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colorblind              farsighted              subconsciously              nearsighted              dazzles              sensuously              instinctively              unpracticed              telepresent              disorienting              disorient              leapers              catlike              unconsciously              untutored              discomforted              discomforting              startles              gesticulate              tactually              disorients              hunchbacked              deafblind              tormenting              fidgets              delighting              queasy              grimaces              dazzled              uncomfortableness              winks              huggable              perceiving              groggy              emmotropic              sensually              stereopsis              ornery              satiated              klutzy              gustation              nauseous              frowns              grope              amuses              fearfully              amblyopic              disorientated              soothed              monocularly             

Examples of "sightless"
The sightless efforts mark’d th’ aspiring man;
"The Sightless", translated by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1895?)
Mammoth Cave is home to the endangered Kentucky cave shrimp, a sightless albino shrimp.
~Part of the cycle "My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure" (1967-2002)
The Blind (), also known as The Sightless, is a play that was written in 1890 by the Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck.
The Bengali fairy-tale stories describe how the nestlings of these birds are sightless at birth and how few drops of blood from a donor (Maiya Joi) can activate their sight.
Sightless goes directly to Dick Tracy, but is stopped at the door by Tracy's friend, Vitamin Flintheart. Vitamin believes the beggar is up to no good, and denies him entrance to the house. After listening to Sightless' message, Vitamin gets rid of him. Still, he passes the message on to Tracy later, and Tracy and Patton manage to find the fence that the three robbers were meeting, Longshot Lillie. Lillie is taken into custody and questioned, but is unable to identify the robbers. At the same time The Claw finds Sightless' apartment and kills the blind man with his hook. Soon after Tracy and Patton arrives, and The Claw flees the scene. Patton pursues the killer, fires a shot and wounds him, but still, The Claw manages to escape.
Nevertheless, he could accurately judge the distance to objects in the same room, having been familiar with these distances before regaining sight by virtue of having walked them. In a similar analogy between vision and sightless (touch-only) experience, Bradford was able to visually read the time on the ward clock just after his operation.
Premchand translated several non-Hindi works into Hindi. These included the writings of Ratan Nath Dhar Sarshar, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens ("The Story of Richard Doubledick"), Oscar Wilde ("Canterville"), John Galsworthy ("Strife"), Sadi, Guy de Maupassant, Maurice Maeterlinck ("Sightless") and Hendrik van Loon ("The Story of Mankind").
Athas's second novel, "The Fourth World" (1946), focuses on a home for blind children. According to a review in Time Magazine, "[Athas] digs a fictional ditch big enough to hold both the sighted and the sightless, and the world into which she leads the reader would seem simply nightmarish if it did not also ring simply true."
The sightless assassin’s first encounter with El Gato Negro was shortly after he killed an entire street gang. Taking their battle to the rooftop of the local produce company, El Observador had the upper hand until the arrival of the Texas Rangers. Both are last seen falling from the building and it is unknown whether either one is taken in to police custody.
Alakh Niranjan is a term in Hinduism and Sikhism where it is used a synonym for Creator, and to describe the characteristics of God and the Self, known as the Atman. "Alakh" means "sightless" and "niranjan" means "spotfree". Niranjan is another name of Lord Shiva. Also spelled, "Alekh".
Typically BBs are used for indoor practice, casual outdoor plinking, training children, or for air gun enthusiasts who like to practice, but cannot afford high-powered air gun systems that use pellets. Some shotgunners use sightless BB rifles to train in instinctive shooting. Similar guns were also used briefly by the United States Army in a Vietnam-era instinctive shooting program called "Quick Kill".
The cave is host to a number of species, including crayfish, salamanders, crickets, spiders, and beetles. Most notable among these is the rare sightless Northern Cavefish, which is abundant in this cave system. A small number of bats make this cave their home, especially during winter. However, the frequent flooding of this cave system discourages bat habitation year-round.
God in Sikhi is called "Vāhigurū", and is shapeless, timeless, and sightless: "niraṅkār", "akaal", and "alakh". God is present ("sarav viāpak") in all of creation. God must be seen from "the inward eye", or the "heart". Sikhi devotees must meditate to progress towards enlightenment, as its rigorous application permits the existence of communication between God and human beings.
The Daisy company commercially sold sightless BB guns and target throwers for a number of years under the name "Quick Skill", along with an instruction book that was a demilitarized version of the aerial target portion of the "quick kill" course.
To the generosity of Mr. Tennison of Castle Tennison, County Roscommon, he owed the possession of a large farm at a nominal rent. Though sightless he enjoyed a hunt with the hounds which in an open country like Roscommon subjected him to comparatively little physical danger.
One of the biggest responsibilities in the faith of Sikhism is to worship God as "The Creator", termed "Waheguru" who is shapeless, timeless, and sightless, i.e., Nirankar, Akal, and Alakh Niranjan. The religion only takes after the belief in "One God for All" or Ik Onkar.
Both filmmakers restricted the screenings of their films after leaving America, and instead held yearly screenings of Markopoulos' and Beavers' work from 1980-1986 at the Temenos, a site near Lyssaraia in Arcadia, Greece. After Markopoulos' death, Beavers founded Temenos, Inc., a non-profit devoted to the preservation of Markopoulos' and Beavers' work. Beavers has worked extensively on re-editing his films to create the larger film cycle "My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure."
Lawton had lost his father at age 13 and grew up in limited circumstances. He married Ruth M. Klahn (1922-2009) in 1944, and had four children with her: Daniel, Richard, Ben, and Margaret. Mrs. Lawton developed an incurable ocular illness that left her totally sightless. Dr. Lawton acted as her eyes during most of their 43 years of marriage. Daniel Lawton also predeceased his father as a young adult.