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malvik              skaun              salangen              tynset              drangedal              flakstad              sunndal              kopervik              grovfjord              surnadal              buvik              vormsund              ishavsbyen              hasselvika              finnsnes              rindal              ringebu              heddal              melhus              stathelle              hurdal              skotfoss              verdal              randaberg              vaulen              eigersund              orkanger              sykkylven              sortland              frogn              brumunddal              hareid              spjelkavik              jevnaker              ulefoss              ballangen              stryn              follebu              ringsaker              langesund              bjugn              namdalseid              nannestad              fotballklubb              bamble              kvinesdal              aurskog              billag              nesodden              nesset             

Examples of "silsand"
Silsand has three schools: "Småslettan skole" (1-4th grade), "Silsand barneskole" (5-7th grade) and "Silsand ungdomsskole" (8-10th grade). FK Senja, a football club, is also based in Silsand, with their home field in the neighboring village of Laukhella. Storevatnet lake is located just northwest of the town.
Fotballklubben Senja is a Norwegian association football club from Silsand, Troms.
Johnsgård was born in Silsand. After one season in Tromsø IL he joined Tromsdalen UIL ahead of the 2017 season.
Silsand is now considered a suburb of the neighboring town of Finnsnes, which is located across the Gisundet strait on the mainland. Before the construction of the Gisund Bridge, Silsand consisted of just a few houses. With the construction of the bridge and the change in rural Norwegian demographics, the population has experienced a rapid increase since the early 1980s. Most of the new inhabitants come from other smaller villages in the Midt-Troms area.
“Midt-Tromshallen” is an indoor football centre for the region, and at the same time a hall made for a variety of activities. There are also two major outdoor football stadiums at Finnsnes and Silsand. The local museum at Bjorelvnes is located about north of Finnsnes.
Laukhella is a village in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway. The village lies to the west of the village of Silsand on the island of Senja. It is located along the Laksfjorden, about west of the municipal centre of Finnsnes.
Silsand is a village in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway. It is located on the eastern shore of the large island of Senja. The village has a population (2013) of 1,515, which gives the village a population density of .
Finnsnes has several small boroughs surrounding it, forming one large urban area. These are Sandvika/Skogen, Finnfjordbotn, Nygård, Trollvika, and Silsand. Over the last 100 years, the town has grown from a small farm community into the center for commerce in the small region. Finnsnes has experienced extensive growth both commercially and industrially the last few decades. The town has a population (2013) of 4,371, which gives the town a population density of . In 2000, the village of Finnsnes was granted town status.
Gisund Bridge () is a cantilever road bridge on Norwegian County Road 86 in Troms county, Norway. The bridge crosses the Gisundet strait from the town of Finnsnes on the mainland to the village of Silsand on the island of Senja. The long bridge has 25 spans, the main span being long. The maximum clearance to the sea below the bridge is . Gisund Bridge was opened on 23 June 1972.
The airport has a runway aligned 10–28 (roughly east–west) with an asphalt surface measuring . It is located at an elevation of above mean sea level. SAS Select Service Partner operates a café at the terminal. Cominor operates three airport coach routes—one to Sørreisa, Finnsnes and Silsand; one to Setermoen and one to Maukstadmoen. The airport has 235 paid parking places; taxis and car rental is also available.
Lenvik () is a municipality in Troms county, Norway. The municipality is partly situated on the mainland, partly on the island of Senja. The administrative centre is the town of Finnsnes, where the Gisund Bridge connects Senja to the mainland on Norwegian County Road 86. Other villages in the municipality include Aglapsvik, Gibostad, Botnhamn, Fjordgård, Finnfjordbotn, Husøy, Langnes, Laukhella, Silsand, and Rossfjordstraumen. The lake Lysvatnet is located on Senja island west of Gibostad.
Finnsnes () is a small town located in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway. The town is located on the mainland part of Norway, across the Gisundet strait from the island of Senja. The Gisund Bridge connects Finnsnes to the suburban villages of Silsand and Laukhella on the island of Senja. The municipality is well provided with kindergartens and a decentralized school system on both primary and secondary level. There are also three schools on upper secondary/high school level and a centre for decentralized studies on university level. Finnsnes Church is located in the center of the town.