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liebau              heimo              volkmar              schmiedel              hiltrud              dornheim              gerhards              hansruedi              danneberg              neukirchen              heckmann              odenthal              bracht              gernot              reimar              landmann              harro              friedhelm              veltheim              kronsbein              bornemann              holtum              bockelmann              klingen              herten              floh              hansjakob              rossberg              hellmut              buer              pongratz              lautenbach              annegret              erfried              schmidbauer              koslar              siegl              annerose              schmeckenbecher              breidenbach              langenau              bergstedt              naundorf              aichinger              hanspeter              roswitha              marieluise              ortwin              findeisen              anderl             

Examples of "siegmar"
Siegmar Wätzlich (born 16 November 1947 in Rammenau) is a former German footballer.
All music by Vesania. Arranged by Orion, Daray & Siegmar. Except "Neurodeliri" by Bulldozer.
6. "Wege zu neuen Lebensformen 1806-1918" (Dr. Karl Siegmar Baron von Galéra, 1965)
5. "Vom Reich zum Rheinbund 1713-1806" (Dr. Karl Siegmar Baron von Galéra, 1961)
Siegmar Gutzeit (born 25 March 1952) is a German fencer. He competed in the team foil events for East Germany at the 1980 Summer Olympics.
Krzysztof Oloś (born 4 September 1979, Warsaw, Poland), also known as Siegmar, is a Polish keyboardist for the symphonic black metal band Vesania.
From the beginning of 1944, Auto Union plants (Horch and Audi plant at Zwickau, Mitteldeutsche Motorenwerke and Siegmar/Wanderer plant at Siegmar-Schönau) were heavily bombed and severely damaged. The U.S. Army occupied Zwickau on 17 April 1945 near the end of WWII. After withdrawal of the U.S. Army on 30 June from Zwickau, all Saxon plants of Auto Union were occupied by the Red Army.
Wendl, who was married to Siegmar Kleinschmidt from 1942 until his death in 1944, lived in Munich and died at age 91 in 2006. She was survived by her son.
Approximately 23,000 RSO of all versions were produced by Steyr (2,600 pcs), Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD; 12,500 pcs), Auto Union - Siegmar plant (former Wanderer; 5,600 pcs) and Gräf & Stift (4,500 pcs).
Siegmar Faust (Dec. 12th 1944, Dohna, Germany) is a German writer and human rights activist. He was a political prisoner in the GDR, and from 1996 to 1999, he was the State Commissioner for Stasi documents in Saxony.
Siegmar ("Sig") Ohlemann (born May 11, 1938) is a retired middle distance runner, who represented Canada in three events (800 metres, 4 × 100 metres and 4 × 400 metres) at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy. He claimed the silver medal in 800 metres at the 1963 Pan American Games in Brazil, behind fellow Canadian Don Bertoia.
Vesania (Latin for insanity) is a Polish symphonic black metal/blackened death metal band. They were formed in 1997 by Orion, Daray, and Heinrich. Later members were Annahvahr and Hatrah, who left the band in 1999 and was replaced by Siegmar.
Tracks "Para Bellum" and "Banners on the Wind" are intros created by Krzysztof "Siegmar" Oloś from the symphonic black metal band Vesania. It is dedicated to a former drummer of Vader, Krzysztof "Docent" Raczkowski, who died approximately three months before this EP's release.
The medium off-road passenger car was built by the Opelwerk Brandenburg (chassis only) and Auto Union: Siegmar factory (former Wanderer) in Siegmar-Schönau (today a part of Chemnitz) and Horch factory in Zwickau. The "Wehrmacht" used them as troop transports ("Kfz. 11", with tow bar: "Kfz. 12", 6-seat version: "Kfz. 21"), in the signals corps "(Kfz. 15, Kfz. 17, Kfz. 17/1)" and for artillery reconnaissance ("Kfz. 16" and "Kfz. 16/1"). Some 12,000 units were built. The most conspicuous change of the 1940 design simplification was the elimination of the mid-mounted spare wheels which simplified the bodywork and gave more interior space. The cars had a Horch V8 (Opel: in-line 6-cylinder) and a curb weight of 2,700 kg (open-topped Horch version: 3,080 kg) and was the only type that did not even initially have four-wheel steering. 80% of military branches rejected the vehicle as unfit for wartime service.
On 28 September, two journalists were injured when Pegida participants kicked a local newspaper reporter and punched another TV reporter in the face. On 12 October, Pegida demonstrators carried a mock gallows showing nooses reserved for Chancellor Angela Merkel and her deputy Sigmar Gabriel. Bachmann derided the demonstrators who made this, calling it a "laughable piece of work with spelling errors" ("lächerliche Bastelarbeit mit Schreibfehlern"), a reference to the fact that the name Sigmar had been written with an "ie" (Siegmar).
On 31 January 2012, he appealed (on behalf of the Royal Botanic Garden) via the BBC to the Pakistani government to release more than 4,000 copies of a botany text book destined for Afghanistan schools and environmental groups. The 10 tonnes of books had been held at customs in Karachi for the past year. It is the 'Field Guide Afghanistan Flora and Vegetation', written by Ian and Siegmar-Walter Breckle in 2010.
The first two- or three-seater models used four-cylinder 1145 cc and 1220 cc engines. The 1220 cc model lasted until 1925. The first six-cylinder model appeared in 1928. By 1926, when Wanderer introduced a successful "Typ 10", the company was making 25 vehicles a day; parts were made at the old plant in Chemnitz and assembled at the 1927 built new site in Siegmar, delivered by rail right to the assembly line. Motorcycle production continued in Chemnitz alone.
The Wanderer Siegmar plant (now Chemnitz) of Auto Union were destroyed in early 1945, closing this chapter in the history of automobiles. Post-war efforts to restore East German auto industry concentrated on Auto Union facilities in Zwickau and Zschopau: Wanderer car production never recovered, with Auto Union relocating to Ingolstadt, West Germany, where the company was rebuilt based using the DKW and ultimately, the Audi brand.
During the Great Depression, in 1929, the company owner, Dresdner Bank, sold the motorcycle business to František Janeček, and in 1932 divested the rest of Wanderer. The car division with its Siegmar factory became part of Auto Union together with Horch, Audi and DKW. In this quartet, Horch was positioned as the luxury brand, DKW built cheap two-stroke cars, Audi and Wanderer competed in different segments of mid-priced, technologically advanced small cars (heaviest, 6-cylinder Wanderers reached 1.5 tons dry weight). Wanderers of Nazi period acquired a trademark radiator design, shaped as a heraldic shield.
Distractive Killusions is the third full-length album by Polish symphonic black metal band Vesania. It was recorded at "Studio X" in Olsztyn, Poland by Szymon Czech and Vesania. The record was mixed and mastered at "Studio X" by Szymon Czech and Orion with virtual assisitance of Siegmar. The album was released worldwide in November, 2007. A limited edition digipak version was also released, containing two bonus tracks. This is the first album with Valeo as a real band member. The album was originally released under Napalm Records, but it was released under Mystic Production in Poland.