Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions.
Zuntata is Taito Corporation's "house band". The members include Hisayoshi Ogura (the band's founder), Tamayo Kawamoto, Masahiko Takaki, Norihiro Furukawa, Yasuhisa Watanabe, Shuichiro Nakazawa, Kazuko Umino, Tomohito Takahashi, Munehiro Nakanishi, and Katsuhisa Ishikawa.
Okazaki won the Shooto 132-Pound World Championship at Shooto Tradition 2011 on April 29, 2011 at Tokyo Dome City Hall when he defeated Shuichiro Katsumura by TKO (punches).
While walking home from work one day, a doctor named Shuichiro notices an angel, Kohaku, stuck on a tree while being attacked by a crow. He rescues Kohaku and, in return, Kohaku offers to grant him a wish. However, Shuichiro does not want one. He likes his life, his work is going well, he has no money problems and he believes in fulfilling his own dreams. So Kohaku decides that the best thing to do is stay and help him until he does think of a wish they can grant.
Yuichi Tsuchiya (土屋 裕一, "Tsuchiya Yūichi", born February 6, 1979 in Minami-Alps, Yamanashi) is a Japanese actor and full-time member of the 4-man theatre troupe *pnish*. His nickname is "Tuti". He is best known for his stage roles as Shuichiro Oishi of the "Prince of Tennis" musical series, "Tenimyu", and as Gin Ichimaru in the rock musical "Bleach".
Hisao Baba and Shuichiro Narasaki of the Department of Anthropology at the National Science Museum, in Tokyo, Japan, said that it is broadly accepted that Zhoukoudian Upper Cave Man and maybe Liujian Man were ""so-called proto-Mongoloids"" who did not have a completely developed Mongoloid complex.
On September 30, 2007, Shuichiro Maeda, K-Line president, said the company will build 10 cargo ships to be manned by an all-Filipino officers and crew. The vessels are expected to be finished by 2010. It will employ 7,000 Filipinos in the next 4 years (3,330 officers and 3,600 ratings or crew). K-Line will build the K-Line Maritime Academy-Philippines operational in February 2008 and is intended to train at least 10,000 seafarers a year.
"Classical Recordings Quarterly" employs a network of reviewers mainly from the UK and the USA, along with regular columns by Shuichiro Kawai (Japan) ‘Far Eastern Viewpoint’, Norbert Hornig (Germany) ‘Continental Report’, and a ‘Letter from America’ by Mortimer H Frank. Contributors to the magazine, both past and present, include Kenneth Morgan, Duncan Druce, Max Loppert, Benjamin Ivry, John T Hughes, Igor Kipnis, Colin Anderson, Michael Oliver, Rob Cowan, Robert Matthew-Walker, David Patmore, Antony Hodgson and J.B. Steane, among many others.
Shuichiro Harashima (Hiroyuki Sanada), an upper-class and work-driven businessman, falls in love with Kaori Fujimura (Nanako Matsushima), a lower-class downtown sweetheart, and fights to save the doomed building in which she lives. Rumored to be cold-hearted and cruel, his love for Kaori and his growing friendship with her brother-in-law, Konosuke Shimodaira (Koji Tamaki), change him into a kind and caring person.
When his friend Hare slaps some sense into him and learns the Anti-Bodies have launched a coup d'état against the GHQ upper echelons by starting a second Apocalypse outbreak in Tokyo, stole the meteorite and decimate Funeral Parlor, Shu breaks out of his self-pity and decides to rescue Inori and his Funeral Parlor allies. With the help of his friends from school, Shu goes to rescue Inori and Gai from the GHQ and Anti-Bodies and faces the leader of the Anti-Bodies, Shuichiro Keido.
Suzuki won the role of Shuichiro Oishi, the motherly vice-captain regular of Seigaku Middle School's tennis club, in "The Prince of Tennis" musicals, "Tenimyu". From 2005 to 2006, he became the second actor to play Oishi as part of the second generation Seigaku cast. He made his debut as Oishi on January 8, 2005 in the "Side Yamabuki" performance in Osaka. That same year, his role as Oishi was carried into the live adaptation film of the manga. During his run in the musicals, he was able to work with fellow D-Boys members Yuya Endo, Kotaro Yanagi, Masaki Kaji, Osamu Adachi, Hirofumi Araki, Masato Wada, and former member Yuu Shirota.
Kotaro Yanagi as Ryoma Echizen
Eiji Takigawa as Kunimitsu Tezuka
Yuichi Tsuchiya as Shuichiro Oishi
Kimeru as Shusuke Fuji
Yamazaki Ichitaro as Eiji Kikumaru
Yoshitsugu Abe as Takashi Kawamura
Sota Aoyama as Sadaharu Inui
Eiji Moriyama as Takeshi Momoshiro
Naoya Gomoto as Kaoru Kaidoh
Yusuke Ishibashi as Satoshi Horio
Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kachiro Kato
Masaru Hotta as Katsuo Mizuno
Jiro Morikawa as Masashi Arai
Terumichi Kamai as Masaya Ikeda
Masaki Osanai as Daisuke Hayashi
Katsuo as Sasabe
Yukio Ueshima as Najiroh Echizen
Tsuchiya's major stage appearance came in 2003 when he originated the role of Shuichiro Oishi, the motherly vice-captain of Seigaku Middle School's tennis club, as part of the first generation Seigaku cast in Tenimyu, the "Prince of Tennis" musical series. He played the role from 2003 to 2005, and his character served as the emcee of the first "Dream Live" live concert. During his run on the series, he worked with fellow *pnish* actor Eiji Moriyama (who played Takeshi Momoshiro). Tsuchiya graduated from his role after the "Side Fudomine" musical; along with several other graduated Tenimyu actors, Tsuchiya got a cameo in the "Prince of Tennis" live film adaptation.
Four pieces of theme music are used for the episodes in seasons three and four: two opening themes and two ending themes. The first opening theme, "Make You Free" by Kimeru and Hisoca, and the first ending theme, "White Line" by Aozu - the voice actors of Ryoma Echizen, Tezuka Kunimitsu, Shusuke Fuji, and Shuichiro Oishi - are used from episode fifty-four to seventy-five. The second opening theme, "Long Way" by Ikuo, and the second ending theme, by Fureai (ふれあい), are used for the remaining episodes of the two seasons.
Eventually Kohaku is forced back to heaven against their will by God, because they have the important task of hatching the eggs from the Tree of Life by singing to them. However, Kohaku deeply misses Shuichiro and realizes they had developed feelings for him. Likewise, Shuichiro misses them and continues to hold on to one of their earrings to try to prevent them from staying in heaven. Unable to bear the separation, Kohaku returns without God's permission, and the couple is happily reunited. Their reunion is short-lived as the three remaining Angel Masters come to Earth to punish both Kohaku, and Hisui for being in love with a demon. Hisui is stripped of her Angel Master status and is banished from heaven, to her and Kokuyo's delight. Kohaku, in turn, is stripped of her powers and forced to remain in a small form for the next one-hundred years. They are devastated that they could not grant Shuichiro's wish, but as Shuichiro's wish was for Kohaku to stay with him forever, it was one he could not have fulfilled himself.
Hoashi would make it stand up, and he got another run in support of him in the 4th when young shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima clubbed his first home run of the series. However, he ran into trouble in the 6th: trouble that would give the Dragons a 5-4 lead. The rally started when Nakajima muffed a ground ball. After Hoashi got the first out of the inning, Tatsunami and Ochoa both singled their way on to load the bases, and Takahashi drew a walk to force in one run. Hoashi was taken out and replaced by Shuichiro Osada, who faced Tanishige as his first batter. Tanishige took a 3-1 inside fastball and crushed it down the line in left for his first career grand slam. All of a sudden, the Lions were trailing 5-4.
In the manga, Ryoma goes with his team to the Nationals. In the anime, he is chosen as a wildcard for the U.S. Open and goes to it, eventually beating Lleyton Hewitt in the finals. He comes back in the OVA, and although he says he wouldn't participate with Seigaku, vice captain Shuichiro Oishi goads him into a match to take over his spot as a regular, which Ryoma does (Oishi did this because his arm was still injured and felt it would be a burden to still be on the team). Re-earning his spot, Ryoma leads the team to their first national victory. He returns to America afterwards, thus his future with Seigaku is unknown. In Takeshi Konomi's sequel Ryoma is shown in America but returns to Japan for another tennis tournament with Seigaku.