Synonyms for singas or Related words with singas

rimortis              druidi              stereotyp              gehweiler              ibeyi              vasaria              mustasch              sockenbacka              caralyn              asusat              hammaren              wruhme              evelynne              dokugantetsu              ndedi              robag              nanou              funyan              trissaro              bojalar              todolo              troyboi              gramatik              alatiel              idang              neicy              jocqui              witchsorrow              tanjah              greaseband              gotoanderson              episodesbritish              mochizukinagata              saapa              hortlund              djuliarso              floretta              beelzeboss              elvi              osunlade              sarjamo              guinivere              liljor              paraphrasen              zapeep              vassline              throttlerod              johnossi              satsura              nugie             

Examples of "singas"
In May 2015, Murray announced her candidacy for Nassau County District Attorney.She lost to Madeline Singas.
Jhumar is one of the major folk forms of Jharkhand. Jhumar in Jharkhand share a lot with the Jhumar forms of the Purulia and the Bankura districts of West Bengal and also some of the neighboring states of Bihar. It is mainly practiced by the members of the Santhal community and performs clear ritualistic functions. Jhumar is typically a folk performance, performed to the accompaniment of traditional instruments like tribal drums called madals and singas. They are performed on important social and religious functions and usually deals with the theme of love and romance.
The head of the county's governmental structure is the County Executive, a post created in Nassau County in 1938. The current county executive is Ed Mangano, a Republican who was elected in an upset victory over the prior County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi in 2009. The Chief Deputy County Executive is Republican Rob Walker. The District Attorney is Democrat Madeline Singas, who was elected to replace Kathleen Rice who was elected to the House of Representatives. The county comptroller is George Maragos, a Republican turned Democrat, the county clerk is Republican Maureen O'Connell. Former elected offices Chairman of the County Board of Assessors, County Treasurer, and County Sheriff were made appointed and serve at the pleasure of the County Executive (County Assessor in 2008 via referendum changing it from a 6-year term to appointed).