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Examples of "simonin"
Simonin suffered a serious check at Yankasso on 23 December.
Richard Simonin (GE 1976), Chairman et CEO, Limoni SPA.
The river was explored in 1864 by Alphonse Barrington, James Farrell and Antoine Simonin.
On 21 December 1915 a French column left Dédougou led by commandant Simonin.
Clément Simonin (born 1 July 1991) is a French footballer who last played for Toronto FC.
During his time in college, Simonin also played in the PDL for Carolina Dynamo and Seattle Sounders FC U-23.
The third, "child winnowing", signed and dated 1908, is in a small square at the corner of the Market passage and the Jean Simonin alley.
Albert Simonin (1905–1980) was a French novelist and scriptwriter. He was born in the La Chapelle quarter of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. His father was a florist. Albert was orphaned by the age of 16. His novel "Touchez Pas au Grisbi" featuring the Parisian gangster Max le Menteur was turned into a movie starring Jean Gabin that is regarded as a classic example of French film noir. Simonin also wrote the script for the movie.
Simonin was a member of FC Lorient from ages 12–19, making it to the club's reserve squad before being cut. Before his 12 he played for AL Ploemeur.
In September 1956, Loulou composed "Pour Toi" ("For you") with lyrics by Albert Simonin and his wife Marie-Hélène Bourquin, for the popular singer Dario Moreno. Dario Moreno sang it in the film "Le Feu aux Poudres". It was sung later by Line Renaud, and was reinterpreted in France and internationally by various singers.
Achille-Fould was born in Asnières-sur-Seine as the daughter of the actress Josephine Wilhelmine Valérie Simonin, better known under her pseudonym Gustave Haller, and Gustave Fould. She was adopted along with her sister, the painter Consuelo Fould, by the Prince Stirbey. Her painting "Courtship" was included in the 1905 book "Women Painters of the World". Achille-Fould died in Brussels.
France,1700. After being raped by her own father, young Susanna Simonin (Eva Grimaldi) is put into a convent to avoid a scandal. The monastery is a weird place however, since the nuns are constantly horny and spend most of their time masturbating and flogging themselves. The Mother Superior is sexually attracted to Susanna, which makes her lover Sister Theresa insanely jealous.
He contributed also to sundry publications, official and otherwise, and wrote or edited the following books: 1. "Glossary of Mineralogy," 1861. 2. "Underground Life" (translation, with additions of "La Vie Souterraine," by L. Simonin), 1869. 3. "The World before the Deluge" (a translation, with additions, of a work by L. Figuier), 1872.
Fould was born in Cologne as the daughter of the actress Josephine Wilhelmine Valérie Simonin, better known under her pseudonym Gustave Haller, and Gustave Fould. She was adopted along with her sister, the painter Georges Achille Fould, by the Prince Stirbey.
Les Tontons flingueurs ("", also known as "Monsieur Gangster", literally "Gun-toting Uncles") is a 1963 French-Italian-German comedy crime movie, made in French, directed by Georges Lautner. It is an adaptation of the Albert Simonin book "Grisbi or not grisbi".
As an application of his laboratory work, it occurred to Braconnot that the "absolute tallow" (similar to stearine) from beef or sheep could be used to make candles. He named that substance "céromimène" (wax-like). With Simonin F, a pharmacist in Nancy, he patented in 1818 a process of candle manufacture. An improved process using stearic acid was patented by Chevreul seven years later.
On 15 January 2015, Simonin was taken ninth overall in the 2015 MLS SuperDraft by Toronto FC. He was one of three players selected by the Reds in the first round. He ended up signing with USL affiliate club Toronto FC II on 12 March. He made his professional debut for the club on 21 March against the Charleston Battery. After his debut, with a rash of injuries to Toronto FC's defense, Simonin was signed to an MLS deal on 27 March. He went on to make his professional Major League Soccer debut on 29 March against Real Salt Lake. He was injured in that game, and as a result has only played in one other game for Toronto FC, who declined in contract option at the end of the 2016 season.
Touchez pas au grisbi (French for "Don't touch the loot") is a 1954 French-Italian crime film directed by Jacques Becker and starring Jean Gabin, Jeanne Moreau, Lino Ventura, Dora Doll, Delia Scala, René Dary, and Miss America 1946, Marilyn Buferd. It is based on the novel by Albert Simonin. It was screened in competition at 1954 Venice Film Festival. The film was released in the United States as Grisbi and in the United Kingdom as Honour Among Thieves.
Recent changes in structure have assured the survival of WOSTEP as a foundation with a beautiful lakefront chateau converted to the school building. With the retirement of long-time director Antoine Simonin and his wife, the next generation has taken the reins and continues to develop courses for full training used throughout the world at their WOSTEP-Partnership Schools. The school also provides a variety of industry-specific training to companies and practicing watchmakers.
The critical success of this book was followed by other stories followed like "La Route mauve" (1959), "La Petite Gamberge" (1961) and "La Coupure" (1966), that further established Giraud as a brilliant specialist in slang and Parian bistro culture. Like Albert Simonin, Auguste Le Breton or Alphonse Boudard he published reference books on slang used by people of the underworld and prostitutes whom he befriended.