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clessin              klapperichi              bourguignat              schmidti              draparnaud              beckeri              kiesenwetter              sublaevis              perty              apfelbeck              gracilicornis              faldermann              clandestinus              jeanneli              petasina              helicopsis              pareuthria              dilatatus              carpathica              brusina              desbrochers              alluaudi              radoszkowski              dohrni              bicarinata              imitatrix              duftschmid              annulipes              rectangularis              decoratus              laticollis              goetghebuer              boettger              plicatula              distinguenda              ganglbauer              inconspicuus              schmarda              brevicornis              bruchi              tandonia              saulcyi              laeviceps              hessei              depressus              handlirsch              gerstaecker              fuchsi              convexus              lentiginosa             

Examples of "simroth"
"Buettnerella" is the "nomen novum" for "Buettneria" Simroth, 1888.
Prof. Dr. phil. Heinrich Simroth, full name Heinrich Rudolf Simroth (10 May 1851 Riestedt (now a part of Sangerhausen) – 31 August 1917 Gautzsch near Leipzig), was a German zoologist and malacologist. He was a professor of zoology in Leipzig.
This genus of door snails should not be confused with a genus of slugs that has a similar name: "Boettgerilla" Simroth, 1910.
It was thought that there is no collection by Simroth. His collection of type specimen of 43 slugs has been found Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin in 2010.
Various authors have depicted the reproductive system of Kerry slug: Godwin-Austen (1882), Sharff (1891), Simroth (1891, 1894), Taylor (1907), Germain (1930), Quick (1960) and Platts & Speight (1988). Platts & Speight (1988) consider from previous authors depiction by Godwin-Austen (1882) to be the most accurate, because other authors depicted atrium too short.
Pollonera's work and reputation had now begun to spread beyond Italy. In 1889, the German slug specialist Heinrich Simroth named a species of slug from Palermo "Agriolimax Pollonerae". This is today considered a synonym of "Deroceras panormitanum", which Lessona and Pollonera had already described in 1882, also from Palermo. In 1890, another German, Karl Flach, better known as an entomologist, named a variety of "Pupa biplicata" as "Pollonerae", having discussed Pollonera's recent work on this species. The Swedish malacologist Carl Westerlund in 1892 named a soil-living snail from Malta "Cionella pollonerae"; this is today considered a synonym of "Cecilioides acicula".
The genus was formerly named "Buettneria" by Case in 1922, but in 2007, B.D. Mueller realized that the name "Buettneria" had already been given to a bush cricket from the Republic of Congo by Simroth, so Mueller renamed the genus "Koskinonodon". The name "Koskinonodon" represents the oldest generic synonym of the previous name, "Buettneria" Case, that was available. There were some efforts trying to favor the amphibian "Koskinonodon" keeping the name "Buettneria" instead of the bush cricket, citing evidence that the amphibian name is much more well known and widely used. "Buettneria" of Simroth has been nomen oblitum, meaning unused in the scientific community, almost continuously since it was given the name in 1888, with only a few instances of use. The fossil amphibian name "Buettneria" of Case, however, has been used over 75 times in scientific literature and books over the last 85 years. Despite their efforts, the fossil amphibian's name was still changed to "Koskinonodon". The ending of it's genus name, "-odon", means having a specific tooth form.