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Volkan Kahraman (born 10 October 1979 in Vienna) is an Austrian retired footballer of Turkish descent managing 1. Simmeringer SC.
He played for 1. Simmeringer SC, SK Rapid Wien, Wiener Amateur-SV, SpVgg Sülz 07 and obtained 23 caps for Austria, scoring 18 goals.
1. Simmeringer SC is an Austrian association football club based in Vienna. Established in 1901, it played in the Austrian Football Bundesliga.
Bruno Engelmeier (5 September 1927 – 2 July 1991) was an Austrian football goalkeeper who played for Austria in the 1958 FIFA World Cup. He also played for First Vienna FC and 1. Simmeringer SC.
Giuseppe Francesco Carlo Koschier (born 16 March 1936) is an Austrian football midfielder who played for Austria in the 1960 European Nations' Cup. He also played for 1. Simmeringer SC.
He played club football for Vorwärts XI, 1. Simmeringer SC, FK Teplice, Wiener AC, FK Austria Wien, LSV Markersdorf an der Pielach, First Vienna FC and SPC Helfort Wien.
In 2011 he moved back to Austria joining Austrian Regional League East side SC Columbia Floridsdorf. In summer 2012 he moved to same level club 1. Simmeringer SC. and during the winter break of the 2012–13 season he moved to SC Ostbahn XI.
He coached 1. Simmeringer SC in the seasons 1924–25, 1925–26 and 1926–27, Wacker Wien in the 1927–28 season, next FK Austria Wien in the seasons 1928–29, 1929–30 and 1930–31. In the season 1938–39 he coached Swiss side FC Luzern. and in the following season, 1939–40, he coached Yugoslav side SK Jugoslavija.
One of Austria's most prolific strikers of the 1920s, Hansi Horvath played for several club teams in Vienna. He spent most seasons with 1. Simmeringer SC but also played for Rapid Wien with whom he reached and lost the Mitropa Cup final in 1927 and again in 1928.
In 1921, he moved to Ridge Vienna FC where he finished league runner up twice more. He then signed for 1 more season with 1. Simmeringer SC and retired in March 1927 to work as a coach in Latvia. However, he returned to Vienna in October of that year to play amateur football but had to retire in Winter 1928 due to an illness that would later turn out to be leukaemia.
As player he was a striker and became a prolific goalscorer during the 1910s. He played with 1. Simmeringer SC in the 1913/14 season. Then he played with SC Rudolfshügel between 1915 and 1925. In the 1917–18 Austrian championship he ended up the season as the second league top-scorer with 14 goals. Besides SC Rudolfshügel, he played in another Austrian top-flight club, ASV Hertha Wien, in the season 1918–19 Austrian championship.
During the first years of existence, Pogoń played games against other local teams, and in 1907 its lineup consisted of the following footballers: Rysiak, Marion, Kawecki, Harasymowicz, Spanring, Rzadki, Pirozynski, Kleban, Dudryk, Karasinski, Zausner. In April and May 1908, Pogoń went to Kraków, tying with Cracovia 1:1, and losing to Wisła 0:2. The first international game took place in May 1909, when Pogoń went to Košice, losing 0:5 to the champion of northern Hungary, Kassai AC. In September 1909, the Hungarians visited Lwów, winning 4:1. In 1910, Pogoń joined the Austrian Football Association, which enabled the club to make contacts with several teams of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire. In 1911, Pogoń sensationally beat 6:1 the team of Vienna. Other scores of that year were: 1:3 and 1:4 with Victoria Vienna, 3:0 and 4:2 with the Hungarian side Ungvari, 4:2 with the German team Diana Kattowitz, 2:3 and 2:3 with Budapesti FAC, 4:6 with Kassai AC, 0:4 and 1:4 with ASV Hertha Vienna, 1:5 and 1:1 with 1. Simmeringer SC.