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kupang              probolinggo              siantar              bitung              singkawang              bengkalis              ketapang              gorontalo              mamuju              banjarmasin              situbondo              pasuruan              banyuwangi              tasikmalaya              pariaman              payakumbuh              tuban              maumere              cianjur              purwakarta              sorong              sukabumi              pematang              jombang              sukadana              singkep              cilacap              pacitan              blora              palangkaraya              tapanuli              donggala              magetan              nunukan              magelang              purworejo              purwokerto              pandeglang              grobogan              benteng              bukittinggi              sijunjung              badung              garut              cimahi              manado              bengkulu              berau              sumbawa              lampung             

Examples of "sibolga"
Persebsi stands for Persatuan Sepakbola Sibolga ("en: Football Association of Sibolga"). Persebsi Sibolga is an Indonesian football club based in Sibolga, North Sumatra. Club played in Liga Indonesia First Division.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sibolga () is a diocese located in the city of Sibolga in the Ecclesiastical province of Medan in Indonesia.
7. Tebing Tinggi–Pematang Siantar–Prapat–Tarutung–Sibolga (200 km)
The nearest airport to Arse is Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport, near the city of Sibolga, approximately west of the district.
Sibolga Bay (formerly known by the Dutch "Baai van Tapanoeli", literally The Bay of Tapanoeli; alternatively Tapanuli Bay) is a natural harbour on the west coast of North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia. It is named after the city of Sibolga which is located inside of the bay.
"Nepenthes sumatrana" was first collected by Johannes Elias Teijsmann in February 1856, near the port town of Sibolga. Teijsmann wrote the following account of his discovery:
Dr. Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport (also known as "Pinangsori Airport") is an airport serving the city of Sibolga in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia.
Sibolga (formerly sometimes Siboga) is a city and a port located in the natural harbour of Sibolga Bay on the west coast of North Sumatra province, in Indonesia. It is located on the western side of North Sumatra, facing the Indian Ocean and is a transit harbour to the Nias island which was hard hit during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. The City has an area of 10.77 km and had a population of 84,444 at the 2010 Census.
A presumably makeshift prison described as a "civilian camp" was set up on "Taroetoengweg", in the city center, from 16 March to 4 May 1942. It first housed 10 "European" men from in and around Sibolga, who were then joined on April 24 by another 10 men from the island of Nias. On May 4 they were taken to the Native Secondary School for Boys in Pearadja (Taroetoeng), which is located up in the mountains behind Sibolga.
"Nepenthes eustachya" is endemic to the Indonesian provinces of North Sumatra and West Sumatra; its natural range stretches from Sibolga to the Padang Highlands. It has an altitudinal distribution of 0–1600 m above sea level.
Poncan Ketek Island (Small Poncan Island) in Sibolga Bay was once the location of a fort. British, Dutch, French and American traders passed through here. It is thought Stamford Raffles passed through before he moved to Bengkulu in south Sumatra. From Bengkulu Raffles, after relinquishing the Port to the Dutch, established the trade port that became Singapore.
To reach Nias, there is a weekly ship from Jakarta to Gunung Sitoli; there were ferries from Sibolga to Gunung Sitoli, Teluk Dalam, or Lahewa every day; before the Asian financial crisis hit Indonesia, there was a daily flight from Medan to Gunungsitoli. This became less frequent following the crisis.
Ferries from here service the outlying islands to the west, Simeulue and Nias, as well as the rest of Indonesia. Sibolga is a step off point for trade and passenger boats to Nias Island. The local airport is Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport.
"Nepenthes eustachya" was probably first collected in February 1856 by Johannes Elias Teijsmann on the Sumatran coast near the port town of Sibolga. This specimen, "Teijsmann 529", was designated as the lectotype of "N. eustachya" by Matthew Jebb and Martin Cheek in their 1997 monograph. It is deposited at the herbarium of the Bogor Botanical Gardens along with two isotypes.
"Nepenthes eustachya" usually grows in open, sunny sites on cliff faces and steep slopes at the forest margin. It is restricted to sandstone substrates and often grows on bare rock. Where the species does occur it is common and may form dense clumps, such as those growing beside the road from Sibolga to Tarutung in North Sumatra.
Plants resembling the type of "N. longifolia" are abundant along the road from Sibolga to Tarutung in North Sumatra. They differ from those of West Sumatra in a number of morphological features and may represent the poorly known "N. beccariana". This taxon is sympatric with "N. ampullaria", "N. gracilis", "N. rafflesiana", "N. reinwardtiana", and "N. tobaica".
Akbar Tandjung (born Sibolga, North Sumatra; August 14, 1945) is an Indonesian politician who is a former chairman of Golkar party. He was the Speaker of the People's Representative Council (DPR) from 1999 to 2004. He also held several ministerial posts in the government.
"Singai Nesan" had the majority of its subscribers in Singapore, but subscribers were also found in Batu Pahat, Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Siam, Porto Novo, Sibolga, Padang, Medan, Langkat, Saigon and Melaka. The majority of subscribers were Muslims, but the readership also included Hindus and Christians. It was published by Denodaya Press, which printed both Malay and Tamil literature.
On 28 April 1946, Mr. Hazairin (Chairman of the District Court Sibolga - Bengkulu Regional Son) was appointed as a Resident of Bengkulu by Mr. T.M. Hasan. Mr. Hazairin immediately took control of the messy situation and started rearranging the local governments wisely without harming the interests of any parties.
Plants that resemble "N. beccariana" and may be conspecific with it grow along the road from Sibolga to Tarutung in North Sumatra. This unidentified taxon is sympatric with "N. ampullaria", "N. gracilis", "N. rafflesiana", "N. reinwardtiana", and "N. tobaica". A putative natural hybrid with "N. sumatrana" has been recorded.