Synonyms for sinua or Related words with sinua

kaikki              rakkauden              laulaa              suosikkia              nainen              rakkaus              kaunis              kulkurin              maailmaa              paljon              rakkautta              taivas              palaa              kiitos              lauluja              rakastan              morsian              parhaat              kyyneleet              levoton              yksin              kauniin              joulu              laulu              ihminen              rakkaudesta              sinulle              kuin              sinun              onnellinen              hiljaa              rannalla              joulun              hiljainen              lauluni              aikaa              kaksi              miehen              laulut              naiset              kaikkien              maailman              minulle              valssi              taivaan              yhden              kukaan              toinen              rakastaa              kerran             

Examples of "sinua"
3. En tunne sinua enää (I don't know you anymore) 4:05
The Finnish Pig Latin is called Kontinkieli ("container language"). After each word you add the word kontti "container", then switch the first syllables. For example, wikipedia kontti --> kokipedia wintti. Minä rakastan sinua ("I love you") would result in konä mintti kokastan rantti konua sintti.
The song "The Turning Point" starts with Anne Nurmi saying a small poem in Finnish. The poem is "Poutaiset pilvet haihtuvat. Katoan nopeasti tuulten mukana, kuin tämä uni, jossa en enää sinua tavoita", and roughly translates to "The white clouds are fading. I disappear quickly with the winds, as this dream, in which I no longer reach you".
Kaj Chydenius (born 16 October 1939 in Kuusankoski) is a Finnish composer probably best known for his left-wing political songs interpreted by various artists. He studied at the Sibelius Academy, the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki School of Economics, starting his career with avant-garde music, happening, instrumental theatre, and the aesthetics of John Cage. Some of the best-known works by Chydenius are "Lapualaisooppera" (1966) and such songs as 'Sinua, sinua rakastan', 'Nuoruustango' and the children's song 'Magdaleena', which are all evergreens in Finland. Kaj Chydenius was one of the founding members of KOM-teatteri in 1971, together with Kaisa Korhonen who was his wife then. The younger son of Kaj Chydenius, Jussi Chydenius is a member of the vocal ensemble Rajaton. Many works by Chydenius are released on Love Records.
The album, considered as their best studio recording of all time, produced many hit songs for the band, including "Vuonna '85" and "Kitara, taivas ja tähdet". These two songs are still heavily played in Finnish radio stations. Also the songs "Voi kuinka me sinua kaivataan", "Elämän tarkoitus" and "Vihreän joen rannalla (kauan sitten)" became hit songs. The album was certified for double platinum in 1995.
Their first real album, "Vapaaherran elämää", came out in the autumn of 1996. All the while, they had been doing a lot of touring and their live reputation had become substantial. In 1997, the second album "Kroketti" came out. With the release of this album Ultra Bra really started to gain fame. "Kroketti" sold very well, remains their best selling album and contains some of their biggest hits, namely "Sinä lähdit pois" ("You Went Away") and "Minä suojelen sinua kaikelta" ("I Shall Protect You From Everything").
Saaristo first entered the Finnish Eurovision selection in 1978 with the song "Sinun kanssasi, sinua ilman", which finished fourth. A second attempt in 1984 with "Sä liian paljon vaadit" ended in third place. Saaristo finally got her chance in 1989, when "La dolce vita" was chosen as the Finnish entry for the 34th Eurovision Song Contest, held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 6 May. A song with a distinctly Mediterranean sound and arrangement, "La dolce vita" finished in seventh place of 22 entries, representing Finland's best Eurovision placing for 14 years and making it at the time the country's joint second-highest placement. There was some degree of wry amusement in Finland that this had been achieved with such an un-Finnish sounding song.
Pelle Miljoona (Literally “Clown Million”), real name Petri Samuli Tiili (born 10 February 1955 in Hamina, Finland) is a Finnish punk rock musician, who assembled his first band in 1977. His first single was "Olen työtön" (English: "I am unemployed"). His biggest hit was in 1980 with "Moottoritie on Kuuma" (English: "The Freeway is Hot"). This is also the title of his best-known album. Members of the band playing on that album include Andy McCoy and Sam Yaffa. Another well-known song by one of his groups is "Tahdon rakastella sinua" (English: "I Want to Make Love to You"). This is usually considered to be Pelle Miljoona's song although it was sung by Tumppi Varonen, Pelle Miljoona on drums. Pelle Miljoona has had several bands, e.g. "Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S", "Pelle Miljoona & 1980", "Pelle Miljoona Oy" and "Pelle Miljoona Unabomber!".