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Examples of "sirp"
From 1998 to 2001 Kaus was the editor of the Estonian literary weekly "Sirp". From 2004 to 2007 he was chairman of the Estonian Writers' Union (Estonian Eesti Kirjanike liit). Since 2007, he again worked at "Sirp".
The SIRP is under the direct authority of the Prime Minister of Portugal and includes:
It was also the year that created the international exhibition of photographic research (SIRP).
Kirp was a newspaper published in Estonia as an inset in "Sirp".
Together with the SIS (Portugueses domestic intelligence agency), the SIED is a component of the SIRP (Portuguese Intelligence System).
The non-English international journals in which her poems have been published include "Lyrikvannen" (Swedish), "Karavan" (Swedish) and "Sirp" (Estonian).
In late 2013, during the so-called Sirp Scandal, Robert Kurvitz was an editor of the Estonian cultural magazine Sirp for a short time and resigned when poet Andres Aule publicly voiced his objections (a poem by Aule was allegedly published without his permission; Kurvitz and Kender assumed responsibility and resigned).
Cancer cells highly expressed CD47 that activate SIRP α and inhibit macrophage-mediated destruction. In one study, they engineered high-affinity variants of SIRP α that antagonized CD47 on cancer cells and caused increase phagocytosis of cancer cells. Another study (in mice) found anti-SIRPα antibodies helped macrophages to reduce cancer growth and metastasis, alone and in synergy with other cancer treatments.
High levels of CD47 allows cancer cells to avoid phagocytosis despite having a higher level of calreticulin - the dominant pro-phagocytic signal. This is due to engage of the SIRP-α of macrophage by CD47. Engagement of SIRP-α leads to inhibition of phagocytosis. Thus blocking CD47 with antibody turns off “don’t eat me” signal and favors phagocytosis.
The extracellular domain of SIRP α binds to CD47 and transmits intracellular signals through its cytoplasmic domain. CD47-binding is mediated through the NH2-terminal V-like domain of SIRP α. The cytoplasmic region contains four ITIMs that become phosphorylated after binding of ligand. The phosphorylation mediates activation of tyrosine kinase SHP2. SIRP α has been shown to bind also phosphatase SHP1, adaptor protein SCAP2 and FYN-binding protein. Recruitment of SHP phosphatases to the membrane leads to the inhibition of myosin accumulation at the cell surface and results in the inhibition of phagocytosis.
Herkel has also published poetry and is an award-winning essay-writer in Estonia (prizes by the main Estonian literary journal Looming (1993) and cultural weekly Sirp (1998).
The Sistema de Informações da República Portuguesa (SIRP, Portuguese for "Informations System of the Portuguese Republic") is the coordinating structure of the Portuguese intelligence.
From 1997 to 2005 Mutt headed the cultural journal "Sirp". He has been the editor-in-chief of Estonia's foremost literary magazine Looming since November 2005.
The Film Journalist of the Year by culture newspaper Sirp. He is an alumnus of the ethnomusicology of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre since 2011.
Signal regulatory protein α (SIRPα) is a regulatory membrane glycoprotein from SIRP family expressed mainly by myeloid cells and also by stem cells or neurons.
A Signal-regulatory protein (SIRP) is one of a family of transmembrane glycoproteins involved in immunological signalling, expressed mainly by myeloid cells.
Sirp ("eng." 'sickle') is a newspaper published in Estonia. It mostly publishes articles on culture: art, literature, music, film, theatre, and architecture; also articles on sciences and social issues.
Directly under the Secretary General is the Administrative and Technical Support Office and the four joint departments of the SIRP (Finance and General Support, Security, Human Resources and Information Technology).
The cytoplasmic region of SIRPα is highly conserved between rats, mice and humans. Cytoplasmic region contains a number of tyrosine residues, which likely act as ITIMs. Upon CD47 ligation, SIRPα is phosphorylated and recruits phosphatases like SHP1 and SHP2. The extracellular region contains three Immunoglobulin superfamily domains – single V-set and two C1-set IgSF domains. SIRP β and γ have the similar extracellular structure but different cytoplasmic regions giving contrasting types of signals. SIRP α polymorphisms are found in ligand-binding IgSF V-set domain but it does not affect ligand binding. One idea is that the polymorphism is important to protect the receptor of pathogens binding.
He published an article in "Russian Federation 2011: short-term prognosis" of the Academic Center for Baltic and Russian Studies on the relations between Belarus and Russia. He has published numerous articles in the Estonian media and is a regular contributor to Estonian daily newspapers "Postimees", "Eesti Päevaleht" and the weekly "Sirp".