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vleet              tieghem              alstine              bueren              ooteghem              zanten              steenwyk              lerberghe              keuren              arnam              deerlin              dijck              beurden              itallie              rheenen              haaften              straaten              grieken              ginkel              derveer              riemsdijk              raamsdonk              halteren              vugt              agtmael              ryzin              gennip              laethem              etten              lierop              nieuwenhoven              mieghem              heyningen              bokkelen              mierlo              moppes              rijsbergen              harmelen              dooren              zwieten              wezel              rompaey              hofwegen              ijzendoorn              griensven              heemst              baalen              genderen              nimwegen              amerongen             

Examples of "sinderen"
Adrian Van Sinderen Lindsley (1814–1885) was an American lawyer, businessman and politician from Tennessee.
The winners were two students from the Technical University in Delft. Their names are Michiel van Sinderen and Steffen de Jonge. Their design was to have the train be checkered with small black and blue squares. From even a small distance the train appears to be green. Michiel van Sinderen said it was the most beautiful thing he had ever made.
Maclay was followed by Pierre Lorillard as president. He served a year before Mr. Adrian Van Sinderen was elected. Under Van Sinderen, the office was relocated to 90 Broad Street in Manhattan. By the end of Van Sinderen's tenure in 1960, the rule book had grown to one hundred and sixty-eight pages.
Devereux Glenholme was established in 1968 on the country estate of the Van Sinderen family, which had been donated to the Devereux Foundation by Jean White Van Sinderen, who had learned of the work of special education pioneer Helena T. Devereux and desired to create a school where children with special behavioral and learning needs could develop their potential. The school's administrative offices are in a colonial revival house originally called Glen Holme, designed by architect Ehrick Rossiter for industrialist William Leslie Van Sinderen (1856–1909) and completed in 1898.
Besides the villages of Terborg and Varsseveld, the municipalities also covered the villages and hamlets Bontebrug, Heelweg-Oost, Heelweg-West, Silvolde, Sinderen, and Westendorp.
Livonia Avenue is an elevated station on the BMT Canarsie Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of Livonia and Van Sinderen Avenues in Brownsville, Brooklyn, it is served by the L train at all times.
In subsequent years the school was supported by Mrs. Van Sinderen's son, Alfred W. Van Sinderen, one-time Chief Executive Officer of Southern New England Telephone Company who died in 1998.
West of the station, the line veered north onto Van Sinderen Avenue towards Atlantic Avenue, sharing the right-of-way with the Canarsie Line. The former trackways are still present.
She has also written "The House of Velvet and Glass," "Conversion," and "The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen" (2015). Her fiction has been translated into more than 20 languages.
The fare control area is in the station house, with a token booth and turnstile banks. This was built along with the IND station. The station house leads to Van Sinderen Avenue between Fulton Street to the south, and Truxton Street and Broadway to the north. This is the only entrance to the entire complex. There is also a police precinct located in the station house, NYPD Transit Police District 33, at the south end of the building. The station was previously part of Transit Police District 23. The station house is adjacent to Callahan-Kelly Playground, and is recessed a short distance west from Van Sinderen Avenue.
The New York City Bus route runs on Atlantic Avenue from Broadway Junction to Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer. The runs on it between its western end and Fourth Avenue. The buses run on this street for short sections. The New York City Subway's BMT Canarsie Line () has a station on this street at East New York Avenue, with another entrance at Van Sinderen Avenue; the Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center station () is also located at 4th and Flatbush Avenues. Long Island Rail Road stations on the Atlantic Branch are located at Flatbush Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, and Van Sinderen Avenue.
New Lots Avenue is an elevated station on the BMT Canarsie Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of New Lots and Van Sinderen Avenues in Brownsville, Brooklyn, it is served by the L train at all times.
The station's only entrance is via a ground-level station house beneath the tracks on the southwest corner of Van Sinderen and New Lots Avenues. Inside is a token booth, turnstile bank, and two staircases to the Canarsie-bound platform and one to the Manhattan-bound one, all at their centers.
Sutter Avenue is a station on the BMT Canarsie Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of Van Sinderen and Sutter Avenues at the border of Brownsville and East New York, Brooklyn, it is served by the L train at all times.
The only entrance is via a ground level station house underneath the tracks on the northwest corner of Sutter and Van Sinderen Avenues. Inside is a token booth, turnstile bank, and a single canopied staircase to each platform at their extreme south ends.
On October 2, 2012, a bill, whose provisions include renaming a street in Brooklyn in honor of Lozada, was signed into law by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The street dedication occurred on November 10, 2012. "Irma Lozada Way" is located at the intersection of Fulton Street and Van Sinderen Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Community Board 5 includes East New York, Cypress Hills, Highland Park, New Lots, City Line, and Starrett City. It is delimited by Van Sinderen Avenue on the west, the Queens Borough line on the north and on the east, as well as by the Gateway National Recreation Area, Louisiana and Stanley Avenue on the south.
Brooklyn Community Board 18 includes Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, Flatlands, Marine Park, Georgetown, and Mill Island. It is delimited by Nostrand Avenue on the west, the Long Island Rail Road on the north, Van Sinderen Avenue and Louisiana Avenue on the east, as well as by Shore Parkway on the south.
Prior to 2004, the chaining on the Canarsie Line reflected its historic origin. The original elevated right-of-way from the point where it split with the old Fulton Street Elevated at Pitkin and Van Sinderen Avenues in 1906 was designated as BRT chaining line P, and chaining zero for that section was at the same location.
Brooklyn Community Board 16 is a New York City community board that encompasses the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville and Ocean Hill. It is delimited by East 98th street, East New York Avenue, Ralph Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Saratoga Avenue on the west, Broadway on the north, Van Sinderen Avenue on the east, as well as by the Long Island Rail Road on the south.