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Examples of "shuttlewood"
Shuttlewood is mentioned in Bagshaw's Directory of 1846 and mentions the spa that was situated on Mill Lane between Shuttlewood and Stanfree. It states, the water of Shuttlewood spa, is that of the same water as that of Harrogate but weaker; it has been used as a bath and bears marks of antiquity. The bath was not covered or even enclosed with a wall, the situation is rather convenient. However it must have assumed importance years ago because Shuttlewood became known as Shuttlewood spa.
Brooks died at Shuttlewood, Derbyshire, at the age of 66.
Shuttlewood, Stanfree, Oxcroft and Whaley. Its population at the 2011 UK Census was 11,673.
Ash has been joined by Kaytee Shuttlewood as the Director of Operations from 2012 after 3
Shuttlewood and Taylor entered into a Deed of Partition in November 1859, at which time Taylor acquired sub A of portion 46, the western portion of the allotment. Although there are no further references to Shuttlewood in the title documents pertaining to this land, rates records refer to Shuttlewood as the "owner" of the property until the mid 1860s during which period there appears to have been an earlier building on the land, described as a slab and shingle house.
Over Woodhouse is a suburban area lying just North-West of Bolsover Towncentre, Derbyshire, just to the North of Bolsover Castle, on a hill facing it. The whole area is hemed-in by the A632, the B6419 to Shuttlewood, and two other roads which join together and lead to B6418 to Shuttlewood,lying just East of the former Bolsover Colliery.
Six of the 12 "Swamp allotments" were first offered at auction in November 1849, however not all the allotments were sold until 1853 at which time Shuttlewood acquired Suburban Allotment One (SA 1), the southernmost of the Swamp allotments. Further allotments at the Swamp were surveyed in 1856. Portion 46, described as a Suburban Farm, located parallel to, and on the southern side of Shuttlewood's SA 1, was acquired in July 1858 by Shuttlewood and Taylor.
Shuttlewood is a village situated about 2 miles north of Bolsover, in Bolsover District, Derbyshire, England. It is centred on the crossroads of two main roads; Bolsover-Mastin Moor and Clowne-Chesterfield.
Ulverscroft Grange is the home of the Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation - Registered Charity Number 803525 - Providing Friendship Care and support to the Elderly and adults with disabilities in the community and beyond.
By 1918 rapid expansion of Shuttlewood had taken place due to the mining industry and the Brockley School had been built. Also the football ground is shown behind the Travellers Rest on the side of Chesterfield Road.
In 2005 a war memorial was unveiled at the school dedicated to the 25 men of both Shuttlewood and Stanfree (the neighbouring village) who gave their lives during the First and Second World Wars.
Shuttlewood is a former colliery village and thus has a lengthy mining heritage. It is a quiet village with a local shop and had a post office until June 2008.
TGR Motorsport is a professional motor racing team from the United Kingdom. The team was formed in 2008 by racing driver Ash Shuttlewood who is the C.E.O and currently drives for the team.
Following Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, the re-establishment of the bishops, and Parliament's attempt in 1662 to impose a single form of religious observance throughout England (the Act of Uniformity 1662), the vicar of Ravenstone (John Shuttlewood or Sittlewood) was removed from office in 1660, the vicar of Whitwick (John Bennett) was removed from office in 1662 and William Sheffield (a former rector of Ibstock, but who had moved to Stoke Golding where he was a curate) was suspended on 13 October 1662. All three became Nonconformist or Dissenting preachers. Shuttlewood and Bennett were both later imprisoned for Nonconformity.
Early in 1849 Horton sent two of his men, William Gurney and William Shuttlewood, to cut away reeds in a marshy swampland area a few miles away that nobody from Drayton ever visited. When Gurney and Shuttlewood arrived they were surprised to find a pitched tent among the reeds. The tent's owner was bush worker Josiah Dent who was the first man to live in "The Swamp". This extraordinary news was the main talking point in Drayton for weeks and people became interested in developing The Swamp as useful farming land.
Little is recorded about Taylor. He appears to have been acquiring land at The Swamp during the 1850s. In 1857, Taylor acquired from Shuttlewood, the western half (15 acres) of SA 1, opposite Portion 46. Taylor's name appears immediately below Shuttlewood's on a petition published in the local newspaper in 1859. Taylor's will described him as a well-sinker of Stephen Street.
Records indicate that this single-storeyed stone cottage was erected by the mid-1860s, replacing an earlier timber building. Erected on part of Portion 46, initially an area of 27 acres acquired by William Shuttlewood and Charles Taylor during the late 1850s, it survives as evidence of the development of Toowoomba from this time.
The nearest airport is Robin Hood Airport at Doncaster and the nearest train and bus stations are in Chesterfield. The village has a link via buses to Bolsover and Chesterfield. The village/hamlet was built in the 19th century to house the local miners from the colliery at Shuttlewood. There was a road which is now abandoned linking the village to the mine.
consisting of a couple of rows of terraced cottages, lying halfway between Shuttlewood and Clowne. It is mentioned in Bagshaw's directory of 1846 and states "a hamlet about 2 and a quarter miles north from Bolsover market place". It is thought by some to draw its name from the fact that, though in a stoney
A map of Shuttlewood dated 1898 shows the Brick and Tile Yard situated on Woodthorpe Road, now in the vicinity of Woodthorpe Close, the Travellers Rest public house, the chapel and the school that was later in 1918 mentioned as St Laurence's Church.