Synonyms for siaoensis or Related words with siaoensis

manadensis              sanghirensis              tumpara              pelengensis              miyakoensis              balionycteris              tabuensis              chaunoproctus              nudipes              mascarenotus              owstoni              murivorus              tenimberensis              mcclellandi              monocerata              ajaia              mariqua              aruensis              sharpbill              vordermann              sulaensis              argyrops              grucheti              ptychohyla              inexspectata              nehrkorni              macropygia              unisexualis              oressochen              pestarella              stalkeri              nigrobrunnea              alophoixus              braccatus              aethalops              dimidiochromis              laysanensis              fraithii              phaeosoma              florensis              meiffrenii              ptilocichla              javanensis              toxopei              pseudophoxinus              obiensis              ichoria              maclachlani              sinhaleyus              hypohippus             

Examples of "siaoensis"
The Siau scops owl ("Otus manadensis siaoensis") is a critically endangered owl and may be extinct. They live on Siau Island, north of Sulawesi, Indonesia and are (were) forest dwellers. The species is only known from a single holotype from 1866 although there have been some local reports in recent years. Even so, their habitat is being lost to excessive logging of the forest on the island and there would be very few if any individuals left.