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fricka              meistersinger              waltraute              konstanze              papageno              fledermaus              gerhilde              gutrune              witwe              pamina              marschallin              sarastro              schweigsame              lohengrin              schwertleite              walkure              ortlinde              isolde              ortrud              giselher              kundry              braut              liebende              feen              siegrune              rosenkavalier              wellgunde              hochzeit              vergangenheit              zerbinetta              schauspiel              versunkene              helmwige              prinzessin              verwandlung              schatten              parsifal              kantate              frau              tochter              hunding              papagena              glocke              constanze              komische              malerin              musiktheater              freundin              rheinnixen              gezeichneten             

Examples of "sieglinde"
Sieglinde Müller and Mesirca get married in 1954.
Her operatic repertoire includes Mozart, Britten, and more recently Wagnerian roles, especially Sieglinde. The German magazine "Die Zeit" referred to her as "the Sieglinde of our time." Pieczonka's rendition of Sieglinde in the Canadian Opera Company's inaugural "Ring Cycle" at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts received positive reviews.
Having fled Hunding's hall, Siegmund and Sieglinde enter the mountain pass, where Sieglinde faints in guilt and exhaustion. Brünnhilde approaches Siegmund and tells him of his impending death. Siegmund refuses to follow Brünnhilde to Valhalla when she tells him Sieglinde cannot accompany him there. Siegmund dismisses Brünnhilde's warning since he has Wälse's sword, which his father assured him would win victory for him, but Brünnhilde tells him it has lost its power. Siegmund draws his sword and threatens to kill both Sieglinde and himself. Impressed by his passion, Brünnhilde relents and agrees to grant victory to Siegmund instead of Hunding.
In the simple mountain town of Edendorff in Bavaria music teacher Dr. Walther Lessing, has a beautiful daughter, Sieglinde. She is in love with Karl Reder, the local schoolmaster. Karl and Sieglinde travel to the sophisticated city Munich and try to get a song written by Walther and Karl published. Karl becomes enamoured of glamorous operetta diva Frieda Hatzfeld while Sieglinde is smitten by Bruno Mahler, an operetta librettist with whom Frieda lives. Mahler wants Sieglinde to appear in his new work, "Tingle-Tangle". Frieda moves out of Mahler's apartment and moves to an hotel where she can see Karl on a regular basis.
The other Valkyries assemble on the summit of a mountain, each with a dead hero in her saddlebag. They are astonished when Brünnhilde arrives with Sieglinde, a human woman. She begs them to help, but they dare not defy Wotan. Sieglinde, in her grief over Siegmund's death, tells Brünnhilde that she no longer wishes to live. Brünnhilde tells her that she is pregnant by Siegmund, and urges her to remain alive for the child's sake, and to name the child Siegfried. Brünnhilde gives the fragments of Nothung to Sieglinde, and resolves to delay Wotan while Sieglinde escapes.
Sieglinde Cadusch (born 28 August 1967) is a retired Swiss high jumper.
In April 1904 Visser returned to Germany and in 1905 married Selma Schobbenhaus, with whom he had a daughter, Sieglinde.
Sieglinde Wagner (21 April 1921 – 31 December 2003) was an Austrian operatic contralto, who could also sing mezzo-soprano roles.
In 1950, Sieglinde Wagner sang as a contralto, as Orlovsky, a blase young nobleman in "Die Fledermaus".
Later decoys, such as Sieglinde, were motorised and could deploy their false target away from the host submarine, increasing safety.
Bruno takes Sieglinde to the Munich zoo where Sieglinde is warned by Cornelius, a bird-seller, that as she and Karl are country people, it is not wise to stay in the big city. Sieglinde spurns an unwanted pass from Bruno while Frieda finds Karl equally unresponsive. Frieda plans to leave for Berlin to star in a new film. Before she leaves she warns Karl that Bruno will cast Sieglinde aside as soon as he has used her. It is up to Karl to tell the producer of the show that Frieda has left. Bruno insists, to Karl's chagrin, that Sieglinde can take over the leading role in the operetta. Resulting from machinations of her father, and a somewhat chaotic dress rehearsal it becomes evident that Sieglinde is far too inexperienced to take on a leading role. As a result Bruno's affections vanish. Walther and Sieglinde are told in no uncertain terms that the theatre is no place for amateurs and they should return to their home, and they do.
Sieglinde Hartmann (born 1954 in Wuppertal, Germany) is a German medievalist, expert on the medieval poet Oswald von Wolkenstein and president of the Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft.
To fool Allied sonar, the Germans deployed "Bold" canisters (which the British called Submarine Bubble Target) to generate false echoes, as well as "Sieglinde" self-propelled decoys.
During this period she also became a noted Marschallin, Sieglinde and Brünnhilde, Elisabeth, Elsa, Madame Butterfly, Aida, Donna Anna and Tatiana.
Frieda meanwhile has returned to take up the leading role and is an overwhelming success. Karl returns to Edendorff—and Sieglinde, both having learned a valuable lesson.
Sieglinde Gstöhl (born 1964) is Director of Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges as well as a professor of international relations.
Brouwenstijn's roles at La Monnaie in Brussels were Chrysothemis in "Elektra", the Marschallin in "Der Rosenkavalier", Elisabeth in "Tannhäuser" and Sieglinde in "Die Walküre".
An important element in Sieglinde Hartmann's work regarding Wolkenstein is also the organization and presentation of Medieval concerts, often in cooperation with the Austrian musician Eberhard Kummer.
Sieglinde Hofmann (born 14 March 1945 in Bad Königshofen, Lower Franconia) was a militant and member of both the Socialist Patients' Collective and the Red Army Faction.
In 2004, she was Sieglinde in the first modern Australian production of Wagner's Ring Cycle, by the State Opera of South Australia.